The Enchanter's Misery [4/13 Chapters, 65k words]



Of course. She is the superior being after all.


Actually, I’m playing in a chess tournament this month and I’ve won prize money there all three years I’ve went. So if I win prize money this time, I’ll probably go ahead and see if Anthea will make the cover art then.




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A nice little teaser to tide you guys over for a few days…here’s Blihja’s reaction if you reject her friendship.

For a second, Blihja doesn’t react. Then, predictably, she flies into a terrible rage. She flies above your head, her eyes flashing with a sort of raw barbarity that you have never seen before, even from her. “You ungrateful, pretentious fucking cunt!” she screams at the top of her lungs, showering you with ice cold spittle.

She begins to float around you in circles, raking her sharp fingernails against the wall as she goes. “You want to see a pet? What about that puny fucking ghost trapped in a cage in your basement! That’s how I treat my pets!”

Her words are filled with such hatred and contempt that you can only cower away in terror, but even as your adrenaline spikes, you think you sense another emotion buried deep beneath her diatribe. Pain. Or perhaps embarassment. The specter raises a hand to strike you, but then suddenly stops short.

A crushing, tense silence befalls the room for several seconds, only broken by her labored breath. Then, at last, she lowers her hand and gives you a vicious, sanguine smile that is perhaps even more threatening than her outrage. “So sorry,” she whispers. “I’ll just be going then. Since I’m not…welcome.”


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Don’t let Envy and Blihja get together because this is the type of shit they’d do. :skull::joy:


Will there be an option to call them both out? Weden’s my favorite, but he is (kindly) haunting MC’s house, too. I could see a MC who takes their ghost catching job and magical abilities seriously not being very pleased they have to live with a ghost and a specter instead of being able to kick them out.


For sure. You can reject Blihja and then give Weden a mouthful when he praises you for it. You can also use his haunting you against him when he gets mad at you for accepting Blihja’s friendship.


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Noiceee. As popular as MMM was and has been, TEM is turning up to be even more so. I’ll post the next chapter as soon as I finish it. That could be as early as tomorrow.


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Now that I’m writing Misery again, I keep thinking up of new character arcs, plot twists, and plot points. I’m super excited. I’ve expanded the targeted word count from 250k to 300k, and the total chapter count from 11 to 13.