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At the start of Sabres, observe troops, then make an excuse for being late, pick Aetorian background and choose charisma as your strongest stat. That’s it.

Enjoy charisma 60 and weep when Lords of Infinity pulls out a bunch of charisma 62-67 checks just because everyone and their mother are playing with 60. :wink:


I hate sacrificing the intellect stat.


Here is the proper link;

Also, with this build, you can achieve high intellect, before you start worrying.


The only problem I have with that build is a personal one. I have to play as a 14 year old for various narrative reasons. I love the idea of fourteen year old me going off to war.

“Good evening gentlemen, anyone fancy a round of Yu-Gi-Oh before we get into the particulars of tomorrow’s ambush?”

Side note, anyone have any thoughts on the work of Lawrence Freedman? I bought his history of strategy last year and I’m only just getting back into it.

Edit: just realized I mentioned this book back in August, apologies for repeating myself.


I personally play as a 14 year old as well, but that’s for personal reasons. Namely, the fact that I reported in to West Point and swore my first oath to the US as a 17 year old kid. I would have loved the choice to play as a 16 year old instead of a 14 year old, but I dont play as an 18 year old because I technically wasn’t an adult when I first joined the Army.


I’m assuming you are talking about his Strategy: A History. I enjoyed it. Has anything in particular grabbed your attention?


I’m only about a quarter of the way through it, but I’m contemplating his discussion of guerilla warfare and how it’s generally been treated as a defensive concept.

I’m wondering if a third party state could make it offensive, using the threat of support for an insurgency as part of Schnelling’s framework of coercive bargaining, and how effective that would be? Any thoughts?

That and whether or not one can effectively apply modern strategic concepts to pre-industrial warfare, I mean in terms of general thought processes, not specific tactics of course, with particular regards to a fantasy setting.


I’m not too well-versed on the specifics, but I think that could describe the strategies of either side (depending on your perspective) of the first phase of the Vietnam War, with the South Vietnamese essentially embedding small groups of soldiers with local communities to “take and hold” territory from the Vietcong, while the Vietcong in turn tried to undermine the security situation those soldiers established through raids and general insurgent operations.


So… as the topic says, I’m looking to start fresh… except… I’m that guy, who, like an idiot, tried to make my Save Names, the title and rank of the ingame Character, as in Save 1. “Lord Arturo d’al Ortiga, Captain” and another playthrough saved as “Lord Sir Lt-Col. Arturo d’al Ortiga” and a third “Lord Major Sir Arturo d’al Ortiga”… Now… I have no clue which is which, so… I’d prefer to just wipe the slate clean and start over… Any idea on how to do that?


To my knowledge, there is no way of doing so. Perhaps just name them differently? Sorry mate.


You could try saving them through a different email address? I don’t know what platform you’re using but for iPhones, deleting and reinstalling the app wipes the saved games so you need to reconnect an email again


Do Kian allow women into the “Imperial Banner Army”??? heard they are supposed to be “enlightened”?? what would be the stats for a Kian soldier?? are there marriages between Kian and other countries or is that frowned on?? ALSO i wanna help with the wiki it’s pretty sparse instead of telling newcomers to search the mega-thread we should fix up the wiki. but i guess we would have to search through the thread for info???


So far we only know it was the Takaran Richshyr who allowed women to enlist and sign up for commissions.

That would sounds a bit more likely to be Takaran…


Hmm i see well do we know if women can rule in there own names and whatnot ?
it seems self defeating not to have women banecasters helping out that’s a huge pool of resources.
Unless there are misogynist and patriarchal which besides from Takara i wounld’t be surprised


I think it’s probably a bit less egalitarian than Takara. We know the Kian imperial house practices concubinage so that inherently comes with a major power differential between the sexes. Additionally, Kian considers Takaran culture decadent/immoral and one of their historical beefs seems to be “non-traditional behavior” among the sorcerer lords.


@Cataphrak I bought both Sabres & Guns on steam.

No it was not to save scum.

Okay it just was to save scum.

That and to support you.


@Cataphrak I am dying for 50 shades of Caius … Like I will certainly buy all units


Nope. Lefevre is correct. Honor is for victors and great powers, not for a troubled little country trying to become a great power, and insurgents are not protected by the rules of war.


One can argue that Germany and Japan were rising powers when they decided to shoot millions of people for being partisans. Just because you are a rising or minor power doesn’t give you license to shoot whomever you want whenever you want.

For a more recent example, just look at the intervention in Kuwait after Saddam used the chemicals we gave him to fight Iran with to gas the Kurds.


Would it be pointless to mentor Renard if he were to become your enemy at Januszkovil?