The Enchanter's Misery [4/13 Chapters, 65k words]



Oh, haha :rofl:

I gotcha. And yeah, Durj actually will be hiring later on in the story. :wink:

Hey, everyone, you can now save your game’s progress!


just playyed it and so far im loving it!i also love that you can romance bilihal



Not sure if you’ll remember me from commenting so much on your last stories, but I was a beta tester last year before I left this site altogether. (@Kristina_NRE) I was wondering if I could do so again?


I remember! All of my betas are public, so feel free to test whichever ones you want. :slight_smile:


Alright! I’ll be sure to help whatever I can. :blush:


Sooo, after a lot of deliberation, I’ve decided that The Enchanter’s Misery will actually be split up into a trilogy instead of being one massive 750k word book. I know I’ve flip-flopped over this, but I’m pretty certain about this decision this time.

I have a couple reasons for this:

  • All three parts if the story are deeply connected and pretty similar, but they also vary enough in plot and tone that having them mashed together in one book could feel a bit strange.
  • Although I’m much more comfortable with writing longer stories after The Magician’s Burden, I’m just not sure if I could successfully write a full 750k word story without getting burnt out. If I split this up into 250k word installments, it should help me stay fresh and motivated.

All that said, I think 250k is a satisfying length, and I’m also sure you all won’t mind seeing this story finished this millennium. :wink:


Well, I personally love huge length stories, but you know better. :sweat_smile: I will read it in any case.


In a few months we expect you to change your mind again. :laughing:

Hey, however we get to experience your amazing story-telling, I will not complain.


Lol, literally. I did the same thing with The Magician’s Burden :joy::sob:



Just played the demo and loved it! Looking forward to the full game (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Thanks for all the praise, everyone. Stroking my ego is great, but feedback and error spotting are appreciated too. :wink:


good to see you again.


fastest like i’ve ever gotten.


I’m so tired that when writing Mass Mother Murderer, I kept putting Envy instead of Cherihl. :thinking:

Btw, sorry for sort of stuffing this in a box and not looking at it for months as soon as I saw the newer and shinier MMM. :sweat_smile: I promise this will be my only priority after I submit MMM.


So many interesting characters like envy and bhlinj and Zendi was cute but she’s a sub ;p. So was that dialogue from the bandit about laying down and take it only for female characters?



No, it’s for everyone. Gender really only effects pronouns and sex scenes in my stories.


Ahh well that’s pretty progressive of him though I imagine he’d want a male to lay on their belly.


He was threatening to kill the MC, but I guess it’s vague enough that you could interpret it in other ways.


Ahh I just assumed he was trying to get a piece. Otherwise it’s kinda unreasonable to expect someone to just allow themselves to be killed. Being mugged or assaulted you might not fight back for but if the choices are die or possibly not die it’s just unreasonable to expect the former. How many people accepted his offer I wonder?

Bandit: lemme kill you
Random person: okey dokey.


He’s giving them an ultimatum: a quick, painless death if they don’t fight back, or a slow, painful one if they do fight back. Obviously no one would just let themselves die, but that’s Cazius’ way of mocking and intimidating the MC.