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It’s the only way to get through the Forlorn Hope without losing any health.

Not wearing the armor also helps if you aid the Experimentals at the Second Battle of Kharangia.

I don’t think it makes any difference at Mhillanovil.


No it does not, though I do wish someone recounted my mission to the gazette, watching me dashingly leap onto the barge like a badass with Thunderer in my bane armour glory. That story (with an over dramatic re-enactment drawing of the moment) deserves to immortalised in Tierra archives of baneblood gentlemen who were slightly mad. Then again, that would be tamed compared to Forlorn Hope.


Well, the only reason you had to do that in the first place was because you failed to meet your objective on time :stuck_out_tongue:


It also gives you a better rep boost than the one you get if you wear armor in the secret mission if you choose to fight the hussars when capturing Anna


Are you sure about that? You need to remember that the amount your rep increases by depends on what your existing rep stat already is.


I can neither confirm or deny such reasoning. Innocent whistling :kissing:


Just “interrupting” the interesting and sophisticated discussion on Cazarosta’s inner emotions with a bunch of gamey stuff… :stuck_out_tongue:

I have, sorta. The annoying thing is that being an asshole rarely pays off. :stuck_out_tongue:
Presented in order of importance/randomly:
In SoI you want to take the Antari officer prisoner to get the ransom in GoI, so you need to have high Int and suggest your own plan. If you are an Aetorian you can get an extra 500 from gambling seriously, while wrecking your reputation. But if you’re Aetorian, you’re not really going for a max money run anyway.

Keeping all the money after charging Karol of Loch is also a fair amount of money (240 instead of 120/40/0) at the cost of a recoverable amount of loyalty and reputation.

Lefebvre’s bribe of 100 crowns is nothing compared to a free promotion, and I believe Hunter’s express promotion means that you get paid a bit extra anyway.

Selling the Runegun is insanity, and never worth it, but I guess if you really want to get the maximum amount of money… I can never bring myself to do it.

Don’t buy better quarters for your men, just do your best to ask around. If you have high reputation you’ll actually help.

You also want to lead the naval assault.

Don’t ever take the extra money at the start of character creation, it’s a trap. Get intellect or something instead, much more useful for making money.

In GoI you have a couple of choices. Either you go with the “never promote me” playthrough to get the most cash on hand. You’ll still be Captain at the end of the war, which is embarrassing. You have to abandon the Forlorn Hope in order to be the most brutal looter possible in Kharangia (high ruthlessness required) and then share nothing with the men.

The alternative path is to do the Forlorn Hope and get a free (!!!) promotion. Instant money-saver, and increased income iirc. Much better troop stats too, and reputation.

Then you will be told to capture the mystery cargo, and it is important here that you have a fair amount of Int to get the most money when you abandon your duties and start looting instead. Don’t wear your fancy armour to avoid the full reputation loss.

Finally you go and capture the girl or the Princess, depending on how much you care about all your previous nefarious acts mattering (was it really worth shaming yourself in front of the king for 650 crowns when you were going to get 30k crowns anyway?). Don’t go to 2K, your reputation will probably be too low to get the full ransom value there unless you did the Forlorn Hope. Lefebvre won’t like you, so you need a decent reputation or he will shoot the Princess.

Never accept any promotions, have no siblings, and either pay off your debt at full speed or not at all depending on your personal preferences. I don’t know if the interest matters if Khorobirit so generously pays your debt anyway. If you don’t pay your entire debt, paying your debt early will help lower the interest which will save you money in Lords, but you won’t be swimming in as much cash in GoI.

I think that’s it? You’ll have some 8k crowns at the end of it all, and can probably pay off your entire debt. Or you capture the kid and you’ll have tens of thousands extra crowns.


No. If you have 70 Charisma you get 500 crowns. You don’t have to be an Aetorian.

You get a free promotion anyway if you have a decent level of rep.


They’re interconnected. You can get 70 charisma without being Aetorian, but then you can’t get for example the Antari officer to surrender.

Trust me, I’ve tried. :stuck_out_tongue:


Again, interconnected with other choices. It’s hard to have enough reputation if you ruined your reputation by taking all the money (worth 120 extra crowns compared to Lefebvre’s paltry 100) instead of sharing some with your men.

Not sure if it is impossible in a money-efficient run, but definitely hard.


If you do some quick math, a Wulframite MC makes an extra 5 crowns a year. 5x12 is 720. Then there’s the fact that being a Wulframite also shaves 2000 crowns off your debt, which means that the final interest payment is about 100-200 crowns less…

I would say that being a Wulframite is worth more than having enough charisma to both play Tassenswerd and capture the Antari lord.


Yes, indeed.

Wulframite is one of the best choices for this, absolutely worth all the drawbacks.


Any club membership will do that, but the Shipowners might offer more options.

Leverage that into a quarter-million crown loan, never have to worry about money again, and leave the interest for your grandchildren to deal with.


Hopefully the MC’s financial irresponsibilities don’t create a mini-Tywin.


I will pay the debt at full capacity just when reach Port. I expect afull epic proportions relate of The guy reaction when mara throw at him all money in bags saying “JADE FAMILY PAY HIS DEBT AT FULL.” And him die of surprise while women kiss Mara and a orchestra sound on background :wink:


I find it to be such a shame that both Khorobirit’s wife and daughter can’t be captured.


Tradeoffs and decisions.


Economy 101.

Seriously though, will we be able to take new loans? It seems to me that we will have more opportunities than money when we get home.


He did say that we could, and also that the interest rates would depend partially on Intellect Charisma and Reputation.


On loans: