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If used when departing from a meeting “Later” is a shortening of “See you later”. If there’s another situation you’re thinking of you’ll need to explain.


I still don’t get it :confused: why did Elio and his family make fun of it when Oliver said “Later”?


It is very casual and informal. The excessive use of “Later” made Oliver sound flippant, perhaps even unconcerned or entitled, and very much the American stereotype.

I prefer the book. :wink:


Thank you :smile: The movie makes me feel so sad that I couldn’t think about reading book :joy:


Is the meaning or usage of “then” and “than” different in certain countries or do they have different uses I don’t know about? I’ve seen people use “than” when I’m sure it should be “then”. I don’t have any specific examples to show right now though, sorry


Not as far as I know. It’s just an exceedingly common error people make, similar to it’s/its.