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They’re not quite at “Takaran sneezes and Butea catches cold” levels, but they’re pretty closely integrated. Butea’s main training partner is Takara by a wide margin, and Takaran shippers tend to see Butea as the reliable foreign market for goods.


That’s good for both of them because it reinforces the special connection and mutual trust both of them feel towards one another and ensures that they have markets for their goods. Tierra as you mentioned prior has the potential to be a sort of middle ground between the Kian and Takaran blocs due to its central location. But of course Kian has been a major Tierran trade partner by necessity.

Is there a path to increase trade with these nations or are they too hung up on our “irrational and destabilising policies” to consider wider trade agreements?


The path to increasing trade is to ensuring that Tierra isn’t going to go bankrupt or implode into civil war anytime soon.


Hypothetically if Weathern does actually do something desperate and begin to issue government bonds to gain capital to increase the revenue of the crown how fast would Takara and Kian buy all the ones that are open to them?


I really don’t think Tierra can afford any more deficit spending at this point. Bond issuance should be targeted to reducing foreign exposure or at least non-northern kingdom exposure imho. I suppose it depends if they can still get a decent interest rate…somehow I doubt that…


They would probably see that as Tierra getting really desperate, and start making more overt moves to muscle in. Weathern knows that which is why he’s not doing it.


One of my favourite moments in Guns is when you need to get your men to fire three shots in under a minute and you choose the option, “Do nothing it’ll work itself out eventually.”

It doesn’t.

I can’t wait to see how many war taxes Weathern repeals and how reduced the army’s budget is. Hopefully if we cut it enough Weathern can begin to get a handle on the deficit while ensuring that the grain subsidy remains intact. Because I’m sure some Antari will let us have grain, if, they are even capable of producing pre-war levels after we burned parts of the Central Plains.

It’s all bad.


Remember, these budgets have to pass the Cortes, and the King is less than enthused about the idea of immediately slashing the army’s budget to “fine, they can each have half a boot, two weeks out of four.”


Surely pre-war funding is a reasonable cut line? It’s up to the Councelor militant to square the circle…


Sure, if it weren’t for the several million crowns a year the exchequer has to service the debt with…


Right I mean cutting expenditures doesn’t mean all the taxes have to be immediately repealed as well right?


Another one being the French counter-insurgency in Algeria?
I have always found it fascinating that, empirically, we seem to know how to destroy regionalist insurgencies, but just aren’t able to because it compromises our idea of how Democracies wage wars.
I guess the threat of French-style counter-insurgency tactics could be used.

“I don’t know where they are holding up”

“Now that is a shame. If we don’t get some success in this quadrillage, the Government might replace us with the Foreign Legion…”

“Oh… Well they have a supply depot behind Mr. So-and-so’s house, and the son of the local cell’s chief lieutenant goes to school over on this-street and…”


I think mostly it was that colonial empires had more skin in the game and were willing to take more risks and spend more treasure by ratio than the existing western concept of flag waving crowds awaiting liberation.

Afghanistan in particular is a case study in how to win tactically and grossly mismanage operationally and strategically. We still just have no idea what we want to achieve much less an idea of how to achieve it. Add to that administrations that waffle from one position to another or outright ignore the problem and just hope it goes away…you get what Mao termed Strategic Stalemate. Pretty much where the insurgent wants to be to wear you out. What ISIS and the Taliban don’t realize I think is at this point we have achieved equilibrium as well. We can keep this shit up indefinitely…


What is “How can I piss off the Royalists and the Wulframites in one sentence?” Alex.


Not to specifically draw the conversation back to Takaran Counter-Insurgency efforts (Economy is way more interesting), but wouldn’t there be an discrepancy in when such a stalemate is achieved since the Takarans live so long?

So what might be considered a long-term application of garrison forces by them, might be a lifetime of war to the Tierrans.


IDK man I get that political will isn’t there for the hard stuff but like dieting it’s a revenue in revenue out calculation. Any of those grumblers willing to put up if they won’t shut up and buy some low interest treasuries???

@Studwick I think it should definitely be a factor. Their mental construct of acceptable time horizons for ROI are going to be longer (~4x longer) than a human’s.


The Takaran election cycle is five years for Senators. That’s going to play a role.

Given how much of the “revenue in” comes out of people who are growing increasingly thin, miserable, and angry though…


How is the nobility writ large doing? Are the baneblood’s broke too? I feel like this is a moment for Cicero to appeal to the better angels of the Cortes and ask them to open their checkbooks.


Nobles don’t pay royal taxes, but their tenants do. That means a lot of them* are fighting a losing battle trying to keep their incomes from dwindling to nothing.

*Yes, this means you!


Okay I’ve searched through all the threads and played guns over again looking for the answer so I’m sorry if this has already been asked.

But in the peace negotiations, is Antara gonna pay war reparations and how much will it be?