The dream exploration thread


Ok, didn’t find any topics similar to this one whilst searching, so hope it’s ok :slight_smile: . Basically this is a topic to discuss any interesting connections you have with your dreams…For instance in my dreams, I’m usually not actually me, but an alternate version of me, who isn’t visually impared and is a humongous dick to absolutely everyone :stuck_out_tongue: . I also consistently dream of my past, usually highschool and/or my dreams are really dark like one time I had a dream about an evil cat who summoned demons to kill people :stuck_out_tongue: . So anyone else have any strong connections to their dreams, or interesting consistent themes?


I once dreamed I was stuck up on a skyscraper with ten other people and a magical evil baby who every day choose one of us to kill in an incredibly gruesome manner. It was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever experienced and funnily enough I had it just a month after my little sister was born, she is now a teenager which is only slightly less frightening.


Don’t all cats do that? Huh.

Mostly I dream about things that I either watched or read. Like anime or TV shows/movies or books, though the latter is rare. Sometimes I have lucid dreams, and when that happens, I usually do the craziest thing that pops into my mind in the moment. And I’ve claimed in the past to have dreamt some stuff that later happened in my life but mostly everyone tells me it was probably a déjà vu. I’m not so sure though.
And also, like everyone else, I too have some random dreams that I forget the moment I wake up.


I have wanted to have a thread discussing dreams for some time.

I have a dreamscape, that is similar to the real world but not quite. There are places in it which parallel places in the city which I live, and others which don’t. There’s some locations that shift around, some that don’t. I get upset, in my dreams, when I can’t find various cafes/restaurants that I previously went to and are closed. A lot of the bookstores have closed in my dreams too.

I was genuinely surprised, when I was in Edinburgh a couple of years back, and recognised the train station there, as the one that featured prominently in my dreams. I’d forgotten entirely where the dream one had come from.

Live Action Roleplaying destroyed my ability to fly in my dreams, and to turn invisible, something that’s really frustrated me. Rather than being able to use these powers, I just tell people I am flying/invisible like I did in those games. It’s not as bad as it was, sometimes I do get to fly now, but it’s been over ten years since I LARPed.

The worst nightmares I have are those that are so similar to real life. And yet not quite. Where I argue with my family.

My dad’s still alive in my dreams, frequently, but often ill. :frowning:

I can drive in my dreams, sometimes, but not very well.

I’m frequently aware when I’m dreaming that I am actually dreaming. But if I poke at the knowledge that I’m dreaming too much, or question it, I’ll generally wake up. BUT often it’s the whole stupid waking up, but still being in a dream thing, which goes on and on repeatedly.

I sometimes have amazingly epic movie-like dreams which are the best. And great inspiration for writing. I’m usually not myself in those. Actually I’m frequently not in my dreams. Or at least not the me me.

Also, I think I maladaptive daydream. Which I only just discovered was a thing. I don’t actually appear in these daydreams. I do daydream extensive stories and worlds filled with characters though, which was frequently better than any book or movie.

I lost the ability to for a while and it was so frustrating not being able to daydream. My brain being filled with nothing but dull boring thoughts and no escapist fantasy.


I have both the blessing and the curse of precognition. Usually it’s something that happens in the distant future (at least five years or more) and it’s generally nothing but metaphors (most of the time). I really should start writing them down. That’s the best and worst part of my dreams.

I also daydream for most of the day. Dreaming up fantastic worlds that I can escape too. One could say that I’m a dreamer.

It’s a wonderful thing, dreams. Both the waking and the sleeping kind.


I always have weird dreams, most of the time they’re so bizarre that I can’t explain them myself.

One time, I dreamed that all the water in the fountains in my school campus were replaced with blood.

Another dream I had was that I was transported into the Grand Theft Auto universe (I’m a big GTA fan).

One of my more recent dreams was that I killed my own dog with a hypodermic needle.

Sometimes I scare myself.



My precognitive dreams actually started when I was in the 4th grade, when my friends and I created our own sort of “SOS Brigade” (Haruhi Suzumiya was big thing back in the day). At that age, kids are more perceptive to the occult and supernatural. We were one of those.

I don’t remember if someone held a ritual or something that gave me and my friends “gifts”, but something must have happened. I began dreaming about the distant future, someone became aware of auras, all of us began to see and sense ghosts. Seriously creepy af.

Anyway, back to the dreams. When I was a kid the amount of time between the dreams and when the event would happen was quite close, around a few days to a week or so. As I grew older, the gap began growing as well. Nowadays I don’t even think that any of my current dreams would ever happen because my dreams are now surreal.

Like those times when I lose control of my lucid dreams and can’t get out, getting trapped in layers of dreams. Like Inception (This was totally before Inception, by the way). I would wake up from a dream, usually a bad one, and then spend a normal day in the “waking world”. And then I would realize that something feels…off about my surroundings, like the color of the gate of my house, or an important historical event. Then I would “wake up” upon realizing that the world is fake, and the cycle continues. How I manage to get out is still a mystery to me.

