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You only need a high relationship with Cazarosta, nothing more. Defending the castle will help as well to boost said relationship.


I think the brackets might be boggling my head but isn’t caz_watch = true a requirement for non-disgrace MCs?

*if ((caz_watch = true) or ((disgrace > 0) and (cazarosta >= 55))) and (cenemy = 0)

@RTABarry For the Cazarosta observation choice you also need Caz relations >= 55.


Ironically my dad always left the bills to my mom. He also never restricted her right to buy clothes or jewellery. I was lucky to grow up in a house where my parents both love one another. Everyone gets into fights but theirs were always short lived and they made up real fast.

My mom voluntarily gave up her career to raise us because since she was an immigrant she never got to see her parents so she didn’t want us to go through that.

“It was the hardest and easiest decision I ever made. I wanted you to have me around so that you don’t have to grow up as fast as my siblings and me.”

I feel that I have a strong set of morals and character because of it though. My mom and dad were tough on me (not cruel or unfair) but they raised me to be conscientious, inquisitive, and motivated me with their work ethic. My dad would wake up at five and come home at five in the evening. But he still always cleaned up what my mother cooked and made sure to spend time with us.

My mom and dad taught me how to be partners in life. Because they learned from their parents.


To both @Muffy and @RTABarry, I had to replay Guns again to confirm it, but a disgraced can go on the hunt as well, again, if you have a strong relationship with Cazarosta. In this case, the premade “The Dirty Scoundrel” could go on the hunt, even if he didn’t observe his squadron.


I’m convinced that part of the reason this balance is difficult for modern couples is that our education of life skills is often heavily influenced by our gender. In the contemporary household men often shy away from certain labor because they simply don’t know how to do it (this, obviously, goes the other way as well) and people simply tend to follow the path of least resistance - she knows how to do this better than I do so I will just keep letting her do it.

One of the more interesting bits from my relationship with my wife is that we’re constantly teaching each other how to do things that the other is weak in. Unsurprisingly, much of that information divide centers around traditional gender roles. Except for cooking. I’m a much better cook than my wife.

These kinds of debate tend to turn toxic because people feel as if they are being attacked whenever you discuss “men” or “women.” There is no real significant impartial third-party to mediate between the groups in question and it is very hard to not take things personally. I would consider myself a “feminist” and my first reaction is still to reflexively defend male conduct or to rationalize the state of the world.


People often underestimate just how “learn-able” it is to be a good partner and that it often isn’t something that just comes naturally.


That would be Sables, actually, but I guess some artistic license never hurt anybody. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sorry to hear that, as I too have had the experience with crappy government run, crumbling tenements.

Which was a disagreement I had with Cata a while back, high-rise housing is best used only for the rich who can afford the high cost of upkeep the buildings need and why the government should move away from giant buildings they know are often poorly constructed and even more poorly maintained to perhaps subsidizing more things like the tiny house movement as those can be kept up for much more modest budgets, which possibly puts upkeep withing reach of the actual tenants themselves.

If only our mc’s could invent duct-tape, that would put our house and financial worries behind us.

Knowing Cata it will most likely involve using that damned Cortes seat to become basically a massively corrupt, for-sale kind of politician. So in the future our mc’s who go that path too could likely run on the campaign slogan “vote the lizard, not the wizard”. :unamused:


The US government has moved away from such “projects”. In fact the term “the projects” became a derogatory pejorative for these islands of urban blight dropped into the middle of white suburbia. Given that the residents didn’t feel the same level of ownership as their suburban neighbors, and quite often transplants from urban gangs set up their own mini-states in these tightly packed buildings much to the detriment of the rest of the marginalized residents inside, these buildings very quickly degenerated into highly dilapidated and often dangerous cautionary tales against government ineptitude. I know the construction was shoddy, but the degeneration was so rapid after people started moving in, with half the windows shattered and not replaced in only a handful of years, that it was obviously due to more than just shoddy construction. These days the US government strives to give the disadvantaged housing that concentrates fewer disadvantaged in a small area and is better integrated into the communities around them.


Good to know, I was actually talking more about our own, European situation. Where the so-called “banlieues” of France are the horror story we should all be afraid of. I agree that mixed developments are better in most cases, though I am leery of the “public-private” boondoggle partnerships used to construct them. For example the only one in my town promised 30% social housing, yet they “bargained” that percentage down to 19 percent, while also getting the tax-payer to foot even more of the bill.
On the other hand the wealthy seem to want to own not only their homes but also the land they are built on for the most part (Amsterdam, for historical reasons is the big exception there) so using the government to construct all the housing turns it at best into a mixed lower to middle of the middle class neighbourhood.


See, I once asked him can we clear our debt if we didn’t get THAT ransom, he said we will, but with a lot of consequences. The “being able to get loans without interest” is probably one of the lesser of two evils.

  1. Why are Baneruned weapons harder than Baneruned armour?

  2. Could Baneruned weapons, in theory, but through glass without shattering it?


Your armour is banehardened, your weapon is baneruned. There is a difference.

I don’t remember what that difference is, just that baneruned > banehardened.


It’s not about hardness here, the baneruned blade here is basically a miniature inferno burns as hot as any melting cauldrons we’ve ever know.

As for the baneruned firearms, from the cannons to the musket. We know a detail is that baneruned cannons turns round shots into burning white hot shots with greater ballistics than normal cannons does. While baneruned muskets are lighter, and of better quality than normal ones, that’s from as far as we know.


I’m holding out for the Infiniverse being placed on a very large and very flat megastructure by inscrutable intelligences personally :wink:

My big wonder right now: does the curtain of storms precipitate new land? Or just cover already existing land?

Was all of creation once confined to Central Tierra?


So what about whether it can cut through glass? Assuming that the metal does, indeed, heat up it should be no problem.


Please do not double post. If you wish to add something just edit it into your initial post.


Iirc as far as we’re aware the curtain has always been the current size. Tierra was colonized after everyone else, so life probably didn’t start there.


What about the Tierran natives the Kentauri? Or were they the first ones to arrive Tierra in Viking longboats like the Vikings did long before Columbus discovered the Americas?


Wasn’t the some mention in one of the Soldiers Guide articles about the Curtain being somewhat smaller in the past? I could’ve sworn in, but either way.

So do we know anything about the Tree of Life? Could Butea be the cradle of infinite life?


I believe the difference is that banehardened just means that the when they made the metal in the furnace (or whatever device they use, I can’t remember from the Patreon article) they basically use the bane(fire) to super heat the metal in order to make it more pure and harder.

Whereas baneruned weapons do this as well, but go a step further in actually inscribing runes (through very tedious, hard work) on the blade itself. What ever runes they inscribe (fire, ice, lightening, etc.) is what the sword will give off. Within the story, if we are a Knight of the Red, we have no option is our flame sword. However, we might be able to get lightening clad hatchets, or ice spears, or any other combination (possibly).

As I mentioned, there is a Patreon article on it all, and by now it’ll be on Cata’s “Soldier’s Guide”.