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I recently read SoI & GoI -again. A more comprehensive read this time than the first and it felt totally different_(in a good way)_ and refreshing. I think i realise how rush & confusing my first read must have been. But all the same a very solid and enjoyable story… easily my favourite choice series as well as the author. So i really want to say thank you @Cataphrak

My question: I could be wrong but I understand that the MC has a baron’s daughter waiting for him on his return in Lords of infinity.

And I just can’t get this wish out of my mind

…that some how, someway, this lady back home will be so alluring and compelling (personality, looks, smarts, name it…minus wealth & power obviously) a character… so much so that any MC who rejects her for one reason or the other be it because of wealth or power and Kat or Welles will actually feel torn and sorry for the loss of such a woman as a partner. Its probably not gonna happen the way i’m envisioning, but…

Can I hope?


Knowing Welles hers is probably weighted so she can brain people with it if needed.

Same with a riding crop. Never know right,


We’ll see. My guess is the world isn’t going to end and the dystopia you seem to warn of, won’t hit.


Cata’s already said the Betrothed will definitely be a good match, if not the absolute dream match Welles and Kat apparently pose. The fact that she’ll be a compelling character is, frankly a given – Cata’s writing the game, and if there’s one thing he’s better at than giving the player enough rope to hang themselves, it’s writing compelling characters.


Tbh, I’m probably going to go with the Betrothed as well.

I don’t actually want the Earldoms of Welles or Leoniscourt. Leoniscourt is barren (probably even by Salt Coast standards), and Welles is infested with Warburtonians. There’s also the fact that it feels almost like you’re abandoning your family lands, since the Earldom will become your primary title and you’ll probably have to move your household there. Oh, and you’re also assuming lordship over thousands of strangers, instead of a few hundred tight-knit villagers who have lived under your family for centuries.

I’d rather find a way to make my existing holdings profitable instead of marrying into somebody else’s.



The “lite” version is already here. The media-killing link tax has already driven small, independent news media and some citizen reporters in Germany out of business and now we’ve got to implement this failed German nonsense policy all across Europe.
And I don’t see how you can see an upload filter and the fact that we won’t ever be able to use small fora, like this community under a username ever again as anything but dystopian censorship. While it may be perpetrated in the name of ultra-rich “artists” and big media the great filter of Europe can easily be used by the same big media and copyright trolls to censor all political expression they don’t like. If you think it can’t happen in Western Europe, think again, it already has . Legal remedy against big media for small creatives and individual end-users is a mirage castle in the air as it will easily cost more then the average person makes in a year.

But if you’re okay with a world where you can only participate in CoG game discussions through a Facebook bot “moderated” farce of a “community” under your own, real name linked to your Facebook profile I guess the brunt of the direct impact on people who are not self-employed through the internet, as little creatives or otherwise will pass you by.
What won’t pass anybody (well except the ultra-rich I guess) by is the new recession this is going to cause as I don’t think our MEP’s fully realize just how many people depend in whole or in part on the internet for their livelihood today (and that is in my new more affluent neighbourhood which is mostly upper middle class in my old one the crisis never quite ended to start with).

It will turn the internet we know into basically cable-tv 2.0 with Facebook as the new gatekeeper on behalf of the rent-seeking subsidy drawers of the big media and will only serve up politically correct, which in this case means orthodox neo-liberal political diatribes. All other political content will be heavily censored. At best we will be as politically “free” as Erdogan’s Turkey. :unamused:

As I’ve said in the politics thread combine this copyright directive with the also new “anti-terrorism” directive, which really uses most of the same methods as Putin’s anti dissemination of gay “propaganda” law, with gay replaced by terrorist methods and the combination of those two seems almost tailor made to hand the keys to the Kingdom to the far right populists. Misses Le Pen couldn’t have done it better on purpose is my prediction.

Facebook moderated bot censorship on behalf of big rent-seeking media and ultra-rich artists that is open for all sorts of political abuse and further monetisation of our personal data by the biggest corporations seems as bad or worse than anything Wilders or Le Pen might dream up. If enough voters agree then, well…
While I have no doubt the more populists left may also gain some from this we must remember that even in the best case they are at least a decade behind the right in building a brand of populism complete with ground game and “influencers”. Therefore if this passes in the form adopted by parliament today I see the battles that will happen in the electoral fallout of this monumental mistake as the far-right’s to lose, sadly enough. :unamused: Especially if this does end up causing a new recession and this time the internet won’t be able to save a lot of the upper-middle class people who are going to be laid-off or have their hours reduced.


I definitively sympathise with this sentiment, and depending on how the choice is presented I might very well do the same.

For some of my MCs. <.<



Anything you can tell us about this “betrothed” I’m hearing about? For starters, are we actually betrothed to her?

Sorry if I just missed it somewhere, I just kind of skim the thread these days :pensive:


How high can we rise in LOI? Like what kind if powers can we obtain


It’s a choice you can make early on.


Now you are just arguing against strawman here.
The adopted Parliamentary text of 2018 and the changes it brings has clearly changed the anti-user nature and scope of Article 11 and 13. Yet many people still seem to refer to the 2016 Commission proposal.

I’ll highlight several of the key addendums here

From Amendments adopted by the European Parliament on 12 September 2018 on the
proposal for a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on copyright in
the Digital Single Market (COM(2016)0593 – C8-0383/2016 – 2016/0280(COD))

Referring to the link-tax:

I fail to see how this is going to stop community-based discussions around news sources. This seems to target commercial websites that work off of aggregating news articles from other news agencies.

And the dystopianly named “upload filter” or “content recognition technologies” as the legalese term would be, has been removed from Article 13 of the Commission Text.

Notably here it also legally declares that such measures shall not “Moreover, in accordance with Directive 95/46/EC, Directive 2002/58/EC and the General Data Protection Regulation, the cooperation shall not lead to any identification of individual users nor the processing of their personal data.”

Again, specifically, the users have been granted increase protection from this. Namely by protecting the identity of users (No need for a real name, nor the giving of your personal data)

And if you want to call this service to “big rent-seeking media” and “ultra-rich artists” (Nevermind that the poor artists i know also support this), i’ll just call opposition to it service to “Big Tech firms” such as Google and Facebook, who absolutely are against this because it will actually force them to make agreements with all interested rights holders, and not just the big ones (Dreamworks, Fox etc.) who can afford to blanket them with lawyers.

Politics Thread

Any consequences to reneging on an engagement?


Her brothers are going to throw shit at your house, at the very least.


What’s the point of being a noble without a generational blood feud or two to nurse?


That’s what you do in the Infinity games, you collect blood feuds. And medals.

I have at least two, that I know of.


Wow, are we really that low in the pecking order that we don’t even deserve to be have our name slandered to the mud?


Flaming sods of peat! :smiling_imp:

I suspect being branded an oath breaker to your betrothed (family arranged or personal) would attract some stigma given the almost sacred duty of Baneblooded to produce little lords and ladies.

And I was curious (and apologies if it hasn’t been covered already), what is the Calibre of the MC? We’ve seen the MC increase the efficiency of a Banepattern layout as well as safely remove them.


I don’t think the MC can cast at all (I think it’s mentioned in SOI, the MC’s bloodline isn’t strong enough .then again, maybe only a sliver of the baneblood population of Tierra can even boil a kettle) I think that improving the banecast was more about knowledge. And as for removing it (if you’re talking about the one in the FH) I managed to do it with an MC who had 5 in intellect, so there’s that


Isnt that the king sister