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Cazarosta has made it clear he only cares about the will of the saints and family plus maybe a high relationship mc.

So I think he would care immensely.


“Katarina can handle a relationship with you on her own, is that not so?”

I don’t think he’d be totally apathetic - keeping track of these things matters - but I can’t see him being interested in it past noting it as a fact about the PC that doesn’t currently concern him.


PC has a ramshackle manor. His manor is said to be in a bad condition with some of us here even joking that it’s held together by duct tapes.

The condition of the rest of the barony is not much better.

On top of that some of us have agreed to squire a Ducal Heir & would have to do so at our estate.

Now ‘Debts or Infinity’ doesn’t seem that bad of a title, is that not so? :thinking:


“Talk to me like that again, and I will break your arm”


I suppose that would be his high MC response.

What would his low MC response be?


Cazarosta smiles a sweet smile, one that is only marred by the scar on the left side of his face “I’m very happy for both of you !lastname”
It’s shitty, but this is what I imagine it’s like


That was me who joke about being held together by baling wire and duct tape.


Hahaha… luckily for me , i won’t go anywhere near him without Katarina by my side :-):stuck_out_tongue:

@castellan huh? Our estate in poor condition ? Father and mother never told me that :-):thinking:
I read the amount of debts is only 1000+ , i should pay it back easily :-):stuck_out_tongue:


The base debt is 12,000 crowns iirc
Each sibling adds 3000 crowns
(I’m not sure how much having a mother adds)
If you send money, it gets reduced by around 300 crowns
Being a wulframite reduces it by 2000

The 1000 crowns is the interest payments that need to be settled immediately


By the way… what about our siblings? What if they got married to someone richer than us ? :-):thinking:

I figure the investment in that new pistol should bring profit to us eventually… :slight_smile:

Based on my calculation, if princess Anna surrender… her ransom and other income should be able to reach around 5k to 6k ??


If your siblings, particularly the sister iirc, that you’ll have to pay a dowry to the family that she’ll be married to.


Princess Anna’s ransom is 2500 crowns (because Lefebvre took the lion’s share) and the hussars’ ransom is 1500


What?? I need to pay for my sister’s marriage ? :-):fearful:

That’s not fair :-):expressionless:


It’s not fair that her expected career path is “get married and have babies,” but c’est la vie, eh?


Tierran society
Pick one


Here’s the source of Information about our estate & it’s current state of disrepair


I’ll add that the societal expectation of a married woman focusing on housework and child care and ceding things like financial responsibilities to their husband is a trap that leaves them without the life skills they need to be independent when their husband is out of the picture later on in life, or the marriage breaks down to the point where the woman would really rather be seperated. The man in the relationship is ideally placed to use this imbalance of power as a blunt instrument to keep his partner on a leash, so it’s not necessarily as simple as “getting out of the relationship”. Not to mention not every woman in this position wants to be a homemaker to begin with. Shit happens and people are often victims of circumstance.

This is more or less why when her husband died my grandma was forced to exchange her beautiful home and spacious property for crappy government subsidized housing, and why my mom never learned how to do her own taxes and needs help paying her bills.


Duct tape? Oh no, far too expensive. It’s held together with porridge.


Woah woah woah, there’s a food crisis, yo. Porridge is far too precious to use as mortar.

How about the communiques from the banks asking for interest payments that stockpiled since the MC’s father died?


I think It’ll be better to use superglue instead…