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As you guys probably know that the current months article is up:

Who do you guys figure is backing the reform faction?

I’m leaning towards the involvement of RTI agents or worse, of Kian.


I think it might be Princess Isobel or the RTI or both(hopefully).

The RTI seems to me to be far more capable than one would expect from a Tierran organization and I doubt that someone as blindly arrogant as Eckharts to be an accurate judge of RTI’s capabilities.


It’s Isobel and the Dowager Queen.

Miguel has no clue this is going on.



I think Isobel and the Circle are more than likely backing the reformists, but I don’t think they’re the only ones. Takara might be drastically underestimating RTI, but I’m leaning towards it being some foreign third party instead.


I still think Cassius will be involved somehow.


I don’t know if House Rendower has the financial resources to commit so heavily to the Reform Faction. Remember that RTI is also receiving a lot of crowns from private sources. This, along with the reform faction, seems like someone, or multiple someones, is funneling a large amount of money into Tierran institutions and political factions under the radar.

I don’t think Cassius has the guile or the attention-span to secretly fund and organize the Reform faction. The Earl would be a surprise, but I would guess his fortune is more focused on RTI, plus the Cazarostas have not exactly been fans of centralization if the wars of unification are anything to go by.

I think it may be Kian. Takaran champions their brand of democracy and liberty and some of the articles make it seem like Tierra has rapidly moved up the list to have its people “liberated”. If Kian is able to prop up and strengthen the under-pressure King, they could gain a considerable amount of influence and even a puppet/ally. Strategically, a Kian-aligned Tierra would also serve as a significant hurdle to influencing M’hydossi (I can never remember its name). Weathern may have prevented Kian and Takara from buying up Tierran bonds during the war, but Kian could have simply shifted their efforts to supporting a political faction which supports their interests. It definitely seems like the kind of hands-off influence that they are supposed to favor.

I wouldn’t be surprised that, if the Reformists or other anti-Takaran factions are able to pull off their aims, it’s at least in part because Eckharts drastically underestimated RTI and other human intelligence services. It doesn’t seem like II has had any serious competition in a long time. While this is certainly warranted, I think it’s also made them arrogant and more prone to making oversights of “amateurish” efforts.


The Rendowers have enough money to pay for government functions out of pocket. Aetoria is the financial heartland of Tierra and I’m sure they have their hands in every pocket.


Calling it now: Lord Calvin is behind everything. The Reform Faction, the crossdressing dragoon, The Circle, Caius’s rise up the ranks, Lord Karol’s fall from grace, the war with Antar, the last King’s death, the MC’s meteoric rise, the creation of the Dragoons, the rising and setting of the sun etc. etc. etc.


Err, they don’t though, right? I mean, if they were able to cover all of the government functions out of pocket, I’m assuming you’re including collected taxes, then the Tierran government wouldn’t have a deficit. I would think that since the country they run is still in an economic recession and the Tierran reserves are depleted since around the end of SoI or so, the Redowers don’t have a ton of money to throw around. At least not the kind that could account for some of the figures of money that would be necessary.


Nope, the Cortes walked out on King Alaric so he went, “Fuck you I don’t need you clowns.” He then proceeded to pay for his War for two years.

Problem was that King Miguel’s War of Aggression™ was astronomically more expensive.


My guess is Cazarostras and Kianzi. Or the King Himself + Plausible deniability.

Miguel on Reform Factions Agenda: “Its not my fault that they want to grant me Absolute power.”


Yep, and the main reason it was so astronomically expensive was the rapid expansion and support costs of the RTA. Peacetime measures have already begun to reduce the burden, but the Tierran government is still running a very large deficit IIRC. Something to the point where even if the RTA has its funding cut in half, it still wouldn’t put the budget in the black.

I doubt the Rendowers have been funneling a crazy amount of financial resources into fringe political parties and RTI, instead of grain subsidies and the deficit. If it ever became public knowledge that Miguel was still spending huge amounts of money on pet projects, the outrage from the Cortes and baneless would be insane. It would likely unite the Wulframites and Weathern’s factions, and push a fair amount of undecideds to them as well. It seems to be a plan with a low reward, and very high amounts of risk.


IIRC we also don’t know how much of that funding came out of the Rendower’s financial reserves. It’s possible the expenses far outstripped his revenue stream and Alaric only managed to cover the costs by spending, say, half of his family’s built up savings.


At this point, it’s not so much military spending that’s doing it, but servicing the massive debt (accrued at horrifyingly high interest rates, because most lenders were pretty confident that Tierra would lose) which the war required the crown take on.


Ah, my mistake then. Is there any possibility of renegotiating the interest rates now that Tierra has emerged victorious? Also, the loans that the crown took on, are they made out specifically to King Miguel, House Rendower, or just the His Majesty’s government at large?


$5 says the Reform faction’s secret backer is actually the poor, displaced Antari beggar woman from Noringia; she won the lottery with the money the MC gave her and she’s now using it to make Tierra more like Antar…

…starting with establishing more potato farms.




So will Cassius even get a military attaché? Or we get a



Sigh, yea that’s what I thought the answer would be. Between the Takaran interference at the peace talks for the DYW and Takaran bankers bleeding Tierra dry, how much anti-Takaran sentiment is there in Tierra? Or do most banebloods and baneless not care or just blame the King/Cortes?


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