The Enchanter's Misery [4/13 Chapters, 65k words]



Thanks! That’s definitely what I aim for. :slight_smile:


Looking through the code, I found that if you pick illusion you get +1 to intelligence and deception, although only the intelligence boost is mentioned in the following text.
Later on, when you choose hell no, let’s go down the hill with Envy, you get +2 resolve but the text says +1. When you choose I guess I’m boring for the hill scene, you have a piece of text that changes based on whether the rude flag was set; however, the rude flag is only set if you pick the last option for the hill scene, making it impossible to trigger that text for the I’m boring option.


Thanks. I’ll fix those later.


No problem! Btw, I’d like to say I absolutely LOVE your game! The setting is interesting, the characters are compelling, and the magic and combat works great. Your story has really drawn me in, and I haven’t felt this absorbed in a book for quite a while now.


Yay! That means a lot. :grin:

I fixed those typos you pointed out. Btw, the “rude” choice is connected to the “boring” choice with a *goto.


This was a lot more uh… sensual… than I expected. :sweat_smile: Very interesting though.


Basically The Magician’s Burden, The Enchanter’s Misery, Mass Mother Murderer, and all of their sequels, will have lots of focus on romance, with some erotica, too.


Well you can’t say you aren’t giving the people what they asked for.


it was mentioned that we’ll soon be able to ask ROs to date us, and i wonder if it will be different for intoverted and extroverted MC? i mean it will be kinda strange if usually shy MC says something like “DO YOU WANT TO PUT YOUR MOUTH ON MY MOUTH”


Lmao :joy: of course. In the Magician’s Burden, I gave you different options for how to ask the ROs out, and it will be the same here.


I’ve made some polls on an actual poll-making site, which is something I should have done a long time ago. They’re editable and they’ve got cool statistics that come along with them. They’re in the first post, so feel free to vote in the polls for your favorite characters and your favorite magic types. :slight_smile:


Ooh the Geographical Breakdown part of the polls is interesting. It’s pretty neat to see how widespread members are.
And someone who voted lives in the same city as me, which is awesome :smile:

(I promise I’m not a stalker)


Exactly! These polls are infinitely better than the ones on this forum, haha.


Hey, long time lurker, just wanted to pop in and say I loved the demo!


Bath should be both


I love the books premise and idea and your writing style is as enthralling as always although there is room for improvement

  1. I feel as the mc doesn’t have a clear motivation defined or a goal they seek to reach i suggest giving them goal like wanting to clean up the village,become a docter,become a gard captain letting the player choose one to follow with a appraise stat boost
  2. I believe a little world building for the way the village is designed in order as information on this is scarce at best
    I believe a incorpal enchanter should be able to make the amulet fly up


Also could we use our healing skill on Envy for a relationship increase


-be an asshole, don’t help anyone:

-minor relationship decreases for Oztiax and Weden (who?)

-increases in stealth, healing and intimidation skills

-more money for me

For this game, evil does pay better. I wonder if Captain Durj is hiring.


Thanks, I’m glad you’re enjoying the story. That typo is fixed now.

  • I like that idea, but I would only really want to give a kind of option like that if the player could actually follow through and become a healer/guard captain/etc by the end of the story. When the main plot-line is revealed in Chapter 6, you’ll be given some choices on your motivations and goals on how to handle what happens there.
  • I also agree on your second point, that the village could use some more lore. Keep in mind, though, that both of these things will be addressed in detail as the story progresses. The Enchanter’s Misery is shaping up to my most plot-driven story yet, and it will also likely be the most detailed. So far, we’re only like 7% of the way through TEM.
  • To levitate the amulet, you’d first have to know where it is. :wink:
  • I like the idea of adding an option to heal Envy. I’ve also been planning to put some options to heal yourself from various encounters throughout the story (like with Blihja and Cazius.)


I can’t figure out what part of the story you’re referring to. Also…you don’t know who Weden is…?

But yes, I make it a point to not punish people for choosing to play in any certain way. All of the options, character styles, etc, are roughly equal in value.


Sorry, the bit about Weden is a joke, since he tries hard to be very unobtrusive.

I was generally referring to the early options, where you’re given a choice to (for example) support Skarro’s plan to take a certain shortcut or not, to comfort Oztiak while he enters a digging frenzy or not, etc. Keeping to yourself, without going out of your way to be rude, can net certain stat bonuses (usually stealth).