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i think it’s the same class difference issue that prevents you from marrying Alexandre even if he doesn’t end up on the throne. As a male MC, anyways. Honestly I never batted an eyelash at ending up as Eugenie’s “companion;” I just assumed it was because we were both women.


Alexandre’s loyalty also plays a part in the backstab achievement. Him having low loyalty means that he’ll agree to give the throne to Franz if you manage to arrange a meeting between them at the ball . I can’t remember my MC’s loyalty level, but after Alexandre agrees to do so I got an option to kill him to definately ensure that the throne passes to Franz .

Alexandre’s loyalty determines whether or not he’ll give up his claim to the throne if you reconcile him and Franz . High loyalty will keep him on the throne, low loyalty will cause him to step down in favor of Franz.

His honor and idealism levels only matter if you’re trying to get him to elope with Victoria . His honor needs to be higher than his idealism for him to go along with the idea, otherwise he’ll refuse.


I have brought Alexandre loyalty below 38% but when i reconcile with franz . The kill option didn’t appear. Some other important factor need to be included. Do you know which factor


Hm, well I did arrange the meeting at the ball by meeting up with Amalia instead of Franz during the investigation part. Also Alexandre had eloped with Victoria.


Base on the raw script “if ((loyalty < 40) and (resolution != “alexandredeal”))”

That’s the requirement which alexandre should not reconcile with franz. So i can’t figure which part go wrong. I have benn reading the raw script and have achieved the requirements. Maybe i will try your method and see


I’m still unable to get backstab achievement. There’s so many action but I can’t figure out the correct route. Hope you can give me more insight on achieving this achievement.


So my question is what does honor, loyalty and idealism mean in this? I get that for you loyalty means your dedication to Alex and idealism means your thoughts on the revolution but what about honor? What does it mean for MC or Alex for that matter?

Also is there a way to let Alex be emperor and not have the revolutionaries revolt and try to start a republic? Or to convince them to stand down? I tried but I can’t seem to reason with them. These are my stats if it it helps. Mechanics: 40% Intrigue: 32% Charm: 28% Athletics: 20% Dueling: 25% Stealth:40%


Honor means your dedication to tradition and your own honor.

For example, someone with a high Loyalty might be willing to do something dishonorable (murder, breaking an agreement) if it benefited Alex. But someone with a higher Honor than Loyalty would do the “traditionally right” thing, even if it put Alex at a disadvantage.


Oh! Okay thanks :slight_smile:


So is loyalty, when talking about Alex, is that his loyalty to France?


How do you get the “Menage a trois” achievement? I’ve been trying to get it for so long… It states “Have a threesome at the Tuileries.”


I believe you have to have a romantic relationship with both Alexandre and Eugenie, and encourage those two to marry. Then, when talking to Eugenie at the ball, there should be an option for the three of you to meet somewhere in the palace.


Anyone know how to get the achievements Empty Chairs at Empty Tables, Madame La Guillotine and Backstab is Such an Ugly Word? No matter what I do I can’t seem to survive the last stand at the town hall (Marshal Duval usually comes to save the day) or get the option to kill Alexandre.


Thx! :slightly_smiling_face:


Can someone tell me how I can save the Gryphon myself? I was able to do it back in the demo, but for the like of me I can’t recall what I did then that I’m messing up now. Is it a stat thing, or are there specific choices that need to be made, or both…?


Both! You need to have a high mechanics score to steer your ship over to the Gryphon so you can turn the vane, a high athletics score to swing over the gap, or a high duelling score to use the harpoon.


aw man thank you so much!


I’m assuming it is not possible for France to be a republic and to be with Alexandre? As I’ve tried, it seems the only way to be with him is to be his mistress if he is emperor or to be with him while Franz in the emperor.


I’ve had playthroughs where I ended up with Alexandre in a Republic, but the relationship stayed clandestine - since both of us had political roles in the Republic and it wasn’t seen as ‘acceptable’ for us to be together. From memory, I managed that by building up a high Intrigue score and by encouraging the Emperor to set up a Republic from the beginning…


So, I’m pretty I’ve done all the romance scenes with Cassius, but whenever I get the republic ending, he’s dead in the epilogue. Is it possible to have an ending with him where he’s, y’know, alive?

Thank you!