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Tierra doesn’t have the population or resources to really achieve autarky, it’s not the US or the Soviet-Union who had enough resources for survival and were strong enough militarily that trade and diplomacy mostly become, nice to have, optional things.

I think he’s at least moderately progressive socially and economically what is more worrying are his autocratic and war-mongering tendencies.
King Miguel is incredibly dangerous exactly because he is at least relatively competent.
He also simply rubs my mc and me the wrong way. In modern times he’d be one of those politicians, like our current PM, who always manages to devour (proverbially of course) his allies and coalition partners yet come out relatively unscathed himself. Which is what makes my mc rather reluctant to associate too closely with the guy.


On the other hand, if you get so close and important to him that he heavily relies upon you, who’s going to be able to touch you? He may have “autocratic tendacies” I agree, but if he makes Tierra - and hopefully our MC if we play our cards right - more influential, economically viable, and militarily strong on the world scale then I’m willing to accept the danger he imposes. After all, who wants a boring, static king who keeps the status-quo? (Probably a lot of people, but I don’t).


Only now I realise how many MCs I will need to make to enjoy Lords in all it’s glory, what with all the Cortes clubs and (presumably) random events if the MC decides to stay home…


In the future, please edit your posts to combine them if you find you have more to say, please do not double post.

Also, that question is almost certainly a spoiler.


@Cataphrak, how many voting coalitions are formed from club cooperation? Like the reformers and overseas club can work together in order to force reforms through while the Rendower Club works with another to oppose it.


To enjoy a game Like this one in all it is glory, you don’t need more than take time and make your character as it were a real person with objectives and goals, and defects. Forget totally about numbers and statistics. Just enjoy. Even failures are fun, because games are alive. It is a very rare concept this days. For instance my last character Ghengis Stalin Iron balls could be described as a total failure in Base of stats and numbers but however is one of most funniest adventures I had in a game period. So you don’t need plenty of plays or a big knowledge of stats likeThe rest of fans here.

Lol, I love you all guys but you are all too much serious. This is a fun stuff … Even if all of you are clearly a good fandom lol . First Fandom accept me right away. Normally I need like Swats and Author defense to start participate in a fan thread… Dunno why… :wink:


To ask that question is to answer it. Maybe you should hold a seance with some of Henry VIII’s closest advisers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Unlike with our modern PM those allies and advisers didn’t merely end up making a political exit, temporary or not, but a rather more permanent physical one.


Well… here’s hoping.


Local politics? Yes. Ducal politics, not so much.

I’m not saying that’s not an option.

He’s training to be a Knight of the Red. Capital politics are a distraction for him.

This is a subject of intense worry and discussion in the right circles.

Almost all of them, especially ones which aren’t supposed to be obvious. Lords of the Cortes who “caucus” with each other on various issues usually do so at their respective clubs, and if a bunch from one club are being courted by a bunch from another, they generally get an invitation to cooperate through their clubs.


Okay, Cata I need to know Where is the Banging club? for Ghengis …

And Mara would probably go with one pro Miguel and related with Saints that or Where Cunaris go, Mara is super friends With him Who considers Mara one of finest men in the army and moral fine and like a Big bro for Renard.

Could Cunaris recommend us? I mean I WASTE YEARS AND STATS RAISE OPTIONS FOR BE FRIENDS WITH HIM HELL IF THAT HAS TO SHOW IN LORDS… :slight_smile: Maybe helping find a suitable woman from a relative well related family to him. Nothing beyond my family status quo. Of course . Also I will be totally free of debt.
If This were Spain in the time. Oh, how proud of herself Mara would be. "I am a simple baron. But free of debts… No ever a king could say the same "


Those sorts of clubs are on the other side of town.

No comment.



Shouldn’t Ghengis Stalin make his club selection on which club would have the best parties and pulls the most pranks on the other clubs. If that is the case, then the Overseas is the club for you.

The basic reaction in the Rendower Club will be how did that guy get in, while at the Overseas Club the reaction when the hero enters the bar will be like Norm on Cheers… “Sir Ghengis!!! Ooff!!”


Cryptic as ever. Why do I feel like this will be commonplace once again in the coming months as you work on Lords?

Thinks about how he said “once again”

Well I don’t guess you ever really stopped being evasive. Just more information is going to be spilling fourth as we get closer to Lords release.

Don’t know if you saw this before but @cataphrak I just wanted to let you know.


Maybe And then hide the waitresses ladies from Iron balls Genghis and the alcohol. His parties are the rock band versions or Roman ones. He is 2 on intelligence but he has the body lol
@Cataphrak I swear by the saints THAT IF CUNARIS DOESN’T HELP ME AFTER YEARS BEING THEIR HELPING PUPPY I WILL POISONING RENARD I even trained to be a better oficer… I am his boss in order…


ROFL!! Oh my gosh…


I remember reading somewhere that the idea that the Romans were these sex fiends who threw orgies all the time was actually Christian Propaganda, and that the real Romans were actually really conservative about sex. But by portraying them as these depraved decadents, it was easier to convert people against them.

That said, I don’t remember where I read this, or how credible the source was.


Professing to believe in strict values on sexuality while actually being into sex is not uncommon at all given how humans as a species tick.


It’s definitively a strategy. :stuck_out_tongue:


The early Church in general – and today as well, honestly – has a very interesting relationship with sex and sexuality. Considering one of the premises they built themselves around is that sex is evil, but they need people to reproduce in order to have more followers, it was bound to happen.


That is not true, A clear example is Pompei and Herculani the dinner rooms were filled by Pictures of orgies and Roman version of Kamasutra And priapus figures in the doors. If you put doors with d*cks and Kamasutra all over again the place where you do parties and called them orgies… And there were more brothels that bakeries… And then you could Read Ovidius and Saint Agustin portrait of his decadent youth full with bacanals… That is part of Ciceron portrait of scandals etc etc etc etc Roman literature is there.