The Fallen Divine (WIP-Alpha Update 09/03/21)

June 22, 2021

First off, I’ve put up a changelog in the main post above so everyone can see the game’s progress. There won’t be a post like this everytime the alpha of the game gets updated since I could be making changes frequently and that might get repetitive and annoying fast. Bug fixes and edits do not warrant their own separate posts.

So, if you’ve already checked out the changelog 697 posts up yonder, then you already know the progress I’ve made with the story. To not make this update any longer than it needs to be, what Chapter 6 basically has right now are the scenes that I’ve already got in order, and so far, that’s just one half of the first part of the chapter. Because there needs to be many moving parts since this is what the first five chapters have been leading up to.

While I have many other scenes written down, Chapter 6 is still far from done. That’s why I need to untangle my brain that was messed up by this chaotic chapter and get back to work.

Take care of yourselves, and wherever you are, have a great day, night and everything in between!


Is that normal?

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I think so yes, it is a stylistic approach to us not being able to understand what is said just because of the nature of the information, I think:)


Yeah you’re good.

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It’s been answered already. But, yeah, those are very normal.

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The result of the last poll was something I didn’t expect. I thought that Kincaid would win out, or at least be a close one between him and Penny. But apparently you all love a sweetheart who makes creatures of mass destruction.

Let’s do the Assassins this time :dagger:

I know there aren’t much about them in the demo compared to the first two main companions, but I believe that they showcased themselves enough for everyone to have a preference. I kinda have an idea of who the most popular one is. But, let’s see, maybe it’s going to be another surprise.

  • Sin, because of her personality
  • Jeorun, because of his personality
  • Saice, because of her personality
  • Sin, because of her skillset
  • Jeorun, because of his skillset
  • Saice, because of her skillset

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I found this, my good sir!

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So is the demo updated to chapter 6 cause, it ends after chapter 5?


Ch 5 is the last chapter for public demo , rest of the updates are just author telling us his progress with the rest of the work.


I had Sylvan and Kincaid as a pairing and they managed to win.

Question: When the novel is done, will it be published in Hosted Games or in another platform?


My goal is for Hosted Games to publish the game.


Hello, can I ask if how many chapters are you making? Is it only about 10 chapters or more in this first book?

There are at least ten dedicated to the story. That does not include the prologue, epilogue, intermissions and interventions, which are the stats upgrade page, in the demo, that’s where the Champion’s soul is having a one-sided conversation with Hrnaus. The number of chapters could still increase depending on how I end up distributing the contents of each one.


Ohh okay. You’ve written a great story by the way, very thought provoking.

By the way, What’s the purpose of the character that speaks with our soldier champion(the one we don’t understand), is there any significance in his character? What is he gonna bring to our mc? Is he a God above the angels and demons?

I hope in the next game we have a deeper connection to our power basically becoming stronger becuase I still feel like the incarnate are gods while we are mere demigods. If not that then I would like for our bloodlines to have broader skills which can change situations as of right now we don’t have a lot of variety. For example; demons: Telekinesis, Illusions, Soul absorption, and fear inducement. As for angels: Holy Fire, Healing (Self and/or allies), Purification (Curses and Seals), Telepathy ( Minor possession and able to look through memories). I know a lot and this stems to my imaginations of the game having more variety and different choices leading to different consequences and rewards; meaning that all of these skills could have perquisites depending on your choices.

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Question 🙋 who are the RO’s in the story specifically male one’s

These are very spoiler-y questions. And like the words coming out of Hrnaus’ mouth, the answers to those questions will just be redacted :zipper_mouth_face:

Any development in terms of the MC’s power will come in the second book, if ever that comes to fruition. The dilemma here is that immortals spend centuries honing their powers, but the series will only span a few years. A decade at most. The MC has that short of a time to be even greater than they already are. So I’ll let your imagination run wild on that limitation.

As for the Incarnates, they’re not in the picture just yet. So anything anyone can really have about them and how they compare to others are speculations.

The male RO for The Fallen Divine is Josaphat, the other one is Linaria. There is another male RO, and a female one, planned to appear in the next installment.

Just a heads up: Though the ROs themselves are essential to the story, the series isn’t really about romance, so you may find that element taking a back seat.


Question 🙋 who are the RO’s in the story specifically male one’s

@DzHonest thanks for answering… I’m kinda wishing we can romance our champions tho or even that beastman assassin he’s kinda cute with the way he acts and all

How do I exactly edit this I’m kinda new sorry :neutral_face:
NVM I figured it out I think :sweat_smile:


Can we even romance Sariel since were not even related is that even possible also who created Incarnates and angels how did humanity attain immortality