The Edge of Dawn (WIP) (02/04/20) UPDATED

I really like what I read so far, the characters, the world itself and the mistery behind the voice and the MC.

I have to say that I agree with what the others are saying about letting the MC have more choices on how to react to the characters flirting with them.

I wish you luck and I can’t wait for more :blush::+1:


While I outline the different branches for chapter one, I decided to make a quick tumblr for the wip.
Not only it will be easier to answer asks in the future, I think it will also be fun to interact more directly with everyone!
So here’s the link, I’ve also updated the main post. I hope you’re all having a nice day. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s really good! I love it! Certainly going to follow the story

Though I can’t help but jab at it when the game prompts for your name
I can’t help it, it’s too funny to pass up the opportunity lel.

Btw, Leviathan (Arasae) x Mc anyone?


I know, right? Ilya for me had the biggest draw - which is not much, to be completely honest, this early on, as we have yet to get to know anyone much. Hope that maybe it will at least be considered by @Elysianfiction (just not at the expense of anything). :wink:

Interesting story, will keep an eye on this WIP. :relaxed:


Love this story!

The story is absolutely interesting! I’m really happy to play a character who doesn’t use violence to help people or to show their strength. Very refreshing! I can’t wait for the next update :slight_smile:


What is there so far is a good read, looking to find out what it if there is a connection between the dance partner and the MC, look forward to reading more.


Writing is going good, but I need a little help with something! I’m adding the non-binary route, but I’m finding difficulty finding a proper term for lady/lord. Any suggestions?

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ser, i think…?


The ones i can think of are: My Liege, Your Highness, Your Grace… Something along those lines, although they do have a lot of different versions so whatever sounds better in your head would probably work best.

Edit: My Liege might actually work best if the position they have aren’t too high on the hierarchy.


With Julian, Ilya, Rowdy Raven
And I typed Muriel as my name before realized those similarities :joy:


And the thing with Julian/Ilya - Pirate/Doctor. Don’t get me wrong, the wip and the story’s idea isn’t bad, I liked but I couldn’t enjoyed because I kept finding similarities (even in some characters descriptions too, Hi Asra!)


I’ve replied to a similar question on tumblr, but I’m going to give a short reply here too.
The reason why the tavern’s name was like that (still is until I update) is because in an attempt to move past names (which are little details I always waste time overthinking on) I picked the first thing that came to mind.
It wasn’t going to remain so before posting, but I completely forgot about it.
As for the characters: they are absolutely mine.
This story was going to be a novel originally, a dream of someone who has always loved to write. It became this project to make sure I didn’t abandon this world.
I know this post won’t do anything for anyone, but this is all I can do.
If this has made you feel less inclined to stick around I completely understand! Have a nice day. :yellow_heart:


I LOVE THIS :heart_eyes: Handsome Pirates (Julian is my fav), Amnesia & Magic(?) Can’t wait for the update!

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It’s good to know despite not becoming a novel it still gets to see the light of day in some shape or form.

Just dropping by to say that my muse is still cooperating and writing is going smoothly!
Last time I checked chapter one was a little over 17k without coding, which is good enough since I’m not done yet. :muscle::sparkles:
Even so, if everything goes well, I should be able to update soon enough.
Until then, take care of yourselves. :yellow_heart:


I’m very sorry for the inactivity here, but I’ve been dealing with some health problems plus my country being in quarantine (I said this on tumblr, but I always forget to drop by here too.)
Writing is still going, in fact chapter one is done and I have only the interlude to write before I can give you some more (hopefully) fun stuff, but it will take a while longer since I had to switch to paper after my laptop decided to say “nothing personnel, kid” and die.
Many many thanks for the patience, I promise you this project will be completed.
Until next time, take care! :yellow_heart:


Can we call ourselves authors if our laptops don’t die on us or some faulty text editor doesn’t eat half of the chapter we’ve been working on tho? Take deep breaths, my friend. Also, copies of everything on different devices.

Take care of yourself :hugs:


Update arrives!
Bug fix; added the non-binary path; chapter one is completed; Posted the start of chapter 2 (text with code word-count 45593 / without 41270.)
Hopefully dashingdon updated the files as they should, since it’s still pretty slow.
I’m going to go into hiding now for the next few days, I was super nervous to post this! It passed quicktest, but I’m sure there will be plenty of stuff to fix. :sweat_drops:
Anyhow, please enjoy. :yellow_heart: