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I’d… pay for that?



If such a thing would even be a thing I’d imagine it would only effect our children at best. Though would be awesome if banecasting was a RNG based thing for our children.


That would make game more a power fantasy than a low fantasy . But certainly It could make a excellent spin off @Cataphrak Even if You want sell a lot or trolling us you should do a small game Called Elson the true story. Where you could choose from Be a him or a her or a nb and his backstory until Blogia. That would sell like Donuts.


But didn’t Cataphrak say that the RNG level of our children banecast would be below ninth level?


I don’t know how banecasting works hell I don’t even know how a gun works lol. So I give up to know ranks ans stuff. I still don’t evn know if my child would be biological or adopted in game


Now I have to ask this, can the MC become involved in provincial politics with his near and not-so-near neighbours? I recall you saying each MC’s land is a week’s or so travel away from his ducal province’s capital, so I’m wondering if a Cunarian MC can go to Fernandescourt and meet Cunarian nobles there?


@Cataphrak What if the MC is a Royalist and he joins the Rendower Club to spy on the King’s rivals? Maybe even coordinate with RTI?

And if we are mentoring Renard, where will he fall in on all this? Can we drastically or at least slightly change his political stance to align how we want him to?


Emile himself may be weary of the MC’s presence, as he himself works in the RTI. In this case, we may assume that he had the files of the MC.


He won’t know what political stance we have though, and with a high enough charisma and intellect stat I’m going to guess this could be a viable option. We would just have to duck him in RTI. Work with Katarina or other Royalists. Although, come to think of it, I don’t know how Katarina falls with the King. I’d assume Royalists.


Why does is seem to me like everyone is grossly underestimating Miguel. He seems to me as being a very clever, progressive and dangerous king with a good sense of politics.


And he’s quite young. While that may not be a good thing in all instances, it does mean that he will only become more competent as the years go on and he gains more and more experience.


Because he is young i guess. Which doesn’t count for much. Just look at how many MC’s are strong, mostly responsible characters even though they are young and without as wide a support base as the King.

Looks at the amount of MC’s who did the Forlorn Hope

Well maybe not responsible…


@Sagar_Anand Miguel isn’t all that progressive(given the fact that he thinks both Lewes and Welles are ‘dangerous radicals’ per the author’s words, but in military matters he may be of a progressive mind), but I agree with the rest of your post, he’s dangerous and very clever, but that could lead Tierra to disaster, if he doesn’t play his cards right or if Takara realises the threat he could potentially grow to become.


And that’s the problem. He’s too clever for his own good.

Not necessarily.

He just beat Antar. Sure, they lost tens of thousands of lives, the nation is in debt, and his people are starving, but he beat a Great Power. So what happens if he gets cocky and ends up biting off more than he can chew?


Well I mean, he thinks that Lewes opinion that all women should stay in the kitchen is not good.

He also doesn’t think that Welles is correct that all baneless should go back to being serfs.

@unoriginal_username, in my experience people who don’t like people who are “too clever for their own good” tend to not be very clever themselves. The thing about risk taking is that you don’t know if it’s a good risk to take until you see who won. Miguel won, so he took the right risks, now he needs to continue working on forging Tierra into a modern state that can stand on its own.

Tierra and Victory and all that.



well, that’s certainly gonna be fun…


Don’t worry, I went ahead and demoted him for you :slight_smile:


I’m not saying he won’t. I’m just saying that he will get better at managing whatever he bites off.


He doesn’t seem like the cocky type, more like calm and calculating type.


Quick question to @Cataphrak who will Miguel get married to? Will he marry someone from Tierra or outside of it? Given his status I don’t seem to see a lot of options for him.