The Enchanter's Misery [4/13 Chapters, 65k words]

Hello, everyone! I’m Samuel Harrison Young, the author of The Magician’s Burden, and the WIPS, Mass Mother Murder, The Twisted Village, and Winter of the Bovine. I’ve started on a new story called The Enchanter’s Misery, and this marks my first attempt at a horror novel. There are also equal parts romance/fantasy/mystery, with a bit of comedy mixed in.

TEM is an epic dark fantasy tale and the first installment in a trilogy.


You are an enchanter living in a small, impoverished village that is constantly overcast, chilly, and drizzling. Along with your team of gravediggers, it is your job to lay the dead to rest and uncover and deal with any ghosts that may still be locked inside.

You are plagued with insomnia and haunted by an evil specter, but you’ll soon find out that you have many more demons of your own, and even darker secrets lie hidden within your little village.

What there will be when the story is complete:

  • 300k words total
  • play as male, female, or nonbinary
  • romance males, females, both, or no one at all
  • 6 romance interests: 3 male, 3 female (Blihja, Zendi, Weden, Oztiax, Envy, and Skarro)
  • dozens of stats detailing your knowledge, skills, attributes, and relationships
  • 3 kinds of magic to choose from: corporeal, incorporeal, or illusion
  • interact with many compelling characters including a specter, a whacker, a scrivener, a half-goblin, a ghost, a servant, an Elder, and a fellow enchanter.

Demo Word Count
Chapter One: 15k
Chapter Two: 10k
Chapter Three: 29k
Chapter Four: 11k
Chapter Five: ?
Chapter Six: ?
Chapter Seven: ?
Chapter Eight: ?
Chapter Nine: ?
Chapter Ten: ?
Chapter Eleven: ?
Chapter Twelve: ?
Chapter Thirteen: ?

Total length: 65k words
Play-through length: 30k

What kind of magic did you choose to have?

Who are your favorite characters?

Did you reject Blihja’s friendship in Chapter 4?


Q: Why the actual fuck do you have so many WIPs?
A: Because I’m a mad genius or something. Probably or something.

Demo link:

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Even though it’s a small demo, i love it so far!! I don’t usually like anything horror (watching the Ring when I was 11 destroyed me) I’m definitely gonna keep up with this one :grin:


Please tell me that ghost demon thing is a romance option. :drooling_face:


Well of course. :wink:

Glad to hear it! I generally don’t like horror, either, but I love the psychological horror subgenre, and that’s what I’ll be going for in this story.


Love the concept so far and i’m excited to see what you do with it! Can you give us anymore information on the story/characters? Or would you prefer to keep it secret?


It’s a bit of a mystery story, too, so I’d prefer to let the characters speak for themselves and for the story to unfold. :slight_smile: I’ll be working hard on this, though, so you’ll be be able to see many of the characters when I update the demo.


Looking good so far!


Short demo, but I really enjoyed it! Psychological horror is one of the best types of horror to me anyways… just a little more creepier than the rest.


Thanks! Yes, I’ll rely on dread and creepy atmospheres to spook the readers instead of overly gory scenes and cheap jump scares. (As much as you can have jump scares in a book.)


Will this saga focus on the MC’s mind or have journeys into the MC’s subconscious?

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Judging by the title, will there be any… major deaths in this one? You made me sob mournfully on the last one.


Then, almost too quiet to hear under the pattering of the rain against your roof, you hear a throaty, female voice begin to giggle madly from somewhere inside the house, hidden in the shadows.


Yes and yes! It will get quite psychological at certain points.

Well it’s hard not to kill my characters when you all make it so rewarding. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: yes, there will be multiple deaths.

“begin” is correct.


No offence but it isn’t correct it should either be began or begins as there’s no (is/was/all that crap) before begin :relaxed:

You…you want me to say “You hear a voice begins to giggle,” or “You hear a voice began to giggle.” ??

I may be a high school dropout but even I can tell that’s some atrocious grammar right there. No offence.


Short as this is, I would absolutely love another horror story.
Horror stories done well are one of my favorite genres for games, so I’m definitely looking forward to this one.


Hi you’re one of my favourites now cause this whole thing with people trying to correct your grammar is absolutely hilarious :joy:


For what seems like eternity, there is no reply. Then, out of nowhere, the candelabra tips off the table and clatters to the floor, plunging the room in darkness. Your insides seize up and you grip the windowsill so hard that your knuckles start to hurt, but before you can react, a pair of footsteps thunder towards you from across the room, startlingly quick and full of rage. You somehow manage to stand your ground, though, and just before the footsteps reach you, they fade away, leaving you in silence.

…You have one intensely creepy story here.



Thanks! I hope I can pull it off.

Thanks, those typos are fixed now.

Great, that’s what I’m going for. Though this is just the tip of the iceberg. :wink:


Isn’t the story supposed to continue after you go outside?
I see more text in the code afterwards where you choose your magic type but the game seems to just end.