Sometimes I still wonder if I’m actually awake, or still trapped in a dream…


Hard to explain… but for some reason, sometimes my dream is about the hosted games or COG one…

like that Magikiras, Way walker university and others… prolly might because i read 'em before i fell asleep at night:expressionless:

I don’t remember much about my other dreams, unless i did that Lucid dreaming thingy and keeping a dream journal… which is i don’t do it any longer…


Weirdest dream I ever had, woke up in my old house all by myself. When I went outside the streets were empty and there was this really thick fog where I was hardly able to see anything. I walked down the street and out of nowhere a rainbow hit me and a pink unicorn came running towards. Me it stopped in front of me and introduced itself as Freddie before giving me a sandwich, it said “you just been Freddie’d” and then it went back up the rainbow.

I woke up after that. To this day I’m still trying to figure out the significance of that dream.


I remember having this really creepy dream.
I was in my bedroom it actualla didn’t look weird or anything, except it was completely dark. I was laying on my bed and I couldn’t move. Around me there were dark shadowy like figures moving around me, whispering something making my Skin crawl and feeling cold.
I woke up many times from it during the night but I wasn’t able To stay awake.
Last thing I dreamed was that I was in dark room. I was trying To break this wall so I couldn escape from The shadows while my sister was screaming me To stop. Anyway I managed to escape To this blinding light. Didn’t see any dream rest of The night.

But yeah it was definitely creepy dream. I still wonder what it meant.


I could say i lost the hability to dream; maybe not, but two/three years without lucid dream speak louder. Not that i miss it after dreaming about demons, experience sleep paralysis and feel like if i was being watched.


You always dream. The only difference is the dreams you can’t remember.

You may have had completed dreams as dreams you can remember are usually a sign of waking up while dreaming, in a way such as sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis leads to hallucinations, as your brain still thinks you’re asleep. Common hallucinations while paralysed are that of demons, creatures watching you, paranoia, murderers etc.


Anyway, i remember having some funny d reams too, those were so random. At one of them i was an evil mastermind and had a harem, then a giant nyan cat came and destroyed everything. Not to mention the demonic Spongebob and Thomas the train teaming up to kill me. (The last one was actually scary)


Those dreams had a HUGE gap of time between each occurrence. Sleep Paralysis happened months after those dreams i mentioned, plus it was the last lucid dream i experienced. I dreamed about demons and stuff long before SP.


I find that “gifts” are usually related to blood. My family, for example, are a bunch of empaths. I’m an empath who just happens to be able to see the future. I’m not sure where my precognition comes from; the only other family member that I know has precognition is my aunt, and she usually gets glimpses of the near future.

I don’t know if I had the ability of foresight when I was a child because I can’t remember any of my dreams from then (except for the one where I was flying on a saucer that was moving to the tune of a fire siren… still haven’t figured that one out). However, about a decade or so ago, some of the more interesting dreams I had would burn an image from the dream into my mind. I could pull up the image in perfect detail including the feeling the dream gave me when I saw the image the first time.

The last dream that I’ve been able to confirm as a vision of the future happened was about eight years ago. There’s still some others that will take maybe 10-50 years to confirm, I don’t know.

So you dreamed up the movie Inception before it happened? Nice. Although it was probably bad at the time. Not knowing when you’re in a dream or not. You should’ve made the movie before it was made. You’d be rich. Then again, that’s happened to me too. Why do we never take advantage of our foresight?


Top recurring dream is about hiding, and escaping. But shit actually makes for a nice horror/gore setting. Always surround is a mingle of dim red, and shadows. Feeling of red emergency lights against pipe lined walls, like panic. And there’ll always be a long, and wide bridge to cross. And always spine-y creatures to be chased by, such crawling, creeping things stalking from behind, cringing beneath running feet.

First time dreamt scared the shit out of me, prayed when I usually don’t in the middle of the night. Years later. Second time dreamt was more mystified than scared having dreamt the same dream after so long. Symbolic if interpreted. A metaphorical, and literal meaning of ‘running from your demons’.


I totally get the maladaptive daydreaming thing particularly for me when I’m riding in a car I totally phase out from reality and my dad actually used to smack me round the head to get me out of my dreamworld.


I am lucid. :slight_smile:

My name and picture both come from my love of Lucid Dreaming. There are many techniques and training methods you can use to get better and better at Lucid Dreaming. It’s great fun!


I dream alot about my tournaments. One time, I dreamed I was in another Muay Thai one. I beat everyone and made it to the very last round. I have a nightmarishly hard fight with the final guy, we’re both literally covered in blood, but then he ends up killing me my accident when I charge straight into his flying knee. Just in case anyone doesn’t know, in martial arts tournaments, typically, you’re not supposed to die. I just thought this was weird, as I typically don’t care about losing fights. I usually still get alot of money just beating, like, only three people. Maybe its a slight fear of dying during a fight. Huh. Interesting.


I would be scared as hell if I ended up in a tournament, that’s why I fight with cards and not with fists.