The Enchanter's Misery [4/13 Chapters, 65k words]



Smothering him in mud is too good for him.


do you by any chance have a Tumblr account?


I don’t. I have a Facebook and an Instagram that I haven’t used in years, haha.


Just played the demo again, can’t wait for the next update!


Thanks. TEM has been on a hiatus ever since I started writing Mass Mother Murderer, but I plan on getting back to this sometime in 2019.


Skarro suddenly perks up, looking at the TEM thread. “Huh. Guys, come look at this. We just reached 200 likes despite Sam not updating the demo for like 5 months. (Rude.)”

Envy squints her eyes and leans forward, looking at the like count in confusion. Then, she throws her hands up and walks away. “Fuck if I know.”


In chapter 1.

As your group continues to fill the holes back up with soil, you shiver ucontrollably



The half-goblin pears around with his sharp eyes


It’s a painstaking process, especially in the gloomy darkness, but it might take even longer even you didn’t look

I don’t know what you’re trying to say.


Ahh I wish I didn’t play this demo because it was SO GOOD and now I keep thinking about it!


D’aw. :blush: Now you must wait several months for the next update as punishment.


You’re worse than the protagonist of MMM :grin:


whta’s mmm


My WIP, Mass Mother Murderer.


Like he said, Mass Mother Murderer. It’s pretty good if you can stomach being a remorseless sociopath that wants to kill their mother and practices on other people.


So, I have a concussion and I can’t write, and I’m bored as shit, so I sorted TEM’s characters into Hogwarts Houses. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


  • Envy


  • Oztiax
  • Weden
  • Zendi


  • Skarro


  • Blihja
  • Elder Kendela
  • Durj
  • Cazius


In MMM and in this tale my favorite romance options are Hufflepuffs. :relaxed:

Also, I think Weden’s characterization, and it’s juxtaposition to Blihja’s character in how they haunt you, is really well done.


That’s good for you since Hufflepuffs make up 50% of the ROs here. :grin:

Yeah, they’re definitely polar opposites! Just goes to show you that not all hauntings have to be negative.


If Blihja was a chair.



Honestly, all I can think of Blihja is that tree grandma.


Hello. I had another account here, but forgot its login and password. (yeah I know it’s stupid). Never mind. A quick question: Is Blihja counted as an RO? Cause in my opinion she’s SO COOL.


Of course! The ROs are listed in the original post.