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II likes its monopoly on wetwork. Giving people the idea just anyone can send letters of regret for unfortunate accidents would be…ill-advised.


I’ve seen this discussion before so I do not mean to rehash old debates (even though that’s what we all mostly do anyway), but is the primary reason to kill Aleksandra’s Hussar bodyguard - after you kill her respectively - to keep witnesses down, just roleplay a truly ruthless MC, or some other reason?

I really would like the extra 1500 crown, however, if this is a way to improve my MC’s survival chances I’ll deal without the extra loot.

Will sparing the Hussar’s bite my MC in the ass hard and viciously? Or will it just be a little nibble that we can get away with? (Excuse my vulgar analogy.)


Well, some of them were ransomed back, and I imagine Khorobirit would like to know how his daughter died, and why her guards didn’t take any casualties protecting her.


Quick question about the lore as i’m not too brushed up on it, do other fantasy type races live in this world? such as Dwarves?or is the world primarily filled with humans and elves?


Only humans and elves. Dwarves and emus are referenced frequently, but only as a joke.

Oh, and Cataphrak has also hinted at a third race living somewhere in the jungles.


It gives your men (more of) the “Hardened” quality, which might be useful (or detrimental) in future games.

From a pure roleplaying perspective, the Church Hussars are not surrendering so they are still active combatants who can decide to charge at you whenever they feel like it. The war doesn’t end immediately after the assassination either, a couple dozen Church Hussars could prove useful for Khorobirit if they get ransomed or escape or whatever. But in the grand scheme of things that doesn’t matter.

I don’t see it changing Khorobirit’s reaction very much. Either Khorobirit will know about you from various accounts of other survivors and spies (in which case your name is on a list), or he won’t know about you (yet) because he lacks lists of every officer in the Tierran army (unlike the Takarans).


Which jungles? Butea? Or in M’hidyos?


Ah great, now we have more threats to deal with. Premission to make a pact with the devil and get Takara to help us deal with this ?


If they have to hide in the jungle, then we may actually stand a fighting chance against this one.


Maybe they are orcs, if it is, we do not have to worry, nobody likes orcs.


But… but I like Orcs.


Believe me, they would like you too.



No, it’s the Qunari.


But I hate the Qunari!


How DARE you dislike Sten? I was going to include Iron Bull, but well, he’s probably more ideal if he doesn’t follow the Qun.


Oh no, Sten is fantastic, but then Bioware came along and either retconned or changed the meaning of about 80% of what he said.


Wait, which parts ? I thought the lore was consistent last I checked the wiki.


I’m not really in the mood to get into the specifics of it right now. Just… compare what the Qun characters say over the course of the three games, and you’ll find that in many cases the second and third games directly contradict the first.


Guys, we know that the King’s Army uses the brigade system primarily on the field of battles, but I wonder if that means that the Takarans also uses the brigade system as well considering the fact is that we use Takaran tactics for the army. Or do they have the division?


Replaying sabres here, does Thunderer give a boost to soldiering? Or just a reputation boost and a stat check on soldiering later on for him?