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also how did our family accumulate such a huge debt?


I can’t speak with any confidence about what happens in LoI, but I can speculate that a Wulframite will probably have the best lands for potential economic growth. We already get far less debt and an increased base income in SoI and GoI, for example.

No clue what the Salt Coasters and Cunarians will get, except better relations with their respective local lords.

As if anyone needs easier access to the least exclusive club. :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean most are already baneless, they probably can use a Baneblooded Lord or two for diversity but they should have standards right? Like “your debt must be below this amount to join”.


That’s exactly the nobles that they want to attract though. The poor ones that are desperate enough to essentially sell their votes to the Baneless rabble and bourgeoisie.


It’s probably worth noting that “Access to royalty” is only a good thing if your PC isn’t emulating Redmond Barry.

The high society equivalent of this:

is not much better than just dying.

Be careful where you step.


Now I imagine a Dragoon sitting in the Admiralty Club and not knowing a thing on what to do.


“I, yes, I do believe that ships are good. Yes, very good.”


Is that why we have 16k in debt?


You do not need to know anything, if you have the St. Jerome cross, you are automatically the most interesting person in the room.


I hope there’s a Salt Coast club.

Also, the Rendowers literally have a fanclub… I can’t even…

What do they even do?

“I’m 123rd in line for the throne!”

“123? That’s nothing. I’m 89th!”

And maybe either our Cross of Saint Jerome or a Salt Coast MC’s connection to Crittenden will help us get into the Admirality club?


Did he hide them in six remote locations, each in a different duchy, with six cryptic riddles that need to be solved to find them, each based on a different theme with different puzzle-like obstacles to be overcome and powerful Baneruned golem guardians that must be defeated? And we must gather them all as a rite of passage before we can truly claim our birthright?

After which, everything would have to be reset for the next generation. That would certainly explain our debt.


Just Discord things. @Verand


And you have to travel to another realm in order to access the mysterious sixth duchy…


Warburton, havenport, Aetoria, wulfram, cunaris, and I count the Salt Coast for these purposes.


Is that the “We secretly hate the king and murder our wives” club? :stuck_out_tongue:


When you say we can only join one club, do you mean that we can only be in one at any given time, or that once we make our choice we can’t change it?


Did you even read the actual text adopted? Not just snippets from Netopia? At best this is severely lazy lobbyist law-making that basically invites the ECJ to define just about everything and probably strike down at least some portions of this, but that will take a lot of time, money and effort. In the meantime, risk-averse companies will go with the strictest possible interpretation of everything in order to avoid massive potential future liabilities.
Axel Voss has just about ignored every informed criticism by just about everybody except for the big media lobby.

But, here’s a question for you, under this new act that doesn’t contain any sort of penalty for malicious misuse what does an ordinary citizen do to get redress when his message is blocked for quoting, say Machiavelli because somebody uploaded Machiavelli’s entire body of work to Google or Facebook’s new filter?

The filter will be as big of a failure as US prohibition was in the end, but that doesn’t mean it won’t do damage that potentially lasts for a generation or more or leave deep scars, particularly if this causes another big recession, because I do not think the MEP’s realize how many ordinary people have become dependent in whole or in part on the internet to earn a living and just how much this will frustrate that. Particularly for people who are actually happy with their internet jobs, the shitty gigs will survive and only get shittier of course.
Of course filters are relatively easy (albeit still a time-consuming pain) to bypass for individual users, like you or me, but not so much an option for legitimate businesses or people acting in an official capacity or the less tech-savvy among us.


How much Time I could wait until kill her… :thinking: Mara is front The salt coast I could so easily arrange an accident and She would flying to the saints from a sadly slippery balcony oh, How big tragedy… Is so sad the state of Poison manor… :smiling_imp:
@Cataphrak Mara doesn’t want marry a girl and still wants the social image so The concept is simple enough… Marry and kill.


I tried to enter discord I ended up in a civilization group instead. I am the worst person ever around technology… So I didn’t dare try again lol


Will each area of Tierra have it’s own club @Cataphrak?