The Eagles Heir- unable to be a male

The game won’t let me be a male wearing ‘female clothes’. Why is this? So far I have chosen to smooth down my skirts but a little later in the game I think its the grandmother that asks a question and the only options are to either be a girl or be genderfluid. The male option doesnt work and is in lighter text. ?

Is it the “I’d rather have people see me as a girl” text? that question is about gender presentation, so just what clothes you’re wearing–if you’ve already decided to wear skirts it just means your character has already decided not to consistently present themselves as a male. A couple pages later your grandmother will ask what gender you identify as, and there you can choose that you’re a boy

Yes its that text, but If i choose trousers instead of skirts will i even be allowed to wear dresses and skirts later in the game?

Also the option to be a boy isnt there unless i pick trousers at the start :confused:

When you’re choosing what gender to present as it won’t let you choose exclusively the option you didn’t choose at the start. If you choose that you sometimes want to be seen as a boy and sometimes as a girl, you’ll get options at the start of most chapters whether you’re dressed as a man or woman for that part. The choice for what gender you identify as is a couple pages after the choice of how you present.

I see there are some old-fashioned sexist gender roles in that game. Snore :sleeping: I wish we could do away with gendering clothes altogether, instead of just letting people choose their favorite stereotype.

I guess I’ve been cross-dressing all my life, because I’m a woman who wears jeans. /sarcasm

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It’s just the time period. I believe Eagle’s Heir takes place in the Nepolian Era, or something like that? Frankly, yes, attire was gendered then. Sue history.


If you were somehow wearing jeans during the 1800s, then I want to know where you got your time machine.

If you are going to complain about how the inability to wear jeans in the 1800s is somehow a problem you may as well complain about the fact that most of your clothes that your character is wearing were made by children in factories or made in conditions that we would call borderline slavery now.

No need to dog-pile.


Actually i think you have the option,
I only played it twice so far as a female MC but i remember the the choices about gender were as follows,

First the question about wether you’re wearing male or female clothes, which decides if you prefer to dress as male or female.

Then when your grandmother introduces you to alex there is the option to choose if alex will enjoy playing with a boy or a girl his age (this i think determines if you were assigned a boy or girl gender at birth).

Then after that you choose what you want people to see you as and, what you truly know yourself to be.

So all in all i think it gives a lot of freedom in choosing your MC’s gender identity, more than any other CoG i played before.


I never said I wanted my character wear jeans. Just said I wear them, and it doesn’t mean I look like a man.

The time period of the story didn’t know what genderfluid, non-binary, or asexual were, but those still are options, so the game definitely isn’t 100% realistic. I’m also pretty sure that the cross-dressing(?) that the game allows would have been very scandalous in that time.

But if you want to be a woman who doesn’t dress in a traditionally feminine way, the game thinks you must be trying to be seen as a man. I don’t want to wear skirts, but I don’t want to be seen as a man.

I wouldn’t have a problem with this if the narrative didn’t draw a lot of attention to what the MC is wearing. It really sounds like the narrative is saying pants are for men, not that it’s just an old-fashioned belief that the characters have.


Thanks. To clarify for those who are confused, I was confused and thought it was a bug that I could not pick male. I simply wanted he/him pronouns, male at birth, identifying as male. All of that but I just wnated to wear dresses and skirts.


Smoothing down your skirt implies you are a female ,I think … English is itself tough for me ,and indirect talking is hell for me so no guarantee ,it is just what I felt