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So if land is only so productive for the nobility (being an inherently un-scaleable asset), can our enterprising MC attempt to diversify into finance and industry? (where profits can grow exponentially)


We don’t know that for sure, the details of the Treaty of Octobirit was not revealed. But in this treaty, King Miguel was forced to abandon or moderate his terms especially when Takara is acting as the mediator of the peace negotiation.


It’s been implied the answer is no. There might have been some promises made, but enforcing that would take either a power that can but doesn’t care or something of a miracle.


That isn’t necessarily the case. You can’t squeeze more money out of an individual tenant, but you can find ways to attract more tenants, which can, in fact, include methods which might be considered “diversifying”.


True. Although, I’m picturing the scenario of disillusioned tenants leaving the rural estates to find better prospects in cities and their factories. It’s happened in the real world, to the ruin of some landowners. I wonder how the MC will respond to the challenge of balancing traditional land holdings, potential societal unrest, and new enterprise. :thinking:

And thank you! The Infinity series brings back fond memories of the original Sharpe novels and television adaptations. :hugs:


The war reparations are unenforceable short of a new war that isn’t going to happen, at least not any time soon. So Antar will get away with not paying them.


I suppose it makes sense to spend in deficit a bit longer if the country is in a recession, but at some point Tierra is gonna run out of places to borrow money from particularly since they are an export driven economy.


Weathern stands up

“We’re done! We’re insolvable! It’s over!”

Repay debts CB is activated.


My guess on what Weathern’s CK2 stats would be.

Stewardship: 20
Diplomacy: 5
Intrigue: ???
Martial: -1
Learning: 5 (what is this even for?)

Traits: Diligent, Patient, Cynical, Stressed, Depressed.


Given all the crap Tierra is going through I find it really hard to belive it can rise to a great power status, let alone getting itself out of their financial crisis


Well nothing is said to be definitely impossible to happen.


Well you can’t blame all of America for it considering who your current president is. I am not an American and even i feel pity for the current situation America is in. I thought we Indians had a copyright on dumb*** politicians.


So Tierra’s situation at the end of Guns Of Infinity is pretty much FUBAR. It needs a drastic overhaul of it’s government and laws if it wants otherwise.


Things had started to gone FUBAR at the beginning of Guns.


The moment Antar declared war things went SNAFU.


Only 5 years? Do they also have term limits or age limits to become a Senator? Or do we have a bunch of 30-term Senators in Takara? :stuck_out_tongue:


Everybody in the forum, In second battle of kharagia who did you let live and who did you let die? What do you think the effects of their death and/or survival will have in the future installments?



I usually let Hartigan die. I think the negative aspect of this it will be more difficult to raise Hunter to sainthood. The rationale is that you can’t reform the military yourself and work on the estate full time. If you do the betrothed runs off with Carrecourt. So you have to save Welles for your own sanity down the line. Next, you have to save the Highlanders because Lord Marcus is awesome and it will piss off the senior military commander if you let him die. So the choice is Lewes and Reyes versus Hartigan. Basically I think that between the two choices, the experimentals offer a glimpse into the future of warfare as well as people to do your dirty work for you.


what about sacrificing your staff and marion


I usually sacrifice the Experimentals, or Marcus (Most of my characters only get one or two scenes with him, so I rarely feel like he is very close to the MC; unlike Hartigan who has been with us since Sabres), or my own men (but doing that hurts, a lot).

It depends on the circumstances and such.

The Experimentals are probably one of the least expensive yet most effective units in the Tierran army. Losing them will make it really hard for Tierra to get that edge in warfare that we need. Of course, Reyes (mostly) survives so it’s not like the dream of the Experimentals is gone forever. If they die you also lose the living, breathing evidence that Baneless can be semi-competent officers.

Marcus seems fairly open-minded, he could probably be a very useful ally if he hangs out near the Cortes. If not, he’ll at least be useful in keeping the Kentauri in line and loyal to the king.

I hope we’ll see a fair amount of our own men in Lords of Infinity. I want to hang out with the Lieutenants Captains, see our men like Marion and Hernandez/Harlech/Fenton/Lanzerel and do some mischief with them. Maybe employ some of them on our estate, keep an eye on them, make sure they don’t all disappear and become drunkards or worse. If they get slaughtered then this becomes far less likely.