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Or they could just waive the interest payment since we are war hero :-):expressionless:

By the way, is it immoral to sell our war medals ?? :-):thinking:

But i definitely won’t sell katarina’s secret medal :slight_smile:


Dear Baron X

Where’s our interest, bastard ?

Yours faithfully
The Royal Bank of Aetoria

@Eric_knight, to answer your questions;

  1. We will be able to avoid paying interest, it just involves you being smart and charismatic

  2. Now, I’m no expect and the only one example I’ve seen just happens to be an episode of NCIS, but I would imagine it’s a really humongous crime to sell medals won from war or otherwise, period. As for the secret service medal, if your MC ‘believes’ he did a good thing, he’d hid it. Otherwise, throw it in the ocean.


I sure hope they would be more wordy than that. Not for the sake propriety and etiquette, no. I hope the letters are longer so they’d be written on larger pieces of paper. My MC’s house needs paper for insulation


Not throwing my secret medal, i keep it underneath my cloth close to my heart :wink:

As for the bank, we could offer to be their poster boy to repay our interest… that’t what they call to be on advertisement right ? :slight_smile:


Oh I know, I’m not as suave as Tierrans. It’d probably be like “Oh, we value your continued association with our bank…yadda,yadda,yadda, please pay the earliest installments…yadda,yadda,yadda, I remain your faithful servant, the Royal Bank of Aetoria.”

Also @Eric_knight…why would a Central and only sole bank of Tierra need advertisements?


“My name is Commander MC and this is my favourite bank in Aetoria!”


“Uh- they don’t rip me off as much as the other banks, I guess?”


So that they can globalise their bank to Takara ? :slight_smile: Lord cassius like us, so it would be good advertisement …

It should do well in league of Antar as well ?

" Commander MC … saviour of Princess Anna" :-):rofl:


*cue repetitive elevator music


And history should not be judged by modern standards.


I prefer to be miserable in a mansion than in a tent


See? Even Cataphrak said the MC could use insulation


Off piste from the current conversations but can someone tell me the checks to observe cazarostas unit In GOI? Have never been on the partisan hunt but take every opportunity in SOI to improve my relationship with him except hanging the antari prisoners, do I need to defend the castle with him at blogia? I would rather charge the antari flanki


In all honesty I doubt Welles plan for female officer may succeed in the long run, let alone work. Tierra is a society that place making baneblooded children very important. For example if a female officer wanted to advance they would need to have the seniority to buy a commission, and if she wanted to rise high she would have to spend atleast a decade, and the older a female is the less of a chance she has of birthing children, which Tierra needs to have to continue the baneblood population. Second women can get injuries and scars which will make them less desirable to marry, unless they rank high enough in the Tierran peerage. And female officers have a chance of getting pregnant fraternizing with other baneblood officers which would endanger the live of an unborn baby. Given these reason if would be much easier to push for more baneless officer



To add to this, you don’t leave abuse situations. You escape them, and often with everyone who fell for your ex’s charms decrying you. Often their mask is so good that nobody sees them as anything but the charming saint you once thought they were. You’re called selfish for leaving, often by your own family. You can get pressured into staying even longer if y’all have kids together.

And on top of that you’re fighting your own psyche at times, because A. Leaving means you were wrong about them, and admitting you’re wrong can be difficult. B. You fell for their charms too. You can think to yourself ‘they are only bad when they drink.’ ‘Monday’s are the worst.’ ‘There’s just drama at the office, things will be fine.’ Until eventually years have passed and they never get better.


I said it before and I’ll say it again, I DO NOT WANT HYPERINFLATION !!!


Assuming you’re not a disgrace and have good relations with him, then during Chapter 2’s training section you must choose:

“Observation; specifically, I go off and see how Cazarosta is handling his unit.”

This will cause him to later invite you along on the partisan hunt.

@Lotus Very well said. Often the most cruel people are the most talented at appearing good and wholesome; it’s very problematic.


Why not? It worked so well for the Germans in the early 20th century, right?

What? Third what? Moving on.

Actually, I do wonder if the MC can attempt to take advantage of the chaos in Tierra to gain political capital.

(Let’s just ignore what happened later on to this guy for a few moments)


do you know the stat checks for it? It’s greyed and I can’t select it, TK!


Blind loyalty is a problem in general whether we’re talking about a mother attacking her rapist son’s victims, a bishop defending a pedophile priest, a political activist jumping to unjustly condemn someone of a different political stripe on the heresay of someone from their side, or people who deny or otherwise turn a blind eye to their nation’s war atrocities.

This is true about loyalty in general whether it is to family, a political cause or tribe, an organization, or a nation. Too much of something ostensibly good can be bad.

That’s the problem with backing anything or anyone “under any circumstances.”


That said I don’t believe it’s been established that Kat’s loyalty to her country is unconditional or blind.