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Fair enough. No respect for the Vietnam vets from the anti-war movement…


Thus this, it looks like:

“You are the fellow who led the assault on Kharangia!” the countess exclaims with a remarkable alacrity for one not actually a soldier. “Oh, but my apologies! I should have recognised you from the gazette sketches!”

Is it safe to assume that “the Baron of (Housename)” is not immediately recognizable to most people?

The PC’s family isn’t highly enough placed or (in)famous…yet.


But it was mentioned before that the MC’s family name was an old one and somewhat important to their lieges before the days of the Unification, if I remember.


The Barons of Ezinbrooke" are - I’m assuming - at least vaguely known in the Cortes, probably not the army (except for the PC) or navy, but they don’t have the kind of reputation “the Cazarostas” say have.

Entirely consistent with having been somewhat improtant pre-unification.

Of course, the average (informed) Tierran might recognize the names of Cortes members, even if they don’t know a lot about them, or I wouldn’t be asking at all.


How about the major ally and donor of Hunter’s family ? :slight_smile:

I suppose MC will be exposed to many well known public …


“A” major ally and donor might be more recognizable, but that’s more the PC as an individual than those who don’t recognize him for his own deeds recognizing his family name.


One of my MC didn’t even join the Forlorn Hope … and is not a Knight of the Red , hahaha …

But it is still fun to romance Katarina as a Nameless Hero :-):grin:


How about an MC who is author of that best selling book about war? I think he’d make some name for himself. Many researchers believe that Marco Polo wrote many things in his books that were not true but still he became very famous. What about an MC that writes an accurate non-biased recollection of the war? Furthermore immediately MC may not be that much renowned but in a few years his book and his role in politics would surely make him a household name.



Why is it that the elves can all banecast?


Because they were the “banelords” from the Southern continent of what we know “Kian’ze”. They were the ones being greatly blessed by the power of banecasting and banesense.


That’s why he became very famous.
Simplified narratives and outlandish exaggerations sell more than the straight non-fiction, especially when that non-fiction is certainly going to be distorted by the author’s own biases.

That’s why Herodotus is the “Father of History” and “The Father of Lies”.

Or so the Kian would have you believe anyway.
And if you’re willing to uncritically buy every nationalist narrative they feed you, then I got some prime grade comforting bedtime stories about George Washington and Richard Coeur-de-Lion to sell you.


Well, that’s the first hand knowledge that I was able to get my hands on to, especially I’ve been a bit busy recently ever since I got into year one for university…

So the origins of Takara essay is like, 20% popular makeup, 30% lies and 50% truth? That seems to me as no one, not even the oldest Takaran or Butean can tell us what exactly had happened in the past…

Much appreciated, but may I ask for prime grade books that are related to International Relations & Politics?


It probably helps that during those times, most of the people in general were traditional/conservative and probably focusing on the own affairs. Give a story, regardless on how accurate it is, and people with probably blow it up in epic proportion and make it something ala mythical or romanticize, barring, I suppose, the amount of foreign invaders.


Even today, I’m pretty sure there are many people whose knowledge of warfare doesn’t extend beyond two armies running across an open field.


I remember you brought this up early their is good amount of Lords and baneless that remembers years of peace economic stability and prosperity. Down this could be the one of the worst things could happen fierce taxes economic instability and both sides of The social class losing their children to war a lot do not see the point or understand. This is not a Raw raw patriotic war. This is a possible seeing eve thing drain by the war. So is it Vietnam level animosity we got here?


This makes me wonder what issue these two were at loggerheads over.

He certainly had big-time connections, but that’s not the same thing as having a powerful family that reflexively pushes back on his behalf because an attack on his reputation is also considered an attack on theirs. Intervening against his appointment cost the Queen nothing.

Well given that nobody actually accused him of rape or attempted rape that’s fairly understandable. As a result it makes sense that he was basically convicted of that age’s equivalent to sexual harrassment.

And I can see why those compartments which opened to the outside instead of the inside became problematic. The compartments weren’t entirely private and those inside had no ability to contact the conductor or other employees for help if a problem between passengers arose. And no well to do family would have liked the idea of one of their daughters being trapped alone with a stranger while the train was moving.


Alaric is the friend who will bust your balls regardless of how much he likes you. I respect that.


The intent behind the italicization of the words “close personal friend” wasn’t entirely clear to me. I wasn’t certain if Cata was speaking tongue in cheek there or if King Alaric was indeed just ribbing a close personal friend.


Once interested this is the most thoroughly research Lincoln biography

I need to know how to act Lords since we have more poltical Capital the. Abe.