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Well, my initial guess, would be that a random person would not be able to assume license over something without first having attempted to reach a licensing agreement with the content sharing service. Unless you envision a website now connected to content sharing services that allows anonymous public member X to copy&paste the Prince into a text-box and declare that it is now his or hers? And then that the website, instead of Confirming the licensing, blankets everyone with their “fictitious” Upload Filter?

As far as i had understood the current mechanisms to be working. Like the one on youtube.
Was that it was a funnel system that had a narrow entry, but a wide (perhaps too wide) application.
That is, it is hard to get your licensed content into the filter so it can remove stuff.

Then again, i’m working from conjecture, as are you. The tone has changed in the anti-directive wording from “They will” and they “Are going to” to “This could mean” and “There a possibilities that in the future”


Yes, and this thing is so vague that we all will be until the ECJ rules, which, as I’ve mentioned is going to take years. In the meantime companies are going to err on the side of caution and over-block and over-censor.
Finally there is no such thing as a little bit of ex-ante censorship and if the argument really becomes that it takes ex-ante censorship to enforce copyright then, ultimately copyright will need to be done away with entirely as censorship is censorship no matter if it is perpetrated in the name of a state or in the name of protecting private enterprise.

Not that narrow and to cover the little guys as well the funnel will need to be considerably wider with this unprecedented scope directive, as only allowing trusted companies like Fox and Disney and the corporate entities of the ultra-rich artists would fail to meet the scope of protecting the “little guys”. The second problem is that due to international obligations this also needs to protect the works of small artists in foreign countries.
So there are inevitably going to be people who will take out a Delaware or Gambian shell company, gain access to the input system with a small work of their own and who then may indeed troll by uploading the English translation of “the Prince” as theirs.
There are also going to be dubious middle-men companies, outfits like Horus Music who will essentially sell “trusted access” supposedly to small artists, but really to just about anybody willing to pay.
Since there is currently no penalty for false claims and copyright trolling and there won’t be any in the new directive either you’d be left first appealing to the content blocking service itself and then you’d need to instigate an incredibly costly civil litigation against that company and its client(s). This is both incredibly costly and utterly ineffective and the new directive is going to massively increase the scope of the current problems.

This bit is from Forbes about the wonders of Youtube’s content ID: "or, disturbingly enough, automatically diverts ad revenue to the company making the claim. ".
Want to reclaim that revenue you should have been entitled to, instead of the false claimant? Tough luck go try and sue in Gambia or Delaware.


Maybe, and maybe you might even get striked for using cover-music in youtube videos or something.
Which is bad, to some extent. I’m against this directive because it seems like a halfway solution to proper regulation of the large tech firms who have been roaming free for many years, and convinced us it was good.
Like when Apple reminded everyone that only they, the arbiters of truth and the little man, could be allowed to keep our data and use it as they saw fit. Not the crazy Justice Departments.

But with that said, just because i am against the directive, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.
Can we both agree that there is a wiiiiiiiiiide room between where we are now, and your claims that unregulated copyright claims and the gEUstapo will force every European off the internet with a loss of all their cultural heritage due to image and text rights?

Most likely we will land somewhere in that room.


Kinda off topic but since Antari been defeated wont this motivate them to be more unified? They lost to a “minor” state and are probably being mocked by the other great powers because of it. Wont they try to seek out revenge against Tierra and unify to crush them? Or will it lead to the league disbandment? As seeing how the only reason the league unite is so that other nations wont try to bully them or be a vassal state.


Any ex-ante censorship in the name of copyright will still be a step too far, however. As all ex-ante censorship systems have chilling effects from self-censorship and fear, if nothing else.

Imho, we already have the proper regulation in our competition and anti-trust laws dealing with monopolists but they are under-used and poorly enforced. If companies get too big the best solution is to make them smaller again, not impose likely censorship that will elevate Facebook and Google to the de-facto gatekeepers of what will be left of the internet and allow them to be the de-facto speech policemen and censors who will get to frame to contours of what constitutes acceptable expression in the name of protecting the copyrights of big businesses and ultra-rich artists or their heirs.

I speculate that based upon my previous knowledge there may be as high as 40% chance that the ECJ will eventually strike article 13 as being incompatible with core provisions of the Treaties…in about decade or so, until then we may get disastrous European prohibition that will, in the end, make Facebook vastly more, not less, powerful. Much like after American prohibition consumers there were also left with woefully few and utterly inadequate choices, instead of the rather vibrant brewing culture that had existed before.


Being a Wulframite won’t.
Being one of Garing’s major investors, on the other hand…

The Admiralty Club actually does let army officers in. The thing is that they almost have to be Grenadiers or Marines.

Ironically, the Rendower Club is traditionally a focus of opposition towards the Monarchy, because it also includes many of the potential usurpers with sufficient Rendower blood to make their claims viable.

One shot, one opportunity, because if I gave you more, I’d tie myself in knots writing it out.

No. Most of the provincial nobility have clubs in the ducal capitals instead.


Would a certain Lefebvre happen to be involved in said club? :stuck_out_tongue:


Will there be any direct ties to the considerations of military reforms if the MC joined the club run by war veterans?


Would Walken have a place at the Admirality Club?


If I had to guess, the Admiraty Club is for more well-respected officers who may have more conservative reforms. The firebrands in the Reform club (Pretty sure it has a different name) seem like younger or fringe officers with much more radical ideas like Baneless and/or women officers. I’d wager that Major Reyes, if he isn’t recovering from being maimed is a part of the latter.


I think it may instead be for officers whose reforms are more focused around the navy than the army.


Reyes made a lateral move into the Intendancy. You’ll meet him again.


So the Experimentals have been… disbanded? Shame.


@Cataphrak, which of the squadrons of the Royal Dragoons are currently still active? Considering that the MC is now on half pay, may I assume that the 6th currently now rides on papers?


He might be on half-pay, and he seems the sort ot be bored without something active to do.


Yep, fair point.


Does Reyes still hold a commission in his old regiment?



Something we haven’t been thinking about but might bite us in the ass is dues. If the Rendower Club has Dukes as member can we possibly afford it? The dues might be hundreds of crowns a year.


Thousands. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’m sure that all respectable Baneblooded gentlemen can pay the dues with no issues whatsoever.


Eh, I’d prefer to keep my crowns while also not being affiliated with a club that seems dedicated to opposing the most influential individual our Dragoon could have connected with. Although it’s possible they are Royalists and are against to the Wulframites strictly on principal.