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Why are people obsessed with the romantic side of LoI?

All of the ROs will have downsides and none of them are perfect or horrific.

People spouting vitriol about particular characters or fawning over others is rather tiresome. Almost everybody on this forum has heard it before so I advise you to shut up about it, unless you have some radical undiscussed idea that you believe has been overlooked.


You could very much list that as a design feature on life, yet we still seem to get obsessed with ROs in that particular game.

But in all serious, our choice of RO will likely have a significant material bearing on the storyline of LoI, and in the case of Katarina and Welles, we already have significant investment in the characters.

My MC, in particular, will be fighting tooth, nail, and, where necessary, blade to stand beside Katarina as her husband.


I do understand the frustration but this little community of ours is talked so many details to death. Me personally I’m immensely interested and the political and economic side of what’s going to happen in Lords. But we’re not going to see this until it’s released I’m excited that we’re breaking wear for the military for a while. I wish you more talked about enlisted experiences how our choices particularly when were fighting officer get men killed it looks right for us.

I think one of the things we do both us players and want to get in character if we act fighting officer it does wonders for our reputation but we are throwing our man in many ways under a bus for our own personal Glory. Because I wonder if we do you think about the utility of our actions.

You know and also going into romance options we only talk about the heterosexual ones we do not talk about the gay ones which apparently we met already. Obviously guys those are going to have benefits as well just as much as the women. I’m saying this is straight dude I would love it if we actually talked about the men we could fall for. But within a closeted society that we existed but also yeah what do they bring to the table what do we bring to the table


Same with you buddy… although my MC would prefer to negotiate a parley rather than bloodshed , i don’t think i will even entertain the request of a duel for Lady Katarina’s hand , why should i fight if Katarina already has her heart on me ? :-):sweat_smile:


No, they were actually pretty close friends. Caedwin d’al Cazarosta was Alaric’s pointman in Callindria specifically because Alaric considered him the best diplomat the Unified Kingdom had.


Because you need both Calvin, and the King’s permission to marry her. If she deems you the best person to marry, Calvin will likely agree, but if the other candidate who wants to fuel you is of higher station, then the King may not. But if you duel him, than that other candidate will be dead.


So he is the one who had double the number of Marines and defence of the embassy building during the Callindrian Incident?


Was that how he sent him off? Considering it was a Cazarosta who got the King of Callindria tossed off his throne.


Is Caedwin the “one man who was worthy of Ulrike Eckharts respect”? Because all the pieces seem to fit together.


Cataphrak did say that while you can be in a relationship with an ROI you may not be able to marry them. Besides while our PC may have done some great things we are still small fry, compare to all the other elligible bachelors in Tierra, and I doubt the Cortes will be too keen to have the most eligible bacholorette marry some baron. And finally if we were going to become a powerful noble worthy of marrying Katarina it will take time, at the very least the end of LOI, and Katarina should have been married by now and will be pressured to marry soon, especially seeing how her father is dead.


Well said, you sir, I like you


In duels, is it allowed to choose a champion?


Your “champion” is your second. They fight in your stead if you refuse to show up.


Is Carrecort from a noteworthy family ?
i read that his family has connections in the cortes ?
Was wondering if they will try to get revenge on the MC if you destroy his career.
also i love putting the twit in his place =]


House Carrecourt is one the important families in Warburton, it was said that House Harris (the back then King of Warburton) owned House Carrecourt several flavours. As for that infantile pillock, his uncle is the Marquis de Carrecourt within the Duchy of Warburton who was well connected within the higher ups of obtaining the commission for him. And yes, if you had him removed from the field making him lose his chance of chasing glory or worst, had him cashiered. He’ll talk shit about you in Warburton. But mind you: if you don’t have the right stats and ended up with the wrong choice, you’ll end up breaking his nose.

Edit: someone pls correct me if I’m wrong.


What was Old Calligia?


Old Calligia was a term that describes the Old Calligian Empire and the Octavian Empire back in the old glory days when banecasting was at the height of its glory. But now I think that term mostly refers to the Calligian continent of the North where Antar is located.


“Old Calligia” only refers to the history of the Calligian continent before the fall of human banecasting. Octovia was the empire of Saint Stanislaus of Octobirit, and is referred to as such, or as the “Old Empire”.


What caused the Banedeath?


We haven’t been told. It’ll probably be revealed in Masters of Infinity or a Patreon article.

There’s always a chance that Cataphrak hasn’t actually got a “cause” and intends for it to remain a mystery.