The Envelope: a (very) short interactive fiction about first loves

The Envelope
A (very) short interactive fiction about first loves

“The Envelope” is a very, VERY short interactive fiction about first loves, and the practical risks of them.
There are three endings: the fake ending, the bad ending, and the true ending.

It was an old multi-ending story that I wanted to convert for ChoiceScript, to practice while continuing with the main project.

It is mainly exploratory, meaning the choices involve new pieces of plot to be known. The only real choices are the ones that lead to the different endings.

There are various achievements for a total of 69 points, and a couple of easter eggs too :grin:

It’s an unpretentious story, but one that can touch on some sensitive issues, so please check carefully the trigger warnings before starting playing. Thank you!

TW: cheating, sexual relations, STDs, dysfunctional families.

Full Demo Link Here!


I can’t lie I had fun going through all three endings

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Sounds interesting

I really enjoyed it.

I got the following achievements:

**It's Pretty Chill In Here!:**  Opened the window during cold weather. (1 points)
**Siblings' Love:**  Learned about Rebecca. (1 points)
**Educated:**  Learned about the HIV. (5 points)
**Wendy? I'm home...:**  Stay away from horror movies. (1 points)
**And There Was Light:**  Turn on the lights. (1 points)
**Happily After:**  You found the happy ending. (25 points)
**Bitter Tears:**  You found the bad ending. (25 points)
**Unanswered Questions:**  You found the fake ending. (5 points)

What am I missing?

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For the missing achievement…

You have to relax and listen to some music, resisting the urge to get up and having the urgent stuff done as soon as possible :slight_smile:



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This was lots of fun.Well done.

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Thank you!

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