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It just makes so much sense for a 14 or 18 year old MC to do this.

Not so much for the 25 and 30.


To be fair I do agree that the value of being named the wars ultimate victor probably isn’t worth the financial crisis the kingdom is now in. Once kharangia was taken it might have been enough to persue peace talks that may have been unfavourable but not as unfavourable as the current situation


It’s unlikely that would have worked. If Tierra offered significantly lighter terms Khorobirit and his allies would have rejected them so long as they still maintained an army capable of defeating the Royal Army. On the other hand, if Tierra offered terms similar to Antar’s original war aims it would have rendered the last half-decade of fighting pointless and added such a massive economic burden that the kingdom’s economy may well have finally collapsed completely.

Unfortunately, I don’t think much of middle ground ever existed in this war, despite what the peace faction would have claimed. Victory was simply too important to too many people for a negotiated settlement to have a real chance of success.


My thought process was that as the antari declared war with the original intention of making us into some sort of tributary state then negotiating peace would be along the lines of appealing to the southern antari lords who are at risk of having their lands occupied, grain producing/exporting lords who are losing out on accessing the northern kingdoms as a market and khorobirits political enemy’s who are opposed to the personal power he is accumulating through the war.
Obviously I cannot know but I feel as though there are also many lords of congress who would have supported declaring war on Tierra simply for the financial incentive of looting us, now that that is not possible as we are in their country and they don’t have the ability to launch an invasion of their own, maybe these now disinterested lords could be convinced of peace by a symbolic acceptance of ‘defeat’ and some reparations, especially if peace talks are being mediated by the Takarans who want the outcome to be as indecisive as possible!
I know that is a lot of maybes but the king was so glory-blind i doubt he even gave thought to it


It’s possible that all those could indeed be convinced that a lighter peace would be for the best, but even then it wouldn’t be enough. So long as Khorobirit and the other pro-war lords of the north and central plains believed that total victory could be won, their opposition would be more than enough to scuttle any peace deal in it’s infancy.

There might have been a few who joined in with that motive, but any lord with even the barest knowledge of Tierra’s military capabilities would know that there was never a chance of Antar fighting their way through the Royal Navy to land an invasion force. The majority of lords figured that Miguel would simply cave and accept their demands, and were shocked that a war even needed to be fought in the first place.

Miguel has a penchant for the daring and reckless, but he’s not a fool. If he saw a chance to get Tierra out of the war with minimal costs there’s a very good chance he would have taken it.


Considering our main source of Alfred is Bishop Asser, and Asser was chartered by Alfred himself to write his story. I would put as much stock into the popular perception of Alfred as i would into the perception of Caesar in the Commentaries on the Gallic Wars or that of Alexander in the Anabasis. I would count on the story of King Miguel to be far more human than any recollection of Alfred.

Not then to mention the fact that Vikings as a tv-show is about as historical in it’s presentation of early middle age Norse history and culture, as the Patriot is of the American Revolution or Braveheart of William Wallace


That’s always good PR. If you go and invest money in having people constantly say nice things about you everywhere you go. People will start to buy it.


One thing for sure, Alfred study in Rome for city management before he became King, the governing and defending of the old kingdom did show his ability :slight_smile:

Talking about old history , it was rare that a German , Geoffrey who was the one who develop a detail record of a British legend Arthur and his Camelot :slight_smile:

Would like to interact more with Miguel in the next book , i feel the king had been greatly underrated by us :wink:

@Bryce_Kaldwin… that didn’t work for the current Reigning American President :-):stuck_out_tongue:


Trump’s reputation is built around scandal, making himself impervious to it. I highly doubt he invests money in that kind of PR.


It’s certainly easier than the alternative, which is to found a political or institutional order so reliant on your personal example that those who rely on it have no choice but to deify you as some kind of god.

He doesn’t have a monopoly on the narrative, which is the important thing. If 1200 years from now, the only source considered “reliable” by future historians in relation to this period is say, Fox and Friends, then we’d see something similar.


If Miguel had complete control over the papers he would have been able to control the narrative. How the war was unjustly thrust upon him. How the Peace Faction would except once again becoming a tributary state. The Cortes refusing to increase the military budget weakened Wulfram before Blogia and a thousand different ways to manipulate the narrative to his advantage.

Unfortunately, RTI hasn’t figured out they need to have some access to the press in order to lean on them to do some censorship. For the greater good and all.


Don’t you mean broadcast the objective truth?

-This message brought to you by Royalist gang


The Royalist Gang. Begone with the Wulframite ninnies, the budget-fussers and the dastards who think “Regionalist” sounds better than “self-important moral coward.”


How much do NCOs and enlisted make in the Dragoons?


Why didn’t Miguel stick to navl warfare when Antari declare war? He could have bought grains from the other northern kingdoms or privateer the one leaving Antari.


Tierra would have still been in debt, and would have bankrupted, just a bit later.

Antar wouldn’t have surrendered because the coastal Lords had already gotten their shit rocked by Alaric, and most of them simply didn’t care.


Easy for you to say than to be done: Antar at that time had no seafaring ships left by the end of King Alaric’s War. Even the ships that Antar currently in use, by a Tierran’s, a pile of junk that can barely sails. Naval engagement is no use if he is to strike a complete and decisive blow to cripple and humiliate Antar’s pride.

You need to know that many other Northern Kingdoms, from Callindria to Mersdon also heavily relied on the grains that they bought from Antar as well.


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