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Will Karol of Loch be seeking out the MC for employment in LOI? (if you befriended the twice captured Antari nobleman).


@Cataphrak are women allowed into such clubs? If so then what club is Katarina in, if any? I’m guessing Welles is in the Reform Club.

What Club are a few of major players in? Like Calvin and others that aren’t necessarily obvious?


He does, but the 8th of Foot is a Houseguard outfit, so he doesn’t really have anything to do.


The Reform Club is the only reputable club in Aetoria which allows women in, so yes.

The clubs all-but advertise their most important members the way film stars headline a premiere: the Admiralty Club has basically the entire senior leadership of the RTN, the Rendower Club has both Young Wulfram and Warburton, and the Shipowner’s Club has Weathern, though he rarely shows up.


What increases our chance of being accepted in the Admiralty club? Does having all the medals help? And would mention that Wulfram wanted us on his staff would help as well?


Well, that seals the deal.

Forges royal lineage…


That will be an option.


Please tell me your not joking. I have a salt coast MC who trying to seduce Kat and bring down the king


I am going to let you try, make no mistake.


If I can finish the game as a Nathan Rothschield or Bismarck of the Infinite Sea, I’m already satisfied.


Well, your dad wasn’t the king’s personal banker, so you might be a bit short.


Well, as it says in Steven Tyler’s song, “Dream on, Dream until your dreams come true”.


Joining the Shipowner’s club seem respextable already thanks to Weathern. @Cataphrak Cunatis and Havenport are members of which club? Will they join the Overseas club?


Neither have traditionally cared enough for Aetorian politics to join one. Cunaris will be in Fernandescourt, and Havenport will likely be at his seat most of the time too.


Will Viscount Palliser be in the Overseas Club? Can we interact with him some more? :slight_smile:


I think the real question is which club Carrecourt has bootlicked his way into. :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re just going to keep asking about every single character, aren’t we?


Every time someone asks a question I already answered, but pertaining to a different character/country/organisation, I delay the release of Lords of Infinity for another six hours.


Well, at least you’re not killing starks.


can we get a banecaster dlc?


Mara pouts But … I have a lot of questions… :wink: No really , When the wip comes … It will come and then I will give feedback. Still My goals and Interests are far different from the rest of your fan club . Pay the debt I already have money to , Marry a woman kill that same woman go balls and seduce Casius … Training Renard and Joining a Miguel fan club also Make A great Boglia general statue in a Proper Spanish style horse in the Boglia Square


Banecasting ability is borned with it, not gain or how to be obtained as far as we know.