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The thing about sacrificing Marcus is this:

You were ordered to send him reinforcements. With Hartigan, it was optional, and with the 5th of Foot/Experimentals, you were given freedom over the deployment of your forces.

But with Marcus, you had to send him something, and you refused.

Havenport is likely going to want to know how his brother died. And if he talks to Cunaris, to ask why Marcus wasn’t given reinforcements, Cunaris is probably going to say: “I ordered Lieutenant-colonel (player name) to send him aid.” And thus, Havenport knows who to blame.


Havenport is a soldier through and through. He knows people die in war, and while the loss of his brother is terrible, but he and Marcus both knew the risks when he went to war. He’ll grieve for his brother, and a part of him might bear some resentment for it, but I doubt he’s the type to go looking for someone to pin the blame on.


He doesn’t even have to actively look. He just needs to express some desire to learn how his brother died, and as Councillor-Militant, that is information he would easily have access to. Once he finds out that you were ordered to reinforce Marcus, but refused, he will know that you are partly responsible for Marcus’s death.

Oh, also:

After the fall of Kharangia, if you managed to impress Marcus the first time you met him, you then spent the winter playing semi-regular Tassenswerd games with him.


Whether or not someone agrees with it, it’s hard to argue there wasn’t a sound reason to withhold reinforcements. Besides, Marcus’ death is as much a result of his own decisions (good or bad) as any made on the player’s part. We denied him reinforcements, but that by no means signed his death sentence. It’s how he reacted to that and conducted himself that ultimately got him killed.


It’s actually fairly easy to argue.

You went against your orders.


He requested reinforcements, his request was denied. We were in no way obligated to send a squadron to help him, same with Hartigan. There was no “order” from higher command that we had to obey.

If Big Havenport wants to be silly and blame us, then he is free to do so. But Hartigan’s family has just the same right to blame us for the death of Hartigan as Havenport does for the death of his brother.


For my main playthrough I sacrifice the Experimentals mainly because I feel it would have the most impact on my MC because he considers Lewes a friend and the disrespect shown to Lewes by not burning him as an officer will form the seed that will grow into the burning passion to improve the rights and opportunities for the baneless because if theirs one thing Lewes showed James d’al Castleton apart form how to have a good night out, it’s that baneless given the means can reach heights of honour far above their station.


IIRC, what happened was the Highlander messenger went to Cunaris, and Cunaris then sent him to you, with specific orders to send reinforcements.


Then the messenger forgot to mention those specific orders to us:

“Begging your pardon, sir, I come from the young Havenport by way of brigade headquarters,” he reports hurriedly, greeting you with only the most cursory of salutes.

Not ‘His Grace’ but ‘the young Havenport.’ That could only mean one man.
*if havenport >= 60
“Is there trouble?” you ask, concern for your friend lending your voice no small urgency. “Is Lord Marcus all right?”
*if havenport < 60
“How fare the Highlanders, sir?” you ask. “Still holding out?”
*comment endif

The young Highlander officer nods wearily. “Aye, but 'tis hard going; the Antari have gotten some of their light horse across and are now using them to harass our flank companies. Young Havenport requests a squadron of Dragoons to drive them off.”

If you reject his request he does not mention any orders or any duty of ours to send troops, but only the necessity of reinforcements to hold the line. The line is still sufficiently held, without our dragoons.


@Cataphrak, are the Takarans as bad at logistics as IRL Japan and Germany? Or are they like America?


No term limits, which means some of these Senators have been in in their seats for longer than Tierra has existed.

I can guarantee that your Staffs are still with the Regiment. I have plans for them.

They’re somewhere in between. They’re good at logistics in general and under peacetime conditions, but their logistical tolerances are also really low. A lot of the Richshyr’s tactical excellents relies on a firm logistical backing, and not having it means they do a lot worse.

The Kian are much the same, in regards to ammunition, but the Kian also ruthlessly prioritise their logistical system to ship rockets and gunpowder before even food and blankets.


I starting to realize that I will still having to deal with the damn army I WANT BALL AND MASQUERADES it is peace time :sob: I DON’T WANNA FIGHT ANYMORE AND UGLY UNIFORMS…


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I have to say, I check this thread only once a day and I’m always amazed how many replies there are. Love that @Cataphrak is answering our questions!



For roleplaying purposes, how long do you stay at the Masquerade Ball before leaving with one of the Cazarostas?



Fuck in the stairwells, if nobody wanted you to do that, they’d have lit the things better. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t help but think that “Are you going to tell a Cazarosta that they’re in trouble?” is going to be a bit of a thing.

Not necessarily that specifically family, as that they’re a convenient example of “Go on, say that your social superiors are behaving inappropriately. Surely they will be the ones who get in trouble.”


@Cataphrak The MC is going to have to worry about assassins if they went on the secret mission, aren’t they?


I asked this and Khorobirit doesn’t want to anger the Elves right now.

He has more pressing concerns, he’ll get down to it when the time is right.


Why would killing a minor Baron upset the Elves?


This might be a stretch but even though we are a minor Baron we are still considered a politician. A person with the right to vote, thus an assassination can be considered a destabilizing act. IF the assassin is caught and gives up Khorobirit.