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He can only give you a boost in reputation, but mind you: as a stallion is very hard to control or command, in which you will be needing the right stats for soldering in order to control him without much difficulties. I’d say at least 45% soldering would be sufficient enough to ride him without a problem.


There are a few checks that come up (more in Guns than in Sabres if memory serves) where having Thunderer or a similar high quality horse is an advantage, however.


You mean Jackrum?



Bulwark or Hatchet (vailable in Sabres if you need to replace a horse) will do I think, and Scimitar (available at the same time as Hatchet) is a fine horse.


I’d prefer Scimitar personally, Bulwark’s fine but Hatchet was said to be quite an old horse.


how do i increase discipline more than 64?


Who is a better fighter one on one with the same gear Caz or Karol of Loch?

  1. Import a save with high discipline. If you have 45 Discipline in Sabres, that becomes 30 Discipline in Guns. 65 becomes 35, and 85 becomes 40.
  2. Order extra drill when asked how you want to improve the fire rate of your men.
  3. Have either 45 charisma, or pick Blaylock as your Lieutenant.
  4. Send a detachment ahead to secure the bridge.
  5. Check on your men at siege camp immediately. Choose either the option “Let Lieutenant Blaylock take over training”, or “I want to call a staff meeting.” (The staff meeting is better because it also provides a massive boost to morale.)
  6. When you have to escort Cassius, go north. Successfully fending off the attack increases discipline by a substantial amount.
  7. If you go to Januszkovil, choose the option to have a last minute inspection.

If you do all of these things, then your discipline should be well into the 70s.


if i check my men second will it matter?


Yeah. I’m pretty sure you take a stat penalty for each week you go without checking up on them.

Best to get it out of the way first, since as far as I can tell there is no penalty for waiting with the other options.


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should i chase the partisans who attack me while escorting the cannons?


That doesn’t affect your discipline. It just boosts your morale (assuming you succeed), and your relationship with Katarina, at the cost of your men’s lives (Sandoral and Renard lose 2%, Blaylock loses 4%, while Garret will automatically fail and cost you 6%.)

You also get a morale boost for volleying them - it’s slightly less, and Katarina will disapprove, but it doesn’t come with any casualties.


does requesting a reward for all of my men after them keeping order after the fall of kharangia lower my reputation? and what good does it do?


It does, but it also provides a boost to morale and loyalty. And at the end of the game, every man in your squadron gets a red stripe added to their uniform, to set them apart from the rest of the Dragoons, which will probably become an immense point of pride in the Squadron’s history.


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