The Eye of Eikshal (WIP)

Ok, one more question. Altair is only attracted to the opposite sex? This reactions to women… :sweat_smile:

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OMG! THAT WAS FAST! Thank you so much! If your staying up all night, make sure to have some water and a light snack!
Thank you so much, I’m going to play this all night :smiley:


Yup, he’s only attracted to the opposite sex, which is pretty easy to tell at this point :smile:

I just woke up, had a good rest in fact!

Hopefully you enjoy the game-

Oh… So my male MC doesn’t have a chance :broken_heart:

What about other ROs, do they also have… uh, set preferences? :thinking:

Nicee new update

Aside from Altair, the mc’s close friends (Katrina, Icarus, and Emilia) can be romanced either male or female. As for the Avaron siblings…idk yet tbh, there are still things that I’m figuring out in their characters.


Interesting premise but sadly there is logically flaws in how characters conduct themselves in prologue.
Eye of eikshal supposed to spy and gather knowleede while also preventing umbra engaging war to eikshal but the eye of eikshal conduct at the party really betrays that. Why they have strategic meetings at the party where party is one of the rare chance to gather intel? Why not doing it another times when they dont need to sacrifice a chance for intel gathering? At the party mc have chance to talk to noble ladies which is mc point themselves that is a good chance to gain information yet they discard it because they need to do strategic meeting which is actually nothing happened but a gathering of panicked spies whose anxious for results.
When they finally have an idea to seduce someone they actually brush it off as a jokes as if its nothing important or urgent enough. some option even say there is no need to decide anything yet. then why they makes meeting in such opportunity if you just postponed decision anyway? Arent they supposed to use their rare opportunity of meeting and making decision together at the expense of losing an opportunity to gather informations or making real impact at subterfuge in that party?
Seriously what are they doing?
Its like watching high school graduates reunion when they should doing the damn mission

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First of all thank you for reading! This feedback provides me some insight on things, in all honesty, the part of gathering intel in the debutante ball wasn’t really my focus upon writing but rather introducing the cast. In my head, I actually planned to start an intel gathering before your friend calls you over. But also thought that maybe this was way too long for a prologue and kind of decided to put a “two hours later…” bit.

As for the meeting segment. The reason for that is because there is a need to be in sync when it comes to things. That everyone gets briefed properly, this time, with their leader. They also don’t know who Sabrina is, so they still need to check her character before being able to conduct a concrete plan.

So in conclusion, I should prolly add the bit where you converse with other people in the party.

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Yeah I actually wanted talk to some party members before being dragged away. Hopefully we finish the talk to the lady’s in an update. I don’t mean to be rude but the party was too short and needs some work on interactions with some guests to make it feel like a party

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Yeah some inexperience on my part, I’ll add it on an update. Just have to sort through the terrible coding on the prologue-

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Finally got a chance to read the update and loved it there are a few instances of word issues/gender but didn’t take away from the story for me at least. Looking forward to seeing what’s next and playing it I came to a thought brought about the wording of things towards the end. Just how long has the group been doing what theyve been doing especially with the surprise mission?

I ask cause of how young they are over all being in late teens and normaly don’t see that and whats implied they were even younger to some degree.


Thank you for reading! As for your question, it’s something I plan to reveal in the game so…It would probably be best to not answer that at the moment. Sorry-

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I’ve been thinking about this WIP and it seems a little strange? Unrealistic to me? That five orphan kids who know each other have been adopted and become members of aristocracy :sweat_smile:

Unless there was sone conspiracy here and the fact that they are all orphans is closely related to the fact that now these kids are a team of spies/assissins!

Btw. we’ll find out about MC’s parents, or is it irrelevant to the plot?


Plus they have to somehow stop a kingdom war breaking out by any means. That is a massive task for some orphans who haven’t separated since meeting each other. Just who thought this was a brilliant idea instead of sending professionals to do it.

Hahah, I thought the same! I mean, for sure, this bunch of kids aren’t the only ones responsible for the peace and security of both kingdoms… there are others who are working on it, right? Right? :neutral_face:

Tho, I think despite their young age, they are also professionals.

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@Christopher_Bull @Cingulum_diaboli It isn’t just them that’s acting as spies for their kingdom. In
fact there’s a dialogue on chapter one that states that there’s one currently acting as a priest in the capital. :smile:


@Atlas7 what about them???

The most I can say is that the mc’s past will be explored in the future :smiley:


:eyes: That’s great