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The fact we know about the Tree of Life is the “great tree” located within the capital city Leuce of Butea which is sacred to Butea and to the Falkisch.


Pensaba que “espada” en español significa “sword” en ingles, no es asi?


not exactly, but it has been receding lately. i think it was 30 cm per year, or something of the like.

oh, yes, if you were going for sword, it’s correct. i thought you were going for the title of the first game, in which case it would be Sables. i apologize for the confusion.


Me gusta la aliteración de Espada y Eternidad.


That’s not banehardened, that’s baneforged/banecast.

This is true, but banehardened is a specific application of baneruning which hardens armor specifically. Weapons are said to be baneruned because they aren’t just hardened, they’re also given other abilities such as the ability to superheat.


There’s nothing up for this month yet :\ hope everything’s ok with Cataphrak and it’s just a little life-getting-in-the-way delay.


It’ll be up either tonight, or tomorrow morning.


Awesome, thanks for letting us know, glad to see everything’s daijoubu


espada en efecto es sword en ingles, si te refieres al titulo “sabres of infinity”, entonces la traducción literal seria “sables del infinito”


Would it be more effective to make Banecast/Baneforged bullets ? :-):thinking:

We don’t need banecasted gun to fire the bullets … and the bullets will require less metal to make as compare to sword / spear :slight_smile:

And… to the extreme , will a Banecasted Canonball bring down a whole wall with one shot ? :-):thinking:


You are aware making bane weaponry is super expensive and an extensive process?


Baneforging every single bullet would take forever and cost a fortune. I suggest you read Cataphrak’s guide to the Infinite Sea article about baneforging to see how arduous the process is for just one piece of equipment, let alone 100,000


Hahaha thank you and @MIGSey
I was thinking the size of a bullet should be smaller than a blade, thus cheaper by comparison :slight_smile:


It might be cheaper, but it would still be ludicrously complex and expensive. Not even the Takarans, who have a far easier time manipulating the Bane, bother using it to enhance individual bullets or shells. The costs are simply too high to make it worthwhile.


Eric you realise how many hundred bullets each gun will fire. It will far outweight gun

Its still not up by cata. Please let here know if its updated on soldiers guide


Don’t worry. It’ll be up sometime tomorrow. Worst case scenario I’d expect to see it Monday. The blog post and the Patreon content are typically released to the public on the same day or two, so maybe the blog post isn’t quite ready yet or something like that.


Alright so this is @muffy 's idea so you can blame him for its creation :stuck_out_tongue:


The article is up now. No new blog post though since they would have been on the same subject.

Very interesting to hear more about the Reform Faction in the Cortes. It seems like what we thought the Reform Club would be is not at all accurate. Suffice to say though, I think their base of support is actually larger than the half-dozen members they publicly appear to have. They either have the support of elements of RTI or a non-Takaran intelligence service capable enough of successfully performing counter-intelligence against II. Their public members also seem to be the exact type of Lord that the MC would fall under, poor and/or lesser Barons. Their goals are also unstated beyond “extreme centralization”, which is kind of vague. Maybe an Absolute Monarchy? After reading the Tierran Unification Wars series, I’m wondering if there’s a regional divide of the membership of Reform members. It seems like a lot of the Wulframite support comes from former Coalition members, so I wonder if the makeup of the Royalist and Reform factions are slanted Aetorian, Cunarian, and Kentauri.

Lord Weathern’s faction also piques my interest. It sounds like it could either grow rapidly, by exploiting the fractured Wulframites and absorbing Castermaine’s faction, or disappear altogether if Castermaine can bring them into the Wulframite fold.

Finally, IIRC the Cortes has around 600 voting members, though I feel like that figure is off, and the four main political factions account for roughly 150 of them. We’re gonna have to do a lot of wining and dining to get our factions measures passed the cortes…


Typical Patreon supporters, always voting the wrong way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or maybe it’s a nice Christmas present to Cataphrak. :slight_smile:


So, Warburton’s involvement with RTI isn’t mentioned (so I assume nobody knows), and he seems to be acting as though he has no interest in politics… I think he might be spying on the Wulframite faction for RTI. Or building up connections to push his Katarina marriage.

And the Reform Faction might have an outside backer. It can’t be Takara (unless some branch or individual of the Takaran government is secretly sending funding without Eckharts’s knowledge, but this seems highly unlikely) or Antar (for obvious reasons). I also doubt that it is M’hidyos (due to the civil war and all). So that leaves either Kian’Zi, or one of the Northern Kingdoms (and Callindria is a Takaran puppet, so that really only leaves Mersdon, but I’m not really sure why someone from there would be supportive of Tierran reforms.)

It could also be possible that Imperial Intelligence has reached the wrong conclusion, and their backer is within Tierra - could it be the Earl of Leoniscourt? Or maybe Lord Cassius, having gotten bored and decided to meddle with Tierran politics in his spare time.

Another possibility: Miguel is secretly supporting the Reform faction in order to make his own reforms seem reasonable by comparison. Or the Circle is behind it, but I’m not sure where they are getting the money.