The Enchanter's Misery [4/13 Chapters, 65k words]



I… what? What?!

Is there a reason in the game’s worldbuilding for the ability’s name to be obfuscated? The word “transparency” makes me think glass. It makes me think see-through, and possibly invisibility by extension. I’m certain I’m not alone in that. And my glass drinking cups hold water perfectly well, and birds bounce of my glass windows (though I can’t say the birds bounce “perfectly well” as they occasionally kill themselves doing so). Nothing about “transparent” makes me think “intangible.”

I’m not asking you to change it, mind. But it would be lovely to have an explanation (on the page where we choose abilities, perhaps?) that what you mean by “transparency” is completely unrelated to what comes to my mind when I read “transparency.” At present, that page only says this about the ability: “As well as having the ability to turn transparent for up to ten seconds total…”

I just started a corporeal enchanting playthrough to see how far the game lets me get before correcting my confusion… So far, my MC has ignored a ghost, conversed with friends, wandered through the woods, dug a grave, and watched a friend pretend to be a penguin. And I’d still believe that “transparency” was an invisibility effect if you hadn’t mentioned otherwise here in the discussion. If that confusion is intended, well done! Otherwise, are you sure this is how the ability should be presented?


It’s “intangibility” then.


When in doubt,


@minnow Yeah, I literally thought transparency could also mean intangibility. Sometimes things turn out to be something as simple as that, not a grand world-building scheme to obfuscate terms. Imagine that. :wink:


Say this isn’t so! :game_die:


Okay, now that everyone knows that corporeal magic can make one invulnerable, intangible, and gives a cold touch, is it more popular now?


Unfortunately, polls aren’t editable so the description in the poll has to stay the same, but hopefully the results will even out a bit over time. Also, it’s creating actual ice that grows over someone or something with your touch, which is a lot more useful than “a cold touch”.


I was actually hoping for people to just comment if that changed their mind.

Myself, my preference is incorporeal magic, that just meshes with my preferred playstyle better, but of course as this goes on I plan on playing with all three magic options to see if anything jumps out at me comment/suggestion/issue wise.


Quick question: In Chapter 3, Elder Kendela lets your team take hot showers in her big shower room, and gives you all new robes and umbrellas because she’s in a good mood after you released a new ghost earlier in the chapter. There are sectioned off showers for each of you to use, but I was wondering, is it too wrong for me to include options to spy on Oztiax/Skarro/Envy with your clairvoyance spell (illusion magic) while they’re in the shower?


Pfff no …
power exist to be abused


Hmm… I don’t seem to make it pass Chapter 2 the part where Blihja is introduced. Why?

Also, you give description of the ‘main characters’ and what races they belong to, etc., but don’t mention their hair color. At least up to the part I’ve read you haven’t. And I know it’s not a BIG deal or anything, but I LOVE hair :3

And no offense, but I DON’T want to romance a ghost. Seems a bit weird to me. You should have more romance options :wink: :smiley:


Chapters 1-2 are on the demo right now. Chapter 3 is in progress.

I believe all of their hair colors are mentioned. Oztiax is bald, Weden has dark blue hair, Envy has dirty blonde hair, Zendi has black hair, and Skarro has jet black hair.

Of course it’s weird. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But especially considering how much development these characters will have, 6 ROs is more than enough, I think.


Might I suggest some scary hallucinations too… :smiling_imp:


Well, no surprise here, but it seems you’re all in support of the shower-snooping scenes. :wink: I’ll be writing those today.


Sounds like you’ve got a fun day planned. :relaxed:


Will we be able to romance Blihja?


Yes; the ROs are listed in the original post.


Ahhhh, okay! I guess I’ll just have to read more in the future then to make a firm decision of what I think about it. That’s true. I suppose I should be a little more grateful =P Some stories only have 1-2 ROs, so yours surpasses that at least! :grin:

Please pardon my rudeness! I wrote that late at night, my mind not thinking straight. The ‘ending’ kinda threw me off, too, because shit how did that just happen?! Creeped me out :joy: :rofl: :joy:


That’s alright. And yeah, some of the main genres in Misery will be horror and mystery, so all of the chapters will likely end in mini-cliffhangers.


Progress on Chapter 3 is going quite well. I’ve got 20k for it so far, so I anticipate finishing it within the next week or so. Believe it or not, it’s possible to see 4 ROs naked this chapter (albeit not all in one playthrough) and another one in Chapter 4. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::innocent: