The Enchanter's Misery [4/13 Chapters, 65k words]



Writing in notebooks like that makes me so nostalgic! Ugh, I wish I didn’t toss out all my stuff when I got older.


I don’t know how many times I’ve been replaying the demo, but one thing for sure is that Blihja is so cool! :drooling_face: And the images of chapter 4 is giving me so much hope. Thank you! :blush:


Thanks! :grin: I’ve also got about 10k for the date scenes in Chapter 5. I know progress on Misery has been obscenely slow, but it’s still coming.




Considering the situation, I hardly feel anyone’s going to judge that, lol

Who exactly is this? Is she the half goblin girl?


:joy: That’s Cherihl from MMM.

Blihja is the specter, one of the antagonists and an RO.


“Go drunk, CJ. You’re home.” Lmao

In other news, having a ghost ro is kind of hot… (ideas in head forming)



Wow. TEM has 270 likes, despite me not updating the demo for almost a year, and despite the demo only being 54k words long so far. When I actually give this story the attention it deserves, it will be like printing money. :sunglasses:


Key word is ‘when’


Shh. It’s all part of my evil plan. I’m building suspense.


No but all jokes aside, I should be posting Chapter Four within the next week.


Yaaaaay! I needed a win this week…this news is it! :heart:


I’m glad. :grin:

Chapter Four will just be some interaction with Blihja and Weden as she tries to be more companion-like and he gets jealous and insulted by it. It’ll be weird, a little funny, and as always, dark.


Do we get one on one time with Blihja?


There’s an intimate choice depending on what mini-branch you take, but nothing serious yet.


Why does Weden get jealous by Blihja being more companion like? Is that only if you were romancing him?


That can play a part on it, too, but it’s also like, “This butterface tortured me and tormented you and you’re seriously friends with her?!”

If you choose to blow her off, Weden gets really happy about that. But yeah, you all will see all of this in the next update.


“But… She’s hot…”


Speaking of, Blihja will definitely be the cover art for TEM.