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Speaking as a Sandhurst alumnus(not British military though), Lewes’ shit would never fly in the military I was in. Also that is very much not the case with Lewes and the MC, it’s a junior CO in command of twenty men running into a CO of two hundred, asking them for help, and being an abrasive dick to them all the while.


I’m thinking he’s going based off this. Where a veteran NCO can (under certain circumstances) scream at a Lieutenant.


This is a particularly unique situation in the Marines. Unsafe weapons handling on the fire line will be an ass chewing from PFC to a General, and anyone on the range is entitled to issue it regardless of rank. In fact range coaches are usually junior Marines so it’s pretty common to bark up at the range.

If you are doing something explicitly prohibited and carefully explained to you to never do anyone can chew you out. I’d say that culturally extends everywhere. Same for like breaking liberty policy for example. That’s not the same as telling Lt to sit in the corner and try not to break anything. It’s really not the same thing as what Lewes is doing in this scene.


Weird situation you are a career officer That is vet he has no idea who you are. Keys for modern is equivalency of mustang special forces Officer. It’s starting to make sense why Army uniforms where all these signifiers.the Marine Corp because of identity. It’s definitely useful you can literally tell by looking at somebody in there ACU least what is their training/schools have they see what units they had combat deployment with etc. Lewes is 18 century SNCO mindset he had no idea who you are. You could be a season veteran you could be really useless but I need your help. Honestly I think he’s just terrible at doing courtesy with people he does not respect.


He not just any junior CO he the Commander of the experimental. He exist in a very different world.


That’s pretty much a particularly unique situation anywhere. I could be God-Emperor of the cosmos and if I point a firearm away from my target at a range, the range officer has every right to scream at me.

Pointing a (decommissioned) firearm at anyone is an automatic way to fail the mandatory safety exam up here.



Would a decent description of the Experimental chain of command be that Reyes is roughly equivalent to a squadron commander and the lieutenants are commanding units even more roughly but sort of equivalent to troops?

When they were operating as a whole unit, that is.


Not really. The Experimentals are pretty much a reinforced double company. In most cases, Reyes is leading one company and Lewes is leading the other.


@Cataphrak On an unrelated note, will we be seeing many of these Antari immigrants around our estate?

I didn’t realise Lewes had that much power within the regiment. I’m not sure what Reyes was thinking when he gave command of half his men to a man who’s actually not that good of a tactician, nor can he be a “public face” of the regiment.


Right! My point is that clip is not indicative of the typical SNCO Lt relationship even when said SNCO is being grumpy. It’s indicative of a dumbass getting is just desserts.


The others were worse.

The Experimental Corps was supposed to have a captain and two actual lieutenants, but given that (as Lewes points out), for an officer with an actual commission, the Experimentals are career death, you can imagine the quality of officers Reyes was saddled with.


We also need to take into account how Tierran officer promotion works. In the RTA, you can literally buy your way to high command, as long as you don’t die while you are gaining the time in grade needed to purchase your promotion. Lewes is absolutely way out of line in his outright hostility towards the MC. However, he propably has decent cause to believe that the MC is a highborn git like Carrecourt who will try to take command and get his men killed. If the US Army gave admission to USMA solely based off how much you could pay your congressperson for a nomination (in real life, there are nominations, but it is entirely merit based), and allowed you to pay for promotions after a short period of time, then there would be a lot more Leweses among the NCO corps.


It’s very, very easy in 2018 to believe that the idea that aristocrats have either a natural right to lead or a natural ability to lead is rubbish, but it’s not exactly a normal attitude in setting.

To quote Harlech:

“With all due respect, sir,” Harlech growls in reply, “he’s a Saints-be-damned sergeant wearing a proper baneblood’s clothes. He’s no more suited to command this squadron about than I am.” Harlech shakes his head. “I don’t bloody like it.”

Picking Harlech since it’s not as if he’s unwilling to criticize banebloods doing what he thinks is boneheaded if it’s bad enough.


And that makes sense. If a soldier has been raised since birth to respect banebloods and believe that they have a natural aptitude for leadership, then of course the vast majority will believe that. However, Lewes clearly has some reservations about that idea (and probably has seen direct proof that no, not all banebloods are suited to lead.) And I can’t say that I’d fault him, not even in setting. It is highly implied that Cazarosta has killed some baneblooded officers in his unit who opposed him, and the MC in the story accepts that.

BTW, it’s 2019 :slight_smile:

@Cataphrak, it’s funny how in the setting, being an officer of a scouting/ skirmishing force would be considered a career killer, but in today’s army, it would be considered an immense honour. For example, the 75th Ranger Regiment and the Special Forces fill much of the niche of the Experimentals in the US Army, and their officers are almost worshipped by the rest of the army. I wonder where in real life the idea of light infantry went from being disgraceful to being very highly respected.


It varies based on the military tradition, but it has a lot to do with when skirmishing stopped being the work of militias and started being the work of professional specialists. The Experimental Corps are still sort of seen as a mob of criminals in uniform, and that doesn’t exactly help their image. Contrast them with the British “light bobs” of the Napoleonic Wars (or the 95th Rifles), who were seen as more professional than the line companies/regiments, not less.

The American tradition is a bit different, since a tradition of a small standing army up until the 1950s has meant that the US Army has almost always been a “militia” army to some extent, but even then there’s a distinction in prestige between skirmishers who do what “normal” troops shouldn’t do, and those who do what “normal” troops can’t do.


How much does the average Tierran citizen know about tactics and strategy? Especially regarding Second Kharagnia? Do they know the role the experimentals played in saving the Army, or how Welles successfully lead soldiers, or that the Duke of Havenport didn’t actually fight? Or do they think it happened just like a fairy tale where the lancers charged across the river head on and won the battle?


This, pretty much.

I’ve had Harvard-educated professionals demonstrate that they don’t understand the difference between precision and area bombing before, and this is in a world where relatively reliable information on this sort of thing is easy to get.

All the average Tierran knows about battles is that they’re loud, and people die in them.


Nine thousand posts, we did it!


So Second Kharangia’s focus on the Aetorian Gazette pretty much place all of their focuses on the Lancers and Palliser about how they kicked Khorobirit’s arse and saved the whole war effort? Well, what about the rest of the army? What about the RTN who blasted away thousands if not hundreds of Antari to ashes as well as the other foot soldiers who steadied the line for like, a few hours?


Otherword the respect professional and middle class men do not want their sons go into.can the more well off Tierra baneless send their sons to University?