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They can, but most go straight into the family business.


A lot of this begins in World War Two with the Rangers, Marauders, Airborne, Commandos, First Special Service Force, some of the various mountain units and of course the Special Air Service. These were all “light” units that had some specialized training and task along with a selective recruitment process that turned them into something special. Then things went into overdrive with the various counter terrorist units in the Seventies.

It also helps that so much of the fighting by “western” forces over the last sixty years has been centered on low-intensity conflicts. Since combat experience is such a significant factor in getting promoted, the light units have drawn a significant amount of the more ambitious career officers. You likely know better than I do, but it wasn’t that long ago that picking infantry as a branch was not something top cadets routinely did out of West Point and now it’s something of the norm. I know the Army also has(had?) a program in place where young officers started off as infantry and would switch branches once they made captain.

Edit: Just a small piece of evidence. Of the five army generals given five stars only two started their careers as infantry officers. Of the last 10 Army Chief of Staffs 6 were infantry (5 with CIBs).


A sidegoal of mine is to make the Tierran Civil Service as incomprehensible as Her Majesty’s Civil Service. Would keep the ministers busy with dealing with their permanent secretaries to actually pose a threat to the Crown’s views.

Works perfectly.

@Eiwynn, I found something interesting. The Minister is trying to get the Civil Service to admit in women. I have a feeling this is going to be exactly what arguments we’ll hear about doing any feminist ideas.


Oof. It’s over 9000. Let’s keep seeing this year be productive for the infiniverse.


I mean, if all goes to plan, then I believe Lords will be fully released by the end of the year. That’s at least what I have heard, but I don’t want to speak for Cata or seem like I’m rushing him. Not my intention, just saying (that I am incredibly excited).


We are all excited but one thing I learned is that development and release will happen when they do

Speculation is really an evil that we should try to limit as much as possible.


MC on partisan hunt asking questions


As long as they know how AWESOME and indispensable for victory the MC was, it’s all good


I’m not sure about “indispensable”. The fact that RTA succeeds in 2K and the SM no matter where the MC chooses to go kinda points to the contrary.

But I definitely agree with “AWESOME” :+1:t4:


Tierran public: "Battle winning lancers, gallant infantry, something something navy, and oh the Dragoons.

They were there too."

Considering that the cuirassiers and line cavalry aren’t mentioned at all in the above, I’d say the PC is getting the credit he deserves.


Well that’s not fair…

I wouldn’t be so sure about that, considering the fact is that as cata had confirmed that the Tierran public as well as the Aetorian Gazette had placed their focus mainly on the cavalry brigade, especially the White Coats and Palliser himself. Even the MC and the Dragoons got some credit, they would most likely be forgotten for most of the time.


Most of the participants are going to have a sketchy idea at best of what happened outside their own regiments. The public having less isn’t really about fair one way or another.

He is not the star of the battle, he is not a senior officer, and the Dragoons aren’t quite so highly regarded that the public will follow whatever they do no matter how trivial.

Sure, people who particularly care about the specifics of the battle will know more,but “most of the public” will not know much more about a given brevet lieutenant colonel than most Americans know about Hubert Dilger.

This is normal and reasonable for someone with a modest but respectable role in a major battle. It would be nice if the public could be expected to know who Dilger was but it’s not truly unfair that he’s not more famous to the vast majority of Americans.


Funny… when i successfully led the ship battle in Guns of Infinity, the ship captain actually admire my leadership and talents… he even think i should join the Navy instead of Dragoons :slight_smile:

So , potentially a high intellect MC could even spread his influence to the Navy , gaining respect from both Navy and the Cavalry and Lewes experimental corps… perhaps we could be someone who will be influential in the future :slight_smile:


The ship captain suggested the MC join the Royal Marines.


Establishing contact in both sea and land could be useful.:-):stuck_out_tongue:


Not quite actually, being part of the Marines, you’ll be stuck in on a ship for most of not all the time. Unless of course, you’re called into action like what the 1st and 2nd Marines did during 2K.


If the MC has a very high reputation than he’s potentially the 5th or 6th most renowned surviving officer in the army. Pallisier is the man of the hour while Havenport, Castermaine and likely Lefebvre too get a lot of credit, but a high reputation MC will also get his share of praise and fame.


In the right circles, sure. But do you think the person on the street even remembers the second most-renowned officer of the invasion of Afghanistan, or Operation Desert Storm?


I was thinking more in terms of the Forlorn Hope and possibly their actions at Blogia (since the bigger heroes died) then K2. I do believe you did say previously that the MC’s name would be known even if people would be hazy about what exactly they did.


The Forlorn Hope would be the big one, and if anyone remembers you as “the guy who did the thing”, it’d be that, but even so, outside of military circles, your chances of being recognised aren’t all that high, and a lot of people (the people who would rather forget the war altogether) would be actively trying to avoid recognising you.