The Eagle's Heir Help


Two questions:

  1. Is it actually possible to raise your Scandal statistic at all? It’s never happened for me, even when my character was making out with Alexandre in the street and having a menage a trois at an imperial ball with the Prince Imperial and the daughter of a Marshal of the Empire.

  2. Is it actually possible to marry any of the romance options? I get that there are a whole bunch of circumstances where it would be realistic that you can’t get married, but if I got to all the trouble of courting Eugenie, not courting anyone else, securing her father’s blessing, and getting an ending where we’re not on the run, I don’t think a mention of a wedding in the epilogue is out of line.


Third question: how do I get Alexandre’s Loyalty high enough that, when he meets with Franz at the ball, he doesn’t give up the throne? I can’t seem to get it above 66%, which is apparently not good enough.


His loyalty has to be higher than his honor. It doesn’t matter how high his loyalty is as long as it’s higher than his honor.

  1. At the party where Alexandre asks you to send the message to the queen, you get to speak with some guy whose name I can’t remember. Ask him what he thinks about a marriage between Alexandre and Victoria. He will insult Alexandre and so you have the option of challenging him to a duel. This will raise your scandal stat.
    Also, fail to get to Victoria and the scandal stat will raise again. (I got that by trying to follow her to her room and was seen by others…scandalous, isn’t it…)

  2. You can’t marry anyone. That was the biggest complaint about this game by most people. You’re not considered husband/wife material. (Because of social status, but still…)


I think rather than social status, there is no explicit marriage because there is no same-sex marriage in 19th century France, and the MC may be a gay man or woman. It’s pretty much left to your imagination.

In playthroughts where my MC romanced Constance, or romanced an unmarried Eugenie AND got her father’s blessing, I filled in marriages for myself. Possibly one of my MCs married Julien while having a three-way relationship with Alex and Eugenie. I don’t think Alexandre and the MC will get married in the ending when they’re romantically involved, he’s ambassador to Britain, and she’s a French Deputy, because being an ambassador’s wife is a full time job, and if she wasn’t seriously committed to building up the French Republic, the game would not have ended with a republic. I think in order to get married, Alexandre and the MC can elope to New Orleans and leave France to the Austrians, or Alex can reconcile with Franz, give up the throne, and stay on as his adviser.


I think that if Napoleon declares a republic, Cassius is killed in the war with Austria, but if you persuade Napoleon to do nothing and then get Alex to declare a republic (raise his idealism with ‘men and women aboard Griffin’ answer after first race, or praising the revolutionaries to him at the opera), and of course talk Cassius out of his Hotel D’Ville last stand, he should live. I think you can also talk him down from the barricade if Alex becomes Emperor and you talk to him directly and have a strong relationship.

The poor guy can’t live without the fight for revolution. If there is a true republic in France, he dies for it, if there is a vaguely liberal empire, he lives on to keep fighting it.


I’ve played a few times and haven’t been able to, is it possible to marry Alexandre in Eagle’s Heir?


Nope, since your character may be male, and the 19th century has no gay marriage. You can read between the lines that you’re married.


Guys, how to successfully build a republic? I tried and we “won”, but then in the epilogue France was still governed by Franz and Alex had being exiled. I was working for Franz as well, but it makes no sense because I have never supported him.

Another matter to discuss: how to marry Alexandre in this new republic? And how to romance Cassius?

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I’ve done it by boosting my own and Alexandre’s idealism. Depending on your stats (I think Intrigue and maybe Charm?), along with consistently picking pro-republic responses throughout the game, you could also persuade Napoleon to announce a republic at the ball.

For Alexandre, I don’t there is a way to marry him in the republic.

For Cassius, when you’re investigating who’s out to kill Alex, investigate the revolutionaries and talk to Cassius alone. Once you’re talking to him about compassion, pick the option that asks if he believes in love. Then leave the cafe with him. He’ll take you home for the evening.

After that though, he’s not terribly devoted to you as a lover, especially if you don’t support a republic.


Anybody figured out how to get Empty Chairs at Empty Tables and survive the last stand at the Hotel de Ville? I always die.


^I’m sorry, i still try to get that achievement too. Can someone also help me on how to get a little fall of rain achievement?


Trying to get the empty chairs and last stand ones too, will let you guys know if I succeed.

@shiaya I investigated the Austrians, invited Weiss to see me socially, then eavesdropped on her to find out about the clock with the poison needles. Let the assassination plot go forward. Then when you’re in the carriage and realised that it’s the same clock, choose the “I throw myself on the bomb, protecting Alexandre” option or whatever it was. Not sure if the eavesdropping is necessary, but it’s the only path I’m certain of at the moment.

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I’m really enjoying this game so far but I have problems to get my last five achievements, namely:

  1. Worst pilot in France - How to crash an airship?
  2. Prince Consort - How to make Alexandre a consort?
  3. Empty Chairs at Empty Tables - Oh my friends, my friends don’t ask me…
  4. Backstab is Such an Ugly Word - I really don’t want to kill him but the things you do for an achievement…
  5. Madame la Guillotine - How to mess up enough to get killed?

I’ve tried different routes but I just can’t seem to succeed. Can anyone help?


How do I get Alexandre to run away with MC? I have got 89% relationship with him and still cannot to get him to run away with me.

Please help.


Good Day, everyone. I am currently having a couple areas in the game where I am having a hard time trying to accomplish

1.) My main problem is trying to find out how to romance Constance Tyldesley (The servant of Princess Victoria). Ever since I first played the game, I had a hard time trying to find out how to romance her. Any answer to this will be very appreciated.

2.) Though I usually play as a man, in my playthroughs as a woman, I wanted to find out how to romance Alexandre and of course, I do not know how.

If you could answer at least one of these, please make it clear and precise and feel free to link me to any other source for the answer. Thank you.


Hello I’m trying to get the star crossed lovers achievement does anyone know how I can do this any help will be much appreciated


Are your questions still pending or have you figured them out already?


Hi! How do you win the race? I’ve tried changing my stats multiple times and I still couldn’t figure out the right combination. Please help?


It’s been a while since I’ve played, but from memory, I think you win the race if you don’t help the Gryphon? I don’t remember stats being an issue but not sure.