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Slander is for city folks and high society country nobles. We’re the Baron of Bumpkinville, direct action is what you need in disputes like this.


Yes, but we did not get a chance to meet her, so do not take into account the desires of an MC with an inflated ambition and dreams of greatness. To be honest, even I know he will not succeed, but who am I to spoil the character’s dreams?


You only have a caliber if you’re actually a banecaster. The MC isn’t a banecaster, but he doesn’t need magic to read a book on banecasting, or to arrange some wax discs into an appropriate pattern.


One could think of it as 0-calibre. The physical work of placing or removing baneseals anyone could do, even Cazarosta or a baneless, but detecting the bane requires something we do have despite our lack of “spellcasting”.


tl;dr Cazarosta is -1 Calibre.


Thanks for the reply. I was thinking if any, the MC would be negligible. I was curious because as you’ve pointed out, during the FH a low intelligence character can sense the protective banepattern, and then safely remove the baneseal. I guess chalk that up to military training?


It’s more of having the banesense for the MC (as mentioned in SOI, while the MC isn’t a banecaster, he’s fully capable of sensing it). While for Caz you can chalk it up to training and probably having the best education in Tierra


@Cataphrak Related to the above conversation, does the ability to sense the Bane scale with the calibre of someone Baneblooded? So would, say, Hunter more easily be able to see the Bane in living beings than our MC? Or is it (mostly) the same for everyone?


Monthly update is out guys…
And boy is it a good one!


can we have distant ties to the royal family?


The clubs sound fascinating!


Saw your twitter Cata,

“If you’re a fantasy author, you should study history. Not to be “more accurate” but because reality is a better world-builder than you’ll ever be, and it’s all public domain, so you can use a lot of it worry-free.”

Here in the EU that won’t be the case once the great filter goes up and any old copyright troll will be able to enter any and all texts in the public domain and claim “ownership” of them. So enjoy it while it lasts.


It doesn’t, or it’s marginal if it does.

If you’re an Aetorian, the King’s your distant cousin, about sixty times removed, and so long as you have a document which proves that, the Rendower Club lets you in.

That sounds about as enforceable as BC’s old weed laws.


But my evil German bureaucracy.


Another strawman. I can understand why, it makes easier to vilify.


Wow, LoI is shaping to be very interesting. @Cataphrak So as an Aetorian MC, do we have the papers that prove we have a drop of Rendower blood flowing in us? Or did Sir Barksalot and Larry messed with it.


Absolutely. Your family’s genealogy is basically the primary document which proves you have claim over your title and lands. At some point, one of your MC’s ancestors probably spent a small fortune printing six copies and keeping them in six separate safes.


Bloody privileged Aetorians get another boon. :stuck_out_tongue:


does an mc from somewhere that isn’t aetoria get bonuses like an aetorian mc?


Shows superior Aetorian race lol with a drop of Rendower blood. Im also guessing that the family debt started from printing those copies and storing them throughout the years. XD

@Mastermind They will also have bonuses. I have a sneaking suspicion that being a Wulframite will grant you easier access to the Shipowner’s club.