The Enchanter's Misery [4/13 Chapters, 65k words]



So uh… if we get to know her better can we eventually learn what the deal is with those threads forcing Blihja’s face into that expression, and like, there’s anything we can do to help her with that? I mean, as much as it fits her personality they can’t possibly be all that comfortable, and as a good friend I value her comfort… and ability to make expressions.

For some reason I have the strong urge to respond to Envy’s “Hello there.” at the bottom of the mud slide with “General Kenobi!”


For sure! That can be delved into later in the game.



The title says 3/13 chapters, but in game its 1/30


Whoops. I keep changing around the total chapter numbers and forgetting to update the dashingdon files.



For the first time in 10 months, I have updated TEM’s demo! Chapter 4 is now out. It amounted to 11k, which brings the total word count to 65k and the play-through length to 30k. There’s lots of drama, fun, and laughs in this chapter, along with the constant dark undertones you’ve seen in the previous three chapters.

It is not polished whatsoever, so expect a few bugs and lots of typos. There are also probably going to be certain points where things might seem poorly transitioned. I also haven’t had the time to test any of the stat checks. I also just realized I need to go back and convert most of the stat bumps to fair math, but I’ll do that soon.

That’s where all of you come in. Feedback and comments are invaluable, and I’m eager to hear your thoughts on this after such a long hiatus. Enjoy!


I did drugs with Blihja and she let me fondle her boobs. 10/10.

P.S. Will I be able to get rid of Weden eventually or something? Exorcism? Banished to hell?



Most questions about the plot I won’t answer. :stuck_out_tongue:


OMG, that scene of the prank was really hilarious. I laughed so hard that I cried. It’s a pity that Durj was not the target, I hate that bastard :rage:
Ah, there is a little loop at this part. Whatever option you choose, you can select it twice:


In the relationship stats I have 64% with Skarro


but this option is still disabled


Isn’t that a thing with all of the stats in COGs? It doesn’t count if it’s the exact amount needed. Or maybe it’s a bug.


Thanks, I’ll fix that bug and probably lower the relationship checks to 60.


This chapter was a delight. I can totally see my MC, who up to this point had to run away from Cazius and dealt with Durj’s anger and violence with diplomacy, become friends with Blihja through pranks and going up against those she’d normally not confront without a specter at her side (and in turn Blihja calming down perhaps a little bit, too). I like the continuation of Weden vs Blihja, and I really liked the end where the MC considers their friends to be like family, especially after how the MC thinks back on their mother in the previous chapter.

This line:

His dagger glances right off you like a baguette, and his surprise is oh so satisfying.

made me laugh with the imagery, and I think best encapsulates the fun of the scene and mood of the chapter.

My only disappointment was here –

You suddenly feel a lump appear in your throat. “I’m so sorry,” you say in horror. “I was so caught up in everything, I forgot how much she made you suffer, too. I forgot how terrible all of this might make you feel.” (Requires 65 Weden)

I wasn’t able to choose this line despite making sure I had picked all the options that increased his relationship previously. :cry:


No, he’s someone else, thogh you’ll be shocked to know that he’s yet another man who is supposed to be protecting the village.
“thogh” should be “though”.

This doesn’t exactly sound like your idea of fun, but if Blihja is intent on harrassing someone, you’d rathet it was Del than you.
“rathet” should be “rather”.

He unsheathes a dagger from his belt and brandishes it, saying, "Aww, do we have a do gooder here?
“do gooder” should be “do-gooder”.

These times are kotoriously brief, and you plan on taking full advantage of this opportunity.
“kotoriously” should be “notoriously”.

Looking forward to spending some time with the group. :relaxed:


Thanks for the great feedback as always! I lowered the stat checks to 60, so you all will be able to make those choices now. I’ll fix those typos tomorrow.


Man, you’re a hard worker! I don’t know how many WIPs of yours I’ve read, but damn do I love 'em!

However, really, you have to stop getting me so attached to goblins. After MMM, you throw sweet Ozzy at me?! I’ll have you know I sacrificed favour with the old lady for him! Then had to keep it from going to waste, because Captain D-head decided to show off his throwing arm!

Your games and characters bring out the inner flirt in me. My charisma and extrovertedness is SO much higher than in real life! Weden is the most enjoyable RO for me, even though making some semblance of peace with Bi upset him and kept me from the particularly sweet option. If I had the option to sing at him, I would. I would sing this too.


Thanks :grin: I’ve noticed!

Yup. Anyone who romances Oz will have to anticipate extra shit from Kendela and Durj. :grimacing:

D’aw, thanks. That’s what I like about writing these gamebooks. I’m the least charismatic person on Earth, but when writing these stories, that doesn’t matter. I can write lots of charming options and characters, and let people play as whoever they wanna be.

That’s a super cute song. Weden would be the type to twirl around while singing it.


Also, holy shit. I have a Facebook friend who is an extremely talented face paint artist, and she just did a mask that reminds me of Blihja.


Oh yeah, this day has finally come! I get to befriend Blihja :grin:


Encountering that for the first time would be horrifyng for many…

I’ll still choose to smash though.


Problem with most coders is we get used to handwriting the greater-than-or-equal-to symbol in notes but in coding we either need to “>63” for this example or (I don’t know choicescript) “>=64”, not “>64”.


It was coded as *if (skarro > 64) so you’d need 65 Skarro. But that’s good Vashnik brought it up because the check happened to be too high anyways. :stuck_out_tongue: