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Takara’s still seen as more like a poisonous friend at worst, rather than an enemy (since they did offer those loans in the first place), but most of the Tierran population, even the Tierran literati, aren’t really well-versed in foreign affairs.


Speaking of which, if I have 0 elf hate, and I lose 1 elf hate, does that mean I have -1 elf hate? Or just 0? And if it’s the former, does that count as 1 elf love or some such?


Foreign Affairs are for Cazarostas.


But not anymore, now that Calvin is about the kick the bucket, and his only son is a Dearborn bastard . I wonder if, if we are close enough friends with Cassius, that we could possibly be sent as a liason to Takara. Not as the ambassador (since that would go to a more powerful lord) but maybe as a deputy ambassador or secretary of the ambassador?


Would the Cortes and King be happy if the Cazarosta estate returned to the Crown?


No and yes, probably.


“After careful thought and consideration, His Majesty has decided to gift the Earldom of Leoniscourt and all associated privileges to a little known baneblood by the name of Riguel Mendower.”


Butterlording Intensifies


Hmm… the first thing Miguel does when Cassius arrives is throw a feast…

Could this simply be the expected way to welcome a foreign dignitary?

No! Miguel is the second coming of King Harlaus. Butter God be praised!

So far all this Miguel d’al Rendower fellow has done is rend things apart. A Mendower on the throne sounds like a step in the right direction, if I say so myself.


My apology first if i sound ignorant :-):stuck_out_tongue:

I notice there was choice on whether we want to wear our Bane armour and equip our Bane sword , so i am just wondering why would anybody who own a set of Bane Armour and weapon won’t want to wear them, especially during a battle or mission :-):thinking: is there any disadvantage of wearing our hard earn Bane Battle suit ?

By the way, i had just purchase Saber of Infinity and decided to role play one MC from the start :-):grin:

I love both my MC created from Guns of Infinity , especially the humble and weaker MC who for me has a great feel for role-playing purpose and much more potential drama , i always like a story of an un-decorated underdog who lack heroic attributes but manage to live through life on a day to day basis , plus the romantic storyline for me and Lady Katarina would be more intriguing in the sense that Katarina hanging on to a less decorated MC :-):blush: surely the struggle ahead will be more memorable …

However, i do want to experience how a MC can reach his full/true potential from the beginning … for better or for worse , that should be a great life journey … especially i want to experience first hand how one can become a Knight of the Red to gain the set of Bane Armour and Sword , and whether i can improve my financial status as compare to start from Gun of Infinity :-):grin:


There are actually a couple of times when wearing the armour can be more damaging to your success than not wearing the armour (and vice versa). Visibility is restricted due to the helmet, for example, and that can have some very real consequences.

It is also a neat little roleplaying option. Maybe your character doesn’t feel comfortable with the whole knightly stuff (after all, you’ve never been trained in how to fight in the armour), maybe you prefer to not be such a clear target to your enemies. Maybe you’re just such a badass at fighting that you don’t need to hide inside a metal box to feel safe and make the Antari feel unsafe. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not to be annoying, but does anyone know the answer to my elf stat question? It doesn’t just apply to the elf stat but also to any stat that is like that.

Also, when Calvin dies, will whoever is the Earl of Leoniscourt pick up his influence in foreign affairs? Could that possibly be us?


The only way to go through the Forlorn Hope without taking any damage is to not wear armour (choose to hang back and let your men trigger the trap, and also have 50 Soldiering.) And if you choose to aid the Experimentals at 2K, having armour actually might make things a bit more difficult.

The armour seems to be better overall (which makes sense because it’s supposed to be a reward), but there are at least a couple of instances where it is better to go without.

No, his position will likely go to either Castermaine or Warburton, according to Cataphrak.

The MC was never really trained or educated with the expectation of getting into international diplomacy. There’s no real chance of getting into the Foreign Office.


The armour is pretty damn awesome if you choose to take out the gun crew yourself (when you don’t have the runegun). The fact that you can slice an Antari gunner in half with one swing, even if your soldiering stat is 10, always makes for a good scene, almost bordering upon the lines of power fantasy in my opinion. Also, if you choose to fall back a bit later during the FH, cutting the Antari cannon in half with one blow is also gratifying. These scenes, plus the fact that you don’t need to delibrately send your men to death while you tag behind, make wearing armour during the FH worth it in my opinion.


It would probably mean you have -1 elf hate, but I’m not an expert.

It would only count as “elf love” if Cataphrak wants it to count as “elf love” (maybe he wants -1 and 0 to be treated the same, for example), and only if Cataphrak coded the elf_hate stat in GoI in such a way that it can actually get to -1. I don’t remember if you can lose elf hate in GoI.


Well, if you choose to disarm the trap by hand while unarmoured, your men take fewer casualties. And while you technically take a greater health loss, this doesn’t matter as much if your health ends up going below a certain number (50 for 14 year old MCs), because at that point it’s just going to be bumped up to a set amount depending on your age (and also if you’re a Salt Coaster.)

So in a way, assuming you have either 50 Soldiering or 85 Health, it might actually be optimal to do the Forlorn Hope without armour, even if you aren’t just looking to get through without any health loss. At the very least, it will save you some unit strength, while providing the same amount of reputation.


But I still like slicing Antari cannons and their crew in half with one swing of my flaming sword.


I like to imagine that in some timelines, the Knight-Enchanters are raging because they spent days enchanting armour that will never be used.


@Cataphrak, I found this map to be telling just how odd the whole Fall of France was.

Gamelin was in the realm of the Heer’s thinking but didn’t fully make good on his instincts.

@unoriginal_username, they get paid regardless.


Yes, but it’s always nice to know there’s some purpose to your work.

If the customer just discards whatever you make for them, what’s the point? You may be getting paid, but for what?