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If you don’t play according to the rules of Vybarvoin Geicij’n, do you even play at all?

The only way to win is to bank on the chance you’ll draw all five pieces of Exodia :smirk:

@Eric_knight Khorobirit: ”Aw yeah, I’m about to win!”

Miguel: ”I’m playing my SM Draw Four Card”

Micky: ”Dude, that’s not even the right way to win.”

Miguel: ”Exactly.”


“And I activated your mother”… Cunaris to Khorobirit


Given that he’s been mentioned in prominent roles a few times, it looks like Viscount Weir will play a role in Lords of Infinity…

As far as I can tell, all we know about him is that he was a Lieutenant-Colonel from the 7th of Foot who was Wulfram’s Chief of Staff at Blogia, that he’s from Wulfram and has vassals under him, and that he may have seen how Prince Khorobirit commands and fights from relatively close.

I wonder how close he was to the old duke, and whether he’s a Wulframite now. I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see him on the Army Reform Commission.


What’s Masters of Infinity?


The fifth and final book within the Dragoon Saga. It’ll be years before it is released, more than likely.


Wow there’s going to be a total of 5 books? You must excuse my ignorance, I only recently learnt that choiceofgames even had a forum.


Don’t worry, you’re not the first one: it took me like, a whole summer to realise that there existed a forum after I purchased the games…


Are there any famous terrian actors or poets ?
Do we have a castle or its a manor i forgot =/
Also i need help remember at the dinner where you can support welles idea for females officers? there is a choice we can’t rely on the old ways forever i think but it’s always darkened out i have 58 saved games i don’t think i got it once ahh can’t remember.

  1. It’s mentioned in the dinner that Welles invite you that there was a scandal involving a Tierran actress

  2. We have a townhouse in the capital and a dilipitated manor (in the region you picked) that we need to renovate if we stay at the estate

  3. The others will give the correct answer most likely (I invite the others to do so), but I believe quite high ruthless and cynicism is required.


Which dinner was that?


Yeah I keep wondering about it too.


You need 60 charisma and 60 Cynicism.


And how do you get 60 Charisma?


Uh, I recommend looking at Verand’s build as a good indicator. It actually shows you the simplest way to getting 60 charisma.


isn’t that the argument option that Welles actually dislikes?


But our pointy eared friend would love it


Can women(not elven ones) banecast, and if so, are there any ninth-calibre female banecasters.

Also, would baneless senior naval officers like Walken and Winslowe be allowed in the Admiralty Club?


Females can banecast, some of the most powerful of them are given over to Orders of the Blue.


How does the childhood/education look like for a bane blood? And will we be able to choose different education-styles for our child? (Ck 2 comes to mind.)


How do I find that build?