The Dying Of The Light: Chasing Fire (WIP)

“Do not go gentle into that good night”.
“Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”-Dylan Thomas

Family. it’s hard to describe in one word.
Everbody has some.
Everybody wants some.

Caring for another human being untill you’d lie, cheat or murder for them. Isn’t something that you can put in one word it means some thing.

Life in San Francisco is very different from when you left fresh outta college off to some fancy police academy. The now city seemed subdued, almost lost and you know why.

The Dying Of The Light

America’s most dangerous gang made up of murderers, thevies and rapists has taken up San Francisco your home town as their new base of operations and when they asked you to return, to go undercover to find a way to break them down from the inside how could you say no?

Everything you’ve done, everything you’ve trained for, the person you are today has lead to this moment, when and if you do return you know you won’t be the same.

They’re willing to die for it
They’re willing to kill for it
They’re willing to steal, cheat and hurt for it

The only question they have for you is
Are you?

OK little summary about me, I’m a big fan of choice of games, I’m rather new to this so all your support is very much so appreciated.

(HINT: leave a comment on what you think)

I have a twitter where I shall update on how it’s going so far and how much I have written. if this does well do expect the second book and if you’re still reading this thanks.

When is this coming out?: last time I put time restrictions on things like this I ended up bailing, so I’m not gonna do that I aim to have this finished by this year

Who are the enemies in this game?: I plan to have one enemy for this book, who will he a true psychopath, so you’re gonna have fun with that

Who are the romance options?: I will have 4 options in total. 2 female, 2 male.


can,t wait see all you hard work

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Sounds fascinating! I like it!

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Oo I love psychopaths, Will MC and that guy have a Lecter-Graham ish relationship?


I can not wait for this :heart_eyes:


Ugh murder husbands is my drug. I find the idea of a sociopath wanting to spend time with me so romanctic. They don’t need your company/love, but they want it. I have a friend who is a medically diagnosed sociopath and she told me about her and her partner’s relationship. That’s how she described it.

Ugh I’m rambling. I look forward to this. :heart:


There base.
Agh, you can’t possibly know how much it annoys me!

Sorry about that I wrote this as I was going to bed and forgot to spell check

I think you meant They are?

Yeah see, don’t type at 11pm

Also, I think you meant murderers and not murders. Same with thevies (thieves).
And they’re instead of the’re.
There’s a few other issues but I don’t want to look like the guy who looks for those and acts annoying.
Aside from that, kind of reminds me of Far Cry V. Good luck.

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This seems interesting defo try it out

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