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To be fair I’m not saying something like this “would never happen irl!” It honestly definitely has, but there were consequences even if it was just a butt chewing.



The impression I get of the bump up and command issue is that Lewes is not entirely sure of the tone between “respectfully professional, but not actually sounding like he’s submitting” and “please take advantage of me, I’m the beta canine”.

His stilted apology has a very clear ring of “I have never actually had to practice speaking like this.”, whereas that tone is pretty close to what “casual* conversation” means for banebloods by - well, it’s not actually a coincidence.

I don’t think it’s unfair to expect him to learn that tone, but it’s unsurprising it’s not familiar.

Just thinking about that I’m pretty sure he’s not sounding stilted on purpose.


Perhaps Welles revolutionary cause may serve as a reason to “reform” the government , but i don’t think Welles would want to replace Miguel entirely … and from the commoners , i don’t think there are insurgent towards replacing the current form of government or replacing the Aristocracy of Baneblood entirely :slight_smile:

Hence, it would be hard for us to gain support from a certain faction that will enable us to seize the throne, assuming that’s what you intend to do like Napolean did and declare himself Emperor Napolean … :-):sweat_smile:

chosing the same path … and Lewes bought a drink after that ( i think it was more than one drink ) after i used him and his men as Bait , Lewes was fair , he acknowledge my men are far superior fighting force than he initially thought of us, and at such we gain his respect :wink:


Another danger is also that he does have to always strive for a veneer of competence. The way that this unit feels is, one, that would most likely “accidentally” shoot an officer they feel will get them killed needlessly. It says a lot about Reyes and Lewes and the respect they garned amongst their men that they were able to keep their men on objective if you agree to Reyes’ sacrifice.



Yeah. The Experimental Corps might be a band of ruffians (to put it as an elitist would), but they are devoted to their leaders.

I’m not entirely sure how much I’d expect them to “accidentally” shoot their officers, but I’d definitely expect it as far more likely than average.

@Eric_Knight One way to approach it, I suppose. Reputation aside, drinking with him sounds like a route to a headache. Not sure it’s worth that.


I have to agree with @Rogar here.

I’m not giving Lewes the benefit of the doubt when it comes to “it was a stressful situation” or anything, but I will say that the comparisons I’ve heard about real life, modern day enlisted vs officer relationships don’t stack up with Tierran - fictional, 18th century - enlisted vs officer relationships. They simply don’t because of the societies, obviously, being in different points in time but also because of the baneblooded vs baneless mental conditioning being present in one and not the other.

Lewes is totally out of his element, not just for his jarring change in leadership or the juxtaposition between officer and enlisted lifestyle, but because he has been put in this very strange position where he has all the authority of an (low ranking, granted) officer but is still a baneless. Not only has he experienced ridicule, prejudice, and doubt for just being a baneless, he has now faced all those three things even more intensely because he is an upjumped baneless leading (something he’s not suppose to do, something not natural to him, all the while painting a target on his back) a rough (to put it lightly) regiment.

As has been stated, he did not grow up having learned how to properly handle himself as an officer and gentleman (one and the same) such as Cazarosta, he does not know how subservient he is suppose to be, and he more than likely holds a great deal of resentment towards the aristocracy for having to rely on him, yet being so ungrateful and, honestly, grudging about it. (He probably sees it as them saying “Please, we need your help to do what we can’t and to fill our numbers.” And then going “That upjumped baneless! Who does he think he is?”)

Factoring all that in, I can accept his missteps. However, going forward, as he learns how to better handle his position, it would be harder to be forgiving. We shall see.


you meant headache in future ? so far, apart from minus some reputation , i had thought am gaining a friend , who might be helpful in future :wink: Well… Lewes could be a useful house guard or some black ops candidate ??


I mean that it sounds like you’ll get a bad hangover.

Some people might want him as a friend, and that part well - I don’t, but I have odd taste in friends.


Logically speaking , Lewes could be a great underground network connection … in the sense that he mix with those from the lower class , residents who might venture or live in underground sewage … so Lewes is a great asset to gain information / gossips from these type of people, i am surprise Royal Intelligence didn’t already employ such type of “field operatives” , i suppose they already have such “officers” in place who we are not realise… in such case, Lewes actually will help us gain valuable insight of what is happening out there in “filthy” places …

One example is, underground places is a great place to gain gossip about potential kidnap , assassination or spy activity , and a friend like Lewes will help us prevent such unlawful activities falling to us and our friends/families :slight_smile:

@Rogar that’s cool… Lewes could also be our children’s godfather :-):wink: men like lewes will be fiercely loyal to their ward should we treat them well :slight_smile:

Instead of Experimental Corps , i think he could infiltrate the underground society easily, since he talk and act like a rowdy … with some instruction and training, he will mix with them fine :slight_smile: we could just stage a show where we wrongfully dismiss him , and let Lewes has a reason to hold grudge on us … Lol :-):joy:


And is one of the few confirmed romanctic options😊


I’m not sure Lewes would know more about that than most people, to be honest. Lewes might be working class, but that doesn’t mean he knows that part of society.


I mostly go with the friendly (but not too friendly) approach with Lewes, leaving him impressed with our skill and chivalry. It feels like the path of least resistance. Picking a fight with him is… Fairly unnecessary, and drinking with a Baneless pleb is just so outside of proper conduct that no Tierran Baneblood (who we have met) would do it.

I imagine most other people do the same? I should try angering Lewes more often though. Of course, then I have to keep him alive at Blogia to enjoy his presence in Lords.


Yeah, My opinion in play of Lewes can be basically summed up as “Men like him might make good NCOs, and good NCOs are part of treating professionals as useful (if not gentlemen).”

#“We did our duty, that was all.”
*set idealism %+10
Lewes shakes his head. “No. Nothing in your orders said you needed to stop to help us.”

“A man of honour does not require orders to do the right thing,” you reply, your words ringing loud in their conviction.

Rebuking him is tempting, but this is a truer answer for how my PC feels.


In this instance Lewes was in the wrong as a matter of protocol, but I don’t see how that should stop us with sympathizing with his situation. Lewes is a product of his environment and through it all has been successful. Something to remember is that while Lewes might have a foul mouth, he also hasn’t burned any villages lately. The latter bothers me more than the former. Plus, as noted above, it’s not as if he was ungrateful for your assistance. If I remember correctly, if you chastise him over his language he cleans up his language and tone the next time you talk with one another.


Well, his men might not burn the villages down, but they do occasionally sneak in and stealth kill suspected partisans in their sleep.


I fixed that for you.


I’m usually polite to Lewes.


My approach with Lewes is to lead by example: scrap his plan, save his butt, and take the high ground by saying we did our duty.

Oh, and open the conversation by asking who the bloody martyr he is :man_shrugging:t4:


It must be mentioned that while Lewes is technically a Lieutenant, he pretty much is a SNCO dressed up like an officer. It isn’t suprising that he acts like the NCO he is, especially since he was in the line infantry. Speaking as a West Point alumnus, I saw many newly minted Lieutenants recieving plenty of shit from E-6s and above.


Spoken like a true ring knocker.

Edit: Just to clarify, this is a little tongue in cheek and only minor offense is intended.