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English isn’t my mother tongue. Sometimes I have some problems with English and I don’t know in which topic I can post these questions, so I created one. Please help me.
I’ve read this sentence and I haven’t known what it means.
“When you read his statement that I coveted his plantation house, you can write that off to modesty more easily than stupidity, I suppose.”

What “write that off to” means? Is he saying that the statement is stupid? Or those people who believe in that are stupid?


Probably that you can call that modesty more than stupidity.


To “write off to” means “excuse as,” or why something is done. Usually it’s used kind of negatively. Like if someone were mean because they had mean parents I could say “you can write off his behavior to his parenting”, but I wouldn’t say that if I were trying to call that person nice

In that sentence, it means that the statement seems more like it was written or said because of modesty, rather than because of stupidity


Okay! First of all, “Please” is spelled P-L-E-A-S-E, not P-L-Z. (Sorry, couldn’t help it.) :yum:

Uhh… To be honest, I don’t think that English not being your first language is the problem here. I’ve read this quote a few times, and I can’t really understand it either… I can’t tell if the guy’s saying that he’s modest, or that the guy who made the statement is modest, or that the statement itself is modest… I think I’d need more context to actually understand what he’s talking about. :confused:


Think the author was trying to understand the bolded part only.
Edit: I think it’s the statement’s that’s more modest than stupid.


Well actually I would prefer to understand the whole sentence, but the bold part is which make me confuse the most :grin:


To my understanding, it means that the statement made by that person is more modest than stupid.
Edit: Understand is a single word. :smile:


Oh. I see lots of people write please that way, I though due to it’s pronounced “z” instead of “s”.

About the context. There is a man says to everyone that this man wants to take his house. And the man who is accused says that sentence.


Perhaps it’s a metaphor? Some english speakers have a difficult time understanding metaphores sometimes.

Also, is it possible that you’re vietnamese?


I understand your example and “write off to” means. However, I still have a little confusion about the sentence. Is that modesty is kind of a good quality.
For instance, I would say: modesty forbade her to do humiliating things.
So if it was written because of modesty, would that mean it’s better than because of stupid?


Nah, it’s just text-speech. People use “plz” because it’s shorter to type than “please” … Or because they think it’s cool. I’m not really sure. :yum:

Hmm… Well, now I’m even more confused. The conversation seems to be:

Man 1: You want to steal my house!
Man 2: Oh, you’re just being modest.

… And that really doesn’t make any sense to me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Oh my god: 7 letters. Shortened form: OMG. 3 letters. :smile:
Welcome to the internet!


That’s a very good point. :yum:


Yes, I am. how do you know that? :grin: Because of my name or because of the way I use English. I haven’t known whether all those things I wrote were correct or not.


I guess due to most people using it, I use acronyms and slang too. Some of them make no sense though and some are so long and complex I’d rather write the entire word structure…
Edit: 1 word. Why.


It’s because of your name. I am vietnamese too. So sometimes I can determine if someone is vietnamese based on their surname. Nice to meet someone that has the same ethnicity as me :slight_smile:


Oh, you’re just being modest.

Due to the way it’s used in the sentence and your example. Can modesty be a bad quality? I always think that it’s kind of good or at least is better than stupidity :confused:


Oh, that’s kind of a personal preference.
Though they always told me that modesty was bad because you’d not succeed much with it. Nevertheless, it’s a good trait.


Modest people are happy, modesty and happiness have nothing to do with one another. I’d rather see a modest person than someone arrogant (which is the direct antonym of modest), or over self-confident.
Edit: I’m not bringing your mood down now, am I? :smile:


How did you see that post, i’ve deleted it right after i posted. Guess i need an english class as well… (Confused modest over moody.)