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Because maybe we are getting sick of answering the same 12 questions.


Also, they take up so much space within a thread. And then we’ll have to start another thread, AGAIN.


The Search Function quite frankly sucks.

So what if it’s annoying? Who cares what someone asks, if it’s annoying than ignore them. It doesn’t harm you in any way and only causes mild irritation.

  • If mild irritation is eligible to fit within the definition of “harm” than practically every post made is “harmful”

  • The fact that this is the 3rd thread is more of a fault of the COG website than curious newbies asking recycled information.

  • It is also a chore to spend far more time searching through countless posts in order to get the answer to a question, but that is what I did before I made an account and I realize in hindsight I would have saved far more time if I simply asked someone.

  • Plus if we are going to ask newbies to stop asking questions because it clogs the thread than by that reasoning the conversations/debates regarding history would have to stop since they clog a thread that is supposed to be about the Dragoon saga, which would be a shame since I enjoy reading those conversations/debates.

  • Any Request, made by Cataphrak or any other user regarding recycled information is ultimately redundant, I have lurked on the threads for a long time before making an account and I have seen those requests asked fruitlessly many times over, It will not stop it, since new infinity fans are not exposed to the fan-base and probably have not searched through the threads that thoroughly and thus do not see the requests since they have long been buried.


Why is everyone here so averse to starting another thread?

Questions to which the answer is obviously “this is not a power fantasy” are rather different to questions about the lore.

I have tried that, multiple times, but all the results are about completely different things.


Listen, you have to understand we are human; as @Jjcb and @Bryce_Kaldwin said, the regulars get annoyed when answering the same questions. We also aren’t walking encyclopaedias and the only person who knows the answer has himself said to use the search engine. Mind you, every time a newbie comes, we are more then willing to help, but after a while, I think it’s reasonable to expect you to search the answers. It can easily get you the answers, as @Elfwine has demonstrated multiple times whilst the rest (myself included) don’t bother. It should be noted that you can easily deduce answers or theories at least to some of your questions simply by replaying the game or reading the soldiers guide in Cataphark’s website. At the end of the day, you can ask your questions, just remember to accept we may not necessarily answer them and if you are not ok with it, too bad. We are not miracle workers and we ourselves are waiting for the next game patiently.

Which is all the more reason to avoid filling the thread frankly unnecessarily. Also why I’m using this same post to say this as oppose to say, using a new post.


There is a wiki, here, which is (theoretically) fan-maintained, and offers answers to a lot of common questions which newcomers have.

It’d be a lot easier for all involved if more effort were spent maintaining it, and directing any newcomers in its direction.

Because the next thread is going to be the first actual Lords of Infinity WIP thread, and if this one hits capacity before I’m ready to go, then you’re not going to have a thread at all for a few days.


May I suggest that when you use the search function your change the filter from “by relevance” to “most recent”? The relevance filter only shows one response per thread.


I have long passed the need to ask questions as I already practically knew all the lore before I made an account, but I also never expected the regulars HAD to answer any newcomers questions, I was merely speaking on behalf of them and arguing for their right to ask those questions, the regulars also have the right not to answer any questions.

While I appreciate the fact their is a Wiki, it is not user friendly and does not have a lot of the information newcomers are looking for. The Wiki could be the solution to our problem if the flaws are fixed and more people contributed to improve it, Murdock cannot do it alone.

In all Likelihood someone will probably borrow a page from @MrWicho01 and make a temporary replacement thread.


If that will stop these arguments I’ll do it.



And as I said, we are more than willing to help newbies with clarification of things. Beyond that, there are reasons why the regulars aren’t active. But I digress. If the wiki is the way to go, everyone here will help contribute to fix it and we’ll see how it goes.

Edit: @KuriosIasoun, @Studwick has given you your answer to your previous post.


@Murdockchan can you give me editing privileges on the Wikia page please? I can’t seem to edit it. My username is Ukay the Actually Decent Guy


I’m not the one controlling it, so…I have no idea on how to do it.


So how do you edit?


All I did was creating my own account and just started tapping words…


I’ve checked the search function and found nothing, if we join the Forlorn Hope does Marion come with us?


I highly doubt it. The men who you take with you on the Forlorn Hope are all volunteers chosen by you. I doubt you would choose your batman, essentially your butler, to go with you on what is in essence a suicide mission. You would want experienced soldiers who remain calm under fire. I don’t see Marion fitting that mold.


Marion is as much an experienced soldier as most of your squadron. He’s not mentioned as volunteering, though.


But Javier had joined the assault of all the known experienced soldiers…


Campos is the best shot in your squadron and likely the regiment(excluding Cazarosta) and a good NCO besides. The MC would almost certainly want him in the Forlorn Hope.