The Fallen Divine (WIP-Alpha Update 10/07/21)

I been wondering that as well i think it would be cool especially if the mc got to train under their grandparents.


Well, like I said in my previous reply. The MC won’t have the time to improve on themselves in this book with all that has been happening and will happen. Further exploration of their abilities will fall under the sequels.


Maybe I could pass this first one on and read the sequels with my grandkids :joy_cat::smirk_cat::yum:
Lol don’t be offended please just kidding @DzHonest and just fyi my kids are 11, 11 and almost 6 :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smiling_imp:


I make fun of the long gaps between updates every chance I get :ok_hand: Gotta own up to it.


Love it keep up the good work


Yes!!! Being this powerful is really fun to play, and the story is very interesting. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait till it’s finished! Hopefully on Steam too (I like organizing my CoG/HG games on Steam).


Hi everyone!

Just stopping by to say that I’ve made a Patreon.

If anyone wants to see what I’m offering over there, here’s the link>> Patreon


oh wow an update.
and I enjoyed it.
i will see you again next year maybe? xD
but jokes aside, I love all the Champions and how well all of them are written.


I don’t know :thinking: Considering there’s so much to be done, it’ll take 13 months, give or take.

I need my grace period.


Khar kaz and Sylvan is best duo they funny as hell :joy::joy:


I really love it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I hope you can continue to update this story in the future and maybe published it in either choice of games or hosted games… Good luck


That’s the goal so we’ll have to get there someday.

But worry not, contrary to popular belief, I am making good progress.


April 4, 2021 Update

Prologue and Chapter 1 rewrites are done!

  • More customizations
  • Added background for name options to slip in a bit of lore
  • Changed the titles for MC; calling the MC by a title is now mandatory
  • A very, very little sneak peek at the end

loved the rewrite! :] though i found some minor errors while reading the update.

[this is missing a fullstop]

[i think you meant “now”? :D]

[this is missing a space]

[i think this is supposed to be on a different page?]

there might be some i missed [but i was too enamored with your writing to notice them (´∀`)ノ ]


Can’t wait for you to finish this I’ve already re-read this about 3 maybe 4 times I also have a question I love the idea that you can customize your wings and tail I seen the option to get a venomous tail so I was just wondering if we’ll be able to use it as a weapon?

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All I’ve decided for now is that they can be used as weapons but not prominently that an MC with a non-weaponized tail will be at a disadvantage in a certain scene compared to an MC with a weaponized tail.

They’re more for customization really, for appearances, rather than actual use for confrontations.

Perhaps during intimidation scenes I can add them as an option, but until I get to those scenes, I can’t really say how big a part the tails will play as weapons.


How to win a battle if I chose Odom and Kincaid?

Penny is the best champion and thats the end of that. Also I was kinda disappointed we didn’t get to beat that one angel senseless towards the end of the demo…though given how it ended that’s probably for the best. Anyway my only request is that you please don’t give up on this and I think I speak for everyone when I say that.


Are the stats for the champions not yet implemented? Both Odon and Kincaid’s stats didn’t move from 50% throughout the story.

In other news, this is interesting and I’m definitely curious about Levianna’s actions. I’m sad our champions aren’t potential ROs because Kincaid’s personality speaks to me, lol.

Also, on the VERY last page before the end of the demo, some of the letters/words appeared as just squares on my android phone. Kind of like when you use a symbol in a document then it doesn’t properly translate when you open it in another program (if that makes sense). I’m not sure if that was intended, but I assumed it wasn’t.

Oh! Another thing: I chose to go by Princess, but I noticed that throughout, some people referred to MC as “Lady.” Not sure if that was intentional or missed coding thing.


I noticed that there is no option to show or hide your tail in combat when selecting your appearances or any option to select armor (not sure if that just hasn’t been implemented yet but it said early in that you’d be able to).

I’m also wondering why the MC introduces themselves to the knights of Agara as one of Penny’s golems and Riva (I only used Riva so it could be all champions) introduces herself as Penny’s assistant. If this was supposed to be a joke, then it didn’t land properly because no one in the story seemed to get it. Also it seems weird that the MC would joke about his identity to his enemies, especially when he lets one go. Now the survivor is going to tell the council that one of her Golems has gained sentience and become her master. Knowing how easily misinformation can be spread, especially by word of mouth, this seems like a strange course of action.

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