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brother little more sympathy in your heart now. He is a massive fish out of water and a system that that’s actively making him feel Alien. When he even have to interact without gentlemen of the blood. The majority of his career is proven that most of them are stupid and worst could get good men killed.


Oh, I have no doubt that King Miguel is far more conpetent than Louis XVI. But Cata has already told us that he has many detractors as well, and that the economy is in absolute shambles. A bad economy has often been the catalyst to radical upheaval.

By the way, I wasn’t comparing Miguel to Louis. When I talked about “a dysfunctional government” that Napoleon replaced, I was talking about the Directory.



I’m not saying Lewes should be treated like filth, but I do think his behavior merits criticism.


The MC isn’t some boot Lt here. His the CO of another unit and one Lewes is about to ask to save his ass. His behavior is way out of bounds even for the typical and acceptable grouchy grunt SgtMaj…


Correct me if I’m wrong as I’m a civilian, but acceptable grouchy grunt SgtMaj type stuff would be something like - well, if he was speaking in the context of addressing Reyes directly, describing the dragoons as “Brave lads, but their marksmanship was sloppy.” isn’t even “Permission to speak frankly, sir.”

Just a candid answer.


Gripping about POGs being crappy standins for infantry to your boss is probably not as out of the norm. Publicly disrespected a CO you are about to ask for help definitely is…


I need to re-read the scene. Pretty sure he’s the normal kind of snarky until you flat out reject him. If I recall in the scene is just being passive aggressive.

Again I haven’t played in over a year so it fuzzy. And the thing is though to if you do indeed help and I don’t leave him to the wolves. Actually try to be friendly with him he respects and admires you.

Another thing is to is he exists in the world that doesn’t have any type of officer training and they can literally buy them selves up the rank. He has hazy idea at best how to gauge our experience or ability.


He’s been dealing with officers as an enlistedman for 20 years. Poor excuse for being a boor now that he’s got an Lt’s pip…


Is in combat zone. Are MC is not his CO.

Is complicated by today standard for example I can criticize Trump on here Because he is in my chain of command.


And presumably general “the cavalry aren’t as good as we infantry are” is just part of how different branches interact as long as you’re not going too far or saying it at the wrong time.

Edited to add for the sake of general discussion: Assuming Lewes joined at eighteen, he’d have been in the army since 595 - and only “at war” since 602 whatever year he enlisted. He’s not that much of a “I’ve seen more battles than you’ve seen hot dinners.”


Brother he’s also like a Proto operator/SF there’s a whole other dimension there to that.


Even less of an exercise to be unduly familiar in my book. You might get away with being confrontational with your own boss as an old timer, but one you have never met before…i don’t think so. He basically asking to get chewed out. How else can you respond and maintain your authority as the MC?

I worked with ODA and DEA as an Lt in Stan and was never treated with anything but professionalism. I would expect them to be dismissive of criticism from me, but they wouldn’t charge out the gate being abrasive particularly when they are asking for my help (which they were in both cases).


There is nothing wrong with a company sergeant asserting his dominance over a bunch of enlisted. A new officer should always at least listen to his sergeant in the Royal Army. If you are a veteran officer of five+ years and a Lieutenant talks shit to you. I’m sure you wouldn’t be amused right?

Edit: USMC Respect in effect. Conditions are different of course since we don’t have an official aristocratic class in America.


Right but that is uncatagorically not the situation here. This is ODA rolling into a Battalion AO and then disrespecting their CO. That won’t end well for ODA I assure you…


I spent 17 years in the Army and left at the rank of Sergeant First Class, the British (or Tierran) equivalent of Colour Sergeant. I came across many ringknockers fresh out of West Point, but at no point was I ever rude to them or assumed them to be incompetent just cause I met them for the first time and didn’t know their background or experience. If your attitude towards all officers you meet is that they’re the enemy cause they’re an officer and you’re an enlisted man, then you’re going to have one hell of a tough time in the military. Especially if you’re rude to them, with or without cause. Today, you’ll get NJP. In the approximate historic time period that the game takes place in, you’d be flogged. So no sympathy for Lewes from me.


If I had to put my finger on it as a civilian, the point Lewes goes from “rough edged and inexperienced as an officer” to “intentionally rude” is this:

A chorus of affirmatives. “Understood,” Lewes replies grudgingly, his expression still bitter.

It’s precisely the sort of thing that might be fine to Reyes personally as casual to the point of possibly a poor disciplinarian, but it’s not appropriate around an officer saving his butt that Lewes doesn’t know.

And that part, I think, should not be a mystery to an experienced NCO.

On the other hand, this:

#"!{rank} !{firstname} d’al $!{lastname}, Royal Dragoons. At your service, sir."
The other man replies with a coarse, rumbling chuckle. “At my service? Oh, I very much doubt that.”

He offers you an informal salute. “Lieutenant Cedric Lewes, Experimental Corps. If you’re really at our service, then my lads and I need your help.”

is more tolerable. Probably not ideal, but I wouldn’t be annoyed with him for that alone.


Normally you bite your tongue. And honestly I think how he acting as a combination of things. Stressful situation he’s in a new position and is probably letting something slip. Is he couldn’t have made it that high if he didn’t know how to interact with people.


You can absolutely bet that Reyes gave Lewes a “you may have done fucked up” dressing down when the news leaked out, hence the shame-faced apology later on.

Lewes’ attitude problems are a result of bumping an SNCO to officer rank (and therefore not knowing just how subservient he needs to be), being in command of a bunch of people who are extremely likely to see any signs of subservience as a sign of weakness, and a representation of just how hard up the Experimental Corps is for “respectable” officers and men.


Which is also why Reyes made sure to drag Lewes along with him when he ambushed you right and you didn’t leave him?


He is literally in charge of a gang of motley killers of them if I am not mistaken so when can he ever turn that attitude off.