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You mean “Deathborn” do you?


You can break his nose ? how do i do that ? does he try to fight back??


Yeah, if you failed to have the right amount of charisma to convince him to hand over the command, you’ll be so frustrated that you’ll punch him in the nose.


I thought he was referring to the loss of wide-scale Banecasting in humans, which lead to marriage restrictions being created to prevent the complete loss of Baneblood in humans.


I usually use the intellect stat to get Carrecourt’s men on my MCs side.


Could we join the Order of Saint Jerome at some point in Lords?

Also, does this long ago statement still stand? Can the MC be a General of Brigade at the end of Lords?


Something that’s just occurred to me, when you come up with a plan to bluff the Antari camp into surrendering with a false banecast, a Cornet said we had no banecasters, but Hawkins, who as shown in the partisan hunt is a banecaster was with us. If we set them up in a way that would work if activated by a banecaster, why don’t we just tell Hawkins to use them if we fail to get them to surrender? Or am I missing something?


They aren’t real baneseals.


Even if the seals were real, both Hawkins and Elson (who was also a banecaster) are of too low a calibre to pull off the kind of cast we had in mind.


whips out a Duke of Cunaris


”You’ve activated my trap card: Banecaster Colonel!”



“Did you just summon a bunch of cavalry in one turn?”
“Yeah, so?”
“That’s against the rules, isn’t it?”
“Screw the rules, I have naval superiority!”

I’m not sure what it says that “the problem with Miguel is that he’s not enough like Kaiba.” is where this thought took me, not just as a joke but as a genuine comparison of the two.

But it’s better to post this with the joke.


Well, you see, Seto Kaiba has liquid assets.


So what kind of deck is Khorobirit running with

I mean, hypothetically if this were a world where literally every problem is resolved through card games


At the very least, I’d imagine he has the Forest field card to boost his Hussar’s attack by… 5000?

I dunno if those are still a thing with Yu-Gi-Oh but I definitely remember playing a video game a long time ago where field cards were a big factor.


Khorobirit: “I shoot my own infantry with cannons to prevent them from routing and destroy your regiments by charging heavy cavalry through dense forest!”

Wulfram: “This battle is a load of bollocks.”


Khorobirit is running on pure “Heart of the Cards” bullshit, if you ask me.


It’s kind of a common thing in the Infinite Sea. A mentality that the Takarans, of course, fully encourage.


Too bad he didn’t draw the right card to win in SK. But this isn’t a power fantasy.


And Terrain Kingdom / RTI won by applying " Wild Cards " , especially the involvement of MC was the " Joker " Trump card to win it all :wink